Assault Mech

-Construct type
-BAB +5
-feats:weapon focus, weapon specialization

Health: d10
level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1 1 2 0 0 Favored weapon, Tactical reconfiguration, Configuration: Recon
2 2 3 0 0 Configuration: defensive
3 3 3 1 1 self-repair
4 4 4 1 1 Configuration: sentry
5 5 4 1 1 Battle hardened:
6 6/1 5 2 2 configuration: Superior Recon
7 7/2 5 2 2 bonus feat
8 8/3 6 2 2 Configuration: superior defensive
9 9/4 6 3 3 Configuration: superior sentry
10 10/5 7 3 3 Configuration: tank
Class skills: (2+int)
balance,escape artist, hide, jump, listen,move silently, search, sense motive, spot

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
An Assault Mech is proficient with all simple, and martial weapons, but with no armor or shields

Main class features

Favored weapon:Starting at level 1 An Assault Mech must chooses a single weapon in which their body has been customized to be able to wield in their multitude of forms, as well as gaining a +1 attack bonus when using their favored weapon. Unless otherwise stated an Assault Mech is unable to use any other weapon besides their Favored weapon. If the chosen weapon is a light weapon they also gain the ability to store it within their own body. An Assault Mech may choose to change their favored weapon by undergoing a transformation repair that cost 100 gold pieces per current Assault Mech level to perform.

Tactical reconfiguration: An Assault Mech has the ability to quickly modify their physical body to certain modes to get a tactical advantage. To change from one form to another requires a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Configuration: Recon At level 1 an Assault Mech only has access to the Recon configuration. This Bipedal mode is used for fast movements as well as being able to scout other positions. While in this mode the Assault Mech increases their base land speed by +10ft as well as gain a +1 +1/3 levels insight bonus to ac, spot, search, and listen. An Assault Mech may use weapons that are not their Favored weapon in this mode, but occur a -4 attack penalty when using them.

Configuartion: defensive Starting at level 2 an Assault Mech gains access to the Defensive configuration. This mode transforms the body into a slow moving durable shield. While in this mode the Assault Mech's movement speed becomes 10ft and they lose any Dexterity bonus they would gain to ac. The Assault Mech may add double their constitution modifier to their ac as well as gain a DR/- equal to half their level. Any allies within 5ft of an Assault Mech in this configuration gain partial cover.

Self-repair: Starting at level 3 an Assault Mech learns that self preservation is key in combat, learning how to do quick repairs to themselves in the middle of combat. As a standard action An assault Mech may heal themselves of 1d4hp/2 levels, this does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Configuration: sentry:Starting at level 4 an Assault Mech gains access to the Sentry configuration. This mode transforms the body into a stationary position to be able to deal multiple attacks in a single round. While in this mode all move speeds become 0ft as well as losing all dexterity bonuses to their ac. If they are moved for any reason they immediately revert back to their base form. Whenever an Assault Mech attacks and succeeds while in this configuration, their attack is considered to have hit twice. This means dealing the damage of your favored weapon twice and concluding all effects that may come to a weapon twice as well, if a critical is scored on one of these hits, damage multiplier is only considered to have effected the first attack damage and not the second.
Battle hardened: Starting at level 5 an Assault Mech has been through enough battles and repairs to be able to know which elements of their body need more protection then others, with their self modifications they have gained a +2 natural armor bonus as well as a passive 1Dr/- that stacks with their defensive configuration.

configuration: Superior Recon:Starting at level 6 an Assault Mech has learned how to further enhance their Recon configuration. allowing them to add their Insight bonus to their hide and move silently rolls and giving them the blind sense ability up to 30ft away.

Configuration: superior defensive: Starting at level 8 an Assault Mech has learned how to further enhance their defensive configuration. Allowing them to use 3x their constitution modifier to their AC instead of 2x, as well as giving them 25% fortification to all critical hits.

Configuration: superior sentry: Starting at level 9 an Assault Mech has learned how to further enhance their Sentry configuration. Allowing every attack in their mode to be considered as 3 hits instead of 2, however this leaves multiple openings in their armor and lose 2 natural armor while in this mode.

Configuration: tank:Starting at level 10 an Assault Mech gains access to the tank configuration. The tank configuration transforms the body into a vastly mobile and destructive form. However, due to the destructive power of this mode it can only be accessed once the Assault Mech is at 25% or less hp. When your health goes under 25% of its max you may assume this form as a full round action. While in this mode you gain an additional move action and you may perform a surge attack. With a range of 80 ft and an area of effect of a 5ft radius. The surge deal a d6 electric damage for every two levels. You may a reflex save for half damage, Dc equal to 10+int for half damage. If for any reason the health of an Assault mech is above 25% they must immediately exit tank mode.

This is a class based off of the video game character Bastion from Blizzards: Overwatch. I have made a number of the characters into dnd 3.5 form, basing them mostly off of team work and tactical use on a battlefield. If you would like to see more from the overwatch cast, comment or message me. -theperfect25

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