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    Pixie in the Playground

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    Default Sympathist 5e Looking for suggestions

    Howdy folks! Long time lurker, but I've never actually made any homebrew before!
    I'm trying to create a class based on sympathy from the Kingkiller Chronicles series (Name of the Wind), and I have some pieces of ideas I'm looking to flesh out:

    * Primary progression based on number of bindings you can hold
    * Without an energy source, bindings cost HP, which cannot be recovered by magical healing until after a short or long rest
    * When using bindings to deal damage, attacks against, for example, a corpse or a wax mommet, do not require attack rolls, but do damage based on the strength of the binding. This scales using dice (2d6 for VERY strong link (corpse and maybe some hair or blood of the target), 1d4 for very weak link (wood doll or something), etc.)
    * I can't decide if they should only get a certain number of bindings per day, or if it should just cost them a whole action to establish a binding

    Thoughts? Improvements? Suggestions? Any tools I can use to make fleshing this out easier? Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Re: Sympathist 5e Looking for suggestions

    Happy to give advice but you'll have to flesh out what you mean by these terms a bit more.

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