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    Default Versatile Domains (variant rule plus sample domains)

    Often domain spell selections seem rather limited for something that's meant to reflect a deity's portfolio. Under this variant/houserule, a cleric doesn't prepare spells in their domain spell slots; instead, they can spontaneously cast any spell of the appropriate level from any of their domains. For example, a deity with the Life and Good domains could use their 1st-level domain spell slot to cast any one of the 8 different options.

    I've included two sample domains of this variant, Good and Life (replaces Healing, which for good clerics is an almost laughably redundant domain considering spontaneous cure casting); I limited it to 4 spells of each level though there were often fewer. The granted powers have also been buffed.

    Good Domain

    Granted Power

    You cast good spells at +1 caster level. You may turn or destroy evil outsiders as though they were undead. You may rebuke, command, or bolster good outsiders as an evil cleric rebukes undead. All outsiders you attempt to turn or rebuke have turn resistance equal to their Charisma modifier.

    Good Domain Spells

    1. Bless Water, Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, Summon Monster I*
    2. Align Weapon*, Consecrate, Shield Other, Summon Monster II*
    3. Magic Circle against Evil, Prayer, Summon Monster III*
    4. Holy Smite, Lesser Planar Ally*, Summon Monster IV*
    5. Dispel Evil, Hallow, Righteous Might, Summon Monster V*
    6. Heroes' Feast, Planar Ally*, Summon Monster VI*
    7. Holy Word, Summon Monster VII*
    8. Holy Aura, Greater Planar Ally*, Summon Monster VIII*
    9. Gate*, Miracle, Summon Monster IX*

    *Cast as a good spell only.

    Life Domain

    Granted Power

    You cast healing spells at +5 caster levels. You gain a bonus on Heal checks equal to your cleric level. You may use status once per day as a spell-like ability. You may use lay on hands as a paladin of your cleric level, save that you may not damage undead and the amount of hp restored is determined by your Wisdom modifier rather than your Charisma modifier.

    Life Domain Spells

    1. Cure Light Wounds, Deathwatch*, Remove Fear, Sanctuary
    2. Cure Moderate Wounds, Delay Poison, Lesser Restoration, Remove Paralysis
    3. Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Disease
    4. Cure Critical Wounds, Deathward, Neutralise Poison, Restoration
    5. Break Enchantment, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Raise Dead
    6. Animate Objects, Antilife Shell, Heal, Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
    7. Greater Restoration, Mass Cure Critical Wounds, Regenerate, Resurrection
    8. Greater Dispel Magic**, Mass Cure Critical Wounds
    9. Mass Heal, True Resurrection.

    *This spell is not cast as an evil spell (unless your deity is evil).
    **May only be used to counter or dispel harmful spells. Treat it as a healing spell (including the +5 caster level granted power).
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    Default Re: Versatile Domains (variant rule plus sample domains)

    In any Vancian casting system, this is ridiculously powerful. Compare to the Planar Domains in the Planar Handbook, which take up both domain slots, give only 2 spells per spell level, but still require you to pick which spell to prepare at the beginning of the day.
    Domains are meant to be limited, honestly. They're embellishments to the existing Cleric spell list. Unless you're also restricting how Clerics access their non-domain-slot spells?
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