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    Default The Primal (Bloodline)

    The Primal
    Whether from druids or inborn powers of nature, or possibly somthing else bearers of this bloodline slowly get closer to nature.
    1 Listen +2
    2 listen +2 Breathe like a fish
    3 Constitution +1
    4 Listen +2 Breathe like a fish Speed of the Cheetah
    5 Wild empathy +2
    6 Constitution +1 Pounce
    7 Spot +2
    8 breathe like a fish Speed of the Cheetah Claws of the Savage
    9 Strength +1
    10 Wild Empathy +2 Jaws of the Crocodile
    11 Wild Empathy +4
    12 Constitution +1 Pounce Scent of the beast
    13 Survival +2
    14 Spot +2 Tactics of the Wolf
    15 Dexterity +1
    16 Speed of the cheetah Claws of the Savage Spiderís Poison
    17 Wild Empathy +6
    18 Strength +1 Wings of the forest
    19 Move silently +2
    20 Wild Empathy +2 Jaws of the Crocodile Senses of the Mole
    Breathe like a fish: The primal gains the ability to breathe water and air equally well.

    Speed of the Cheetah: Once per hour a Primal may take a charge action to move ten times his speed.

    Wild Empathy: Instead of an affinity the Primal gains this which works as the druid ability except they gain a bonus as indicated on the table.

    Pounce: After charging a Primal may make a full attack.

    Claws of the savage: The primal gains a claw attack that deals 2d4+str damage x3 on a critical.

    Jaws of the crocodile: The Primal gains a bite attack tha deals 2d8+1Ĺ Str damage.

    Scent of the beasts: The Primal gains the scent ability out to 30í

    Tactics of the wolf: If the primal hits with a natural attack he may make a trip attack as a free action. (See wolf entry, page 283 of MM)

    Spiderís Poison: A primalís teeth now contain poison that does 1d4 Con/1d4 Con with a save DC of 10+Ĺ level (major) or +ľ (intermediate)+Con modifier

    Wings of the forest: The Primal gains a large pair of wings that give him a fly speed of 100í (20 squares) and good maneuverability. How the wings look is up to the Primal, but it must look natural, such as bat wings or raven wings but not clawed or hooked like a devil.

    Senses of the mole: You gain tremorsense out to 60í

    PEACH, first bloodline so let me know if I hit it or not
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