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    Default Magic Jar and Speak with Dead

    Just something I was wondering about: Speak with Dead you learn things that were the imprinted physical memory of the body.

    Lets say that some bbeg possesses someone with Magic Jar.

    The heroes slay him and then, thinking something was amiss for whatever reason, decide to cast speak with dead to question the corpse.

    What does the corpse know? Only what the trapped soul knew before it was trapped? That and whatever the body did until it was slain, including when the bbeg was in control?

    Whose alignment is the corpse for purposes of the saving throw?
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    Default Re: Magic Jar and Speak with Dead

    Since the soul isn't involved with Speak with Dead in the first place, I would assume that it's functionality is unchanged. Magic jar never refers to the body you are hijacking as 'your body' it's the 'host body.' When it is killed magic jar the spell ends per this:

    If the host body is slain, you return to the magic jar, if within range, and the life force of the host departs (it is dead).
    So it would be the alignment of original holder (the host), since magic jar's spell duration has ended. It's physical memories would include all that you have done to the host for the duration of the spell. I think?
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