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    Default Arcane Half-Caster: the Spellsword [PEACH]

    Homebrewery link.

    The spellsword shares a core design principle with the paladin but needed to be more than a reflavor of the paladin's abilities; arcane magic isn't divine. Intelligence-based casting specifically implies a different set of mechanics than Charisma-based casting, so I used inspiration from the 3.5 Hexblade and Duskblade with design principles from Eldritch Knight, Valor Bard, and Paladin to build a standalone class and archetypes.
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    Default Re: Arcane Half-Caster: the Spellsword [PEACH]

    So after reading through the first time i noticed a couple of things.

    EDIT: MY BAD I DIDN'T LOOK THROUGH THE TABLE, YOU SEEM TO GET EXTRA ATTACK BUT DIDN'T LIST IT IN THE DESCRIPTIONS. I think it may be too strong with cantrips, I'd say one or the other honestly

    1. Cantrips on a Half caster. Its not really done before and i can't see if its op or not but considering my 2nd point i think its ok, maybe slightly stronger but we'll get to that.

    2. No extra attack. You either missed putting it in or don't want it in. Honestly if it had both cantrips and extra attack i wouldn't like it considering you get 5th level wizard spells (not alot but you also prepare which is better than ranger but you're modeling after paladin so meh.). I rather like the cantrips over extra attack considering you get War magic at 6th.

    3. Another issue is an archery focused spellsword. Which is implied to work via the archery style, Arcane Atunement working with ranged weapons, the Arcane Smite working with ranged weapons, and war magic working with ranged weapons. BUT no weapon cantrips work with ranged weapons, which I think is the implied bread and butter of the class yes?

    4. Should have its own spell list. Especially if it gets cantrips. By all means pick and choose from the other classes including wizard/sorcerer but i would take some spells from paladin as well as ranger too. If you've seen the spell's UA i would add Zephyr Strike, works with ranged weapons. Maybe homebrew a new Ranged weapon Cantrip. This would be an ideal class for Arcane Archer to work i just want to see that option shine (along with twfing but thats another issue not related to this class).

    5. works Really good with Bladesinger MCing. Not really an issue that should be balanced against. Just don't allow MCing with homebrew classes is most DM's way but wanted to mention it anyway. I think this is more of an issue of things aligning really well with it but its kinda unavoidable in some degree, its an int based half caster gish with smites. Thats a bladesinger dream.

    Overall I love the class, its very simple and the base is the strong point, the archetypes don't overlap and don't do anything crazy, it seems to scale alright, and doesn't seem to overshadow anything else in the game, save the spell list issue. Bladelocks/Hexblades might look a bit less of an option with this on the table but then again, this class doesn't get full short rest capability and no extra attack. Simply put this is one of the best homebrew arcane half casters i've seen yet (and i look for these.) .
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