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    Default Special Mount feats (for both you and your mount)

    Here are some feats to improve your paladin's special mount.

    Spoiler: Greater Special Mount
    Greater Special Mount
    Your special mount is one of the noblest of its kind.

    Prerequisite: Paladin level 5th.

    Benefit: Your special mount gains a number of benefits beyond those of a standard special mount, as detailed below. Furthermore, those statistics and abilities of your special mount that were determined by your class level are now determined by your character level instead.

    Celestial: Your special mount gains the celestial template. Unlike standard celestial creatures, recalculate its base attack bonus, saves, feats and skill points based on it's new magical beast type, Hit Dice, and Intelligence score as described below. It gains the other benefits of that template as normal.

    Hit Dice: Your special mount's Hit Dice become equal to your character level. This replaces the bonus HD of a standard special mount.

    Ability Scores: Your special mount's Charisma score increases to 12 and it's Intelligence score increases to 10. Your special mount gains a bonus to its Strength score equal to one-half your character level (this replaces the Strength Adjustment of a standard special mount).

    Skills: Your special mount gains all paladin class skills as class skills, in addition to those of its base animal.

    Alignment: Your special mount's alignment now matches your own, if it didn't already.

    Special: You may take both this feat and the Improved Special Mount feat. If you do, apply the benefits of this feat to your improved special mount, and grant it an additional +2 bonus to its Charisma score.

    At the DM's discretion this feat and related feats may be taken by a blackguard or paladin of nongood alignment and should be edited appropriately i.e. applying the fiendish template instead of the celestial template, etc.

    Spoiler: Improved Special Mount
    Improved Special Mount
    Your special mount is a magnificent magical beast or similar creature.

    Prerequisite: Paladin level 9th.

    Benefit: You gain the service of a unicorn, griffon, or pegasus as your special mount. Apply the benefits of the special mount class feature and any related feats to the creature. The creature is from the celestial realms and of any good alignment but like a standard special mount does not have the celestial template (unless you also take the Greater Special Mount feat).

    Special: At the DM's discretion and as appropriate for your character level and class (e.g. blackguard) you may gain the service of alternate creatures as your special mount, such as young dragons, nightmares, sphinxes, etc.

    Spoiler: Eschew Special Mount
    Eschew Special Mount
    You have chosen to refrain from summoning a special mount, out of a desire to prove your own mettle or to avoid endangering such a noble creature for your own cause.

    Prerequisite: Paladin level 5th.

    Benefit: You gain a +2 increase to your Charisma and Wisdom scores solely for the purposes of your paladin class features (divine grace, lay on hands, spellcasting, and turn undead).

    Special: You lose the benefits of this feat while you possess a special mount.

    Spoiler: Celestial Steed
    Celestial Steed
    You have become an embodiment of Good while in service to your master.

    Prerequisite: Special mount, master of at least 11th level with the Greater Special Mount feat.

    Benefit: You gain the half-celestial template. Unlike standard half-celestials, recalculate your Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saves, and skill points as a creature of the outsider type.

    Special: At the DM's discretion the special mount of a blackguard or paladin of nongood alignment may use this feat to apply a different alignment template e.g. half-fiend template for a blackguard's fiendish servant.

    Spoiler: Celestial Barding
    Celestial Barding
    The divine smiths of your native celestial realm have learned of your master's heroism, and equipped you to better serve her.

    Prerequisite: Special mount, master of at least 9th level with the Greater Special Mount feat.

    Benefit: You acquire multiple magic items that increase in power with your character level. These items lose their properties whenever removed from you and vanish entirely whenever your master dismisses you back to your home. If any are damaged or destroyed they are fully repaired by the next time you are summoned.

    Barding: You gain the armor of your master's choice (up to and including full plate), adapted for your equine (or other) form. The armor is always made of a special material such as mythril or adamantine and is enchanted with an enhancement bonus of +1 per four character levels.

    Caparison: The flowing cloth of your cape-like caparison of resistance provides a resistance bonus to your saves of +1 per four character levels.

    Chanfron: Your equivalent of a helm functions as an amulet of mighty fists, providing your natural attacks with a +1 enhancement bonus per four character levels.

    Special: The aforementioned items may take forms more thematically pleasing to your rider, especially if you are not an equine by virtue of other feats.

    A generous DM may allow you the benefits of horseshoes of speed and/or horseshoes of the zephyr, in addition to or in place of other magic items.
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