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    Default Daremeto's Optimize this ___! Megathread

    Seeing as how optimize this feat will run out of character space and optimize this weapon isn't coherently systematized and that I've run out of time in my life to even begin optimize this spell...I'm moving and linking everything here. And then putting this in my signature.

    Optimize this Feat

    Optimize this Feat 1:Wanderer's Diplomacy: VAZ
    Optimize this Feat 2: Conductivity: ben-zayb
    Optimize this Feat 3: Swim-by Attack: WhamBamSam
    Optimize this Feat 4: Contagious Paralysis WhamBamSam
    Optimize this Feat 5: Hammer and Piton Zetapup
    Optimize this Feat 6: Residual Rebound ben-zayb
    Optimize this Feat 7: Mark of Phlegethos : Darrin
    Optimize this Feat 8: Seelie Court Noble Kelir: Jowgen
    Optimize this Feat 9: Animal Friends: Troacctid
    Optimize this Feat 10A: Primary Contact: Jormengand & WhamBamSam
    Optimize this Feat 10B lightning round: Einhander from PHB2: Zaq

    Optimize this Feat 11: Supremely Confident from Dragon #335 p.88: To Be Determined
    Optimize this Feat 12: Spirit Sense from Heroes of Horror p.124: Jormengand
    Optimize this Feat #13: Cards Over Swords from the Three Dragon Ante Web: Darrin & Morcleon
    Optimize this Feat #14: Dual Planes Summons from Dragon Magazine #313: To Be Determined
    Optimize this Feat #15: Formation Expert from Complete Warrior: Darrin
    Optimize this feat #16: Bloodspiked Charger: WhamBamSam
    Optimize this Feat #17: Betrayal of the Spirit linked from Dragon Magazine #336: Menzath
    Optimize this Feat #18: Truebond from DMG2: unseenmage
    Optimize this feat #19: Eldritch Corruption from Heroes of Horror: Darrin.
    Optimize this Feat #20: Imbued Healing from Complete Champion: Lateral & Troacctid
    Optimize this Feat #21: Create Spectral Spawn from Dragons of Faerun Web Enhancement: WhamBamSam
    Optimize this Feat #22: Pain Mastery from Savage Species: WhamBamSam and Menzath

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    Default Re: Daremeto's Optimize this ___! Megathread

    Optimize this weapon

    Locking Garotte

    Optimize this Vehicle

    Cargo kite

    Optimize this: weird stuff
    Channeling Celestials
    Mud Armor

    Handy Dandy Comprehensive Skill Guides

    Disable Device
    Escape Artist
    Use Rope (under Construction)

    Other Lists and Guides

    Complete list of Familiars

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    Default Re: Daremeto's Optimize this ___! Megathread

    Daremeto's Competition entries & blurbs

    Iron Chef
    Scruffy the Fuglimancer - Order of the Bow initiate - Charisma damage through maiming strike RAW optimization
    Stitches the masterless Monk - Order of the Bow initiate - ranged pin chokehold - coup de grace RAW optimization. Bulky.
    Jinx - Silver Key - Disable Device optimization *Build illegal - Use Ina instead and then use Jinx's tactics and switch a feat or two.
    Honest James Horson - Flux adept - Basically...Epic Bluff and Handle animal optimization
    Thing 1 and Thing 2 - Flux Adept - I don't even know what I was thinking: a perpetually raging dvati
    Outlaw Skim Wheelkicker - Legacy Champion - Unlimited Wishes at level 13, What could go wrong? Oh Yeah, the wishes.
    Aves Maria - Risen martyr - channel celestial optimization.
    Goldibricks (in collusion with Darrin) UN-ENTERED - Great Rift Skyguard - gold golem dwarf hippogriff backbreaker.
    Nurgle Helmstone: - shadowsmith - optimized weight, climb, and ride skills for use with hammer and piton. Basically climb them and use your weight to keep them from being able to move. What is more fun is this:
    some craft skills are entirely artistic in nature, which means that you can reach into a shadow and pull out an entire manuscript!(Races of stone p.131) This is why Nurgle has craft (writing). But who is writing these epics as a standard action?
    Hitomi Marik - Thrall of Demogrogon - Cards over Swords + double timestop: Diplomacy and Bluff optimization. Never fight again!
    Gar Hogchoker - Fatemaker - Optimized Escape Artist. Climb into their guts and make them explode. My finest last place entry into iron chef.
    Hae Wyre - Hoardstealer - Portal Madness!
    Inspector Gadget - Gnomish Artificer - Pretty much that
    Prince Flower AKA Blade - Blade Dancer - Episode of Always Sunny, guest starring Pazuzu metagame!
    Primo Valendino Starchild - Primeval - Full TO! Infinite strength and wisdom, itty bitty dinosaur.
    Wolfgang Xor Van Taalstreet - Disciple of Mammon - Landlord!
    Johnny Goldpiece - Crimson Scourge - Non-Lethal Trebuchet
    Juan T. - Tattooed Monk - Tattoos
    Ultimate Ragus - Rage Mage - Weaponized Knowledge history checks
    Night Owl - Watch Detective - Use expertise even when you have 0 int, actually, do a surprising number of things at int 0.
    FRACK - Spinemeld warrior - Symbiotic other entrants!
    Shlish Shlash - Spinemeld Warrior - Wonkyzoshi! Daisho Critfisher
    Rhett Kahn - Shining blade of Heironeous - Time travelling shining blade abilities - TO
    Aquashed Geognosic - Peregrine Runner - Make your enemies fall down a well
    Bear-egrines Runner - Peregrine Runner - unupdated Animal companion hijinx
    The chiro-pterackter - Siren - Nycter screamer contagious paralysis
    The clawless scorpion - Arcane Duelist - 1d43-18 damage!
    Rodeo Badger - Berzerk - A badger that shares fury with his mount, his mount just happens to be his opponent

    Demonbear - Ultimate predator - An homage to the new mutants comic from the 1980's: Puts you in a sleeper hold and then drags your dreaming soul to the dreamheart to die
    Marx "Orthopoxia Vulgaris" - Power of villainous thinking - Exploding Death attacks from a literal mile away.
    Kelvin Sifuri - Elder Evils - Optimized and weaponized knowledge (history) checks. probably my proudest non-winning build.
    Miss Dember Mint - He slimed me - Mistling Fey making Living spells that can create living spells that fuse your arms and rip your hand off.
    Masa and Mune - Two heads are better than one - Symbiotic Psionic Humans!
    Kappikyrie - This is Heresy - ToB valkyrie thinaun weaponologist assassin
    Yurgear Isflippingawn - The thing that should not be -
    A kender good lich acolyte of peace that you canít attack that has unlimited free action sleight of hand checks, no sense of property rights, and trained bags of devouring that he feeds all of your goods to while riding either a rust monster or a burrowing arachnoid disenchanter.
    Balmir and the Junk Crew - It's alive - RAW exploit to make incarnate construct animated object buddies...because sometimes you want a dude who will joust you on a skateboard swordsage
    Automaton A7 - It's alive - get to use those banging cyborg weapons from return to the temple of the Frog with unlimited charges: No need to reload!
    F'Lautu Lance - Spooks and spectres - Spell thematics out the wazoo!

    Junkyard wars
    Zip the Tricky Half mage - Level 5 spells!
    Dwarceress/Dragonbwarferess - Dwarven sorceress
    Garou Tuh - Locking Garrotte
    Wizard on a Unicorn - Pretty much sums it up

    Helter Kari - Ninja - Ghostwalk cheese using possession to use sneak attack coup de gras with snatch trophy
    Sir Meowx-aww-lots - Knight - Tibbit that lays down and attacks from a sidecar. Not my best work.
    Tio Hexblahday - Hexblade - T.O. "I scream of Djinni" Hellbred level loss hijinx.
    0-Pare the Wyrmforged - Shugenja -Dragonborn warforged uses elemental recognition to find dragons from literally any distance away.
    Cassandra Nova Feroxx - Swashbuckler - Changeling Flirtatrix- Bluff optimization
    Swash Shielder the Swashbuckler - Swashbuckler - Double wielding shields.
    Bzzsherrrrp - Soulknife - Soulknives are manifesters! Alchemy mind blades!
    Curse-mopolitan Dan - Factotum - Mister + guaranteed cursed potions
    Stew P. Factor - Lurk - Murkdweller Deadly spittle optimization
    Paladin Sir Munner - Paladin - Summoning Paladin
    Umbra Penn Darkfont - Shadowcaster - ocular spell metamagicked mysteries
    Nix - Shadowcaster - Sleight of hand/creeping darkness optimization
    Demon Leg of Martok - Fighter -Mark of Nessus kick optiimization
    Paulie T. Chan - Fighter - Minionmancy EX style
    Iris the Eye Captain - Warlock - Crawling eye on mounts, swarming, with spellfire!
    Grig-Yere - Monster Classes - Fiddles & cabres & and martial scripts
    Crackshot Ha! Fling - Rogue - Precision Flasks
    Fireball Burrhowl - Mountebank - Precision Flasks
    Johnny Applejack - Signature Spell - Create Spring optimization
    The Undermount - Ranger - Ashworm with shifter traits
    Mr. Sandman - Ranger - Drow-Slayer extra-ordinaire: favored enemy optimization
    The lepidopterist - Psychic warrior - uses a big soulbound butterfly net
    Hypnotoad - Psychic warrior - extra psionic 3rds in e6
    Blank - Skill Tricks-Listen to this - Making a tier 3 marshall
    Namey Namesong - Bard - alphorn for dat money yo

    Sleeping Beauty
    Creature from the Black Lagoon
    - Kuo Toa Monitor

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