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    Post Fighter Martial master advice

    I'm playing a human fighter (martial master archetype) in a sword and board. With martial flexibility at level 5 leaves me with imagination is the limit. So after level six I'm drawing a blank to fill feats in. Most say must get combat expertise, power attack, and weapon focus for having enormous feat to flex . what other feats help branch out. Here be two questions

    1. If continue to sword and board. What are the beast feats

    2. If leave sword and board / what make a great build for martial master with these stats below.

    (got really lucky on the score rolls.)

    Human Fighter 6;
    Neutral Good Medium
    Init: 3
    Senses: perception 13

    Defense AC: 21
    Touch: 13
    Flat-Footed: 18

    HP: 90

    Fort: 9
    Ref: 5

    Speed: 30
    Melee: 12
    Ranged: 9

    Str 18
    Dex 17
    Con 18
    Int 14
    Wis 16
    Cha 12

    Base Atk: 6
    CMB 10
    CMD 23


    Lvl 1 feats
    Improved shield bash
    Fast learner
    Weapon focused (bastard sword)

    Level 2 feat
    Power attack

    Level 3 feat
    Combat Expertise

    Level 4 feat
    Weapon speciation (consider retraining for something else)

    Level 5 feat
    Two weapon fighting

    Level 6 feat
    Shield slam

    Level 11
    Shield master if continuing sword and board.

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    Default Re: Fighter Martial master advice

    Wrong forum. You want over in Roleplaying Games, 3.5e subforum. Report your own post to get a mod to move it.
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