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    Default Kobold, Maforian (3.5 Race) -Theperfect25

    Kobold, Maforian

    The Maforian race of Kobold's are a proud race of people with no sense of inferiority despite their small size. Living in large layers and civilizations mostly underground the kobold's live and die to learn and experiment with the world around them. All Kobolds are born with an unnatural sense of curiosity that drives them towards discovery and experimentation. However, because of this and the low threshold of common sense that has developed within them, the mortality rate within Kobold civilization are incredibly high. It is a common sight within their caverns to see many Kobold engineers experimenting on better ways of transportation. Mostly ending in the Deaths of many Kobolds from trial and error of Catapult transportation.
    The pursuit of knowledge and the expansion of the known world has deep meaning in Kobold society. This is first expressed to newborn hatchlings. Teaching all Kobolds as soon as they are born the capabilities to read and write, when they have learned these sacred tools of learning they are considered fully grown and given the most treasured item of any Kobold, their own personal notebook. A Kobolds notebook is their lifeblood in which they transcribe and write all things they learn and discover in. It is common practice among these scaly creatures to entrust their notebooks to their closest friend or ally whenever they are to perform dangerous experiments or acts, for the chance that they are to die, their knowledge can be passed on. As a Kobold ages and somehow doesn't die their notebooks will expand and become larger and larger, showing all around them how successful their pursuit for knowledge has been. The Social Elite can easily be spotted by their hunched over appearances and the massive Notebook on their backs. As a Kobold reaches the end of their lifespan they become more steadfast in their life and either retire to become elders of a Kobold Clutch or begin their last journey in life, they are celebrated as they leave their notebook to the elders of their tribe and make way out into the world, to never be seen again.

    Physical Description:
    The Kobold race are small reptilians with bony frames and small tails. They stand approximately 2 to 2.5 feet tall and weigh 35 to 45 pound. Their Sinewy, double-jointed legs are naturally bent and poised for fast movement. When their legs are stretched fully out, a kobold can increase their height by up to 1 foot, but doing so is incredibly uncomfortable. Kobolds have scaly skin, varying in colour from rusty brown to reddish black. As they age their scales can shift towards a more shining degree of colors that match closer to that of dragons. They have strong teeth, and their hands and feet have long digits tipped with very small claws. A kobold's face is like a crocodile's, with a jaw that can open wide enough to hold a whole melon. Constantly alert and wide, the eyes of a kobold range in color from burnt ochre to red. A ridge of small, horn-like bone juts above each brow and sweeps backward, the protrusions growing larger and more pronounced toward the rear of the skull.
    As a Kobold ages closer to their 200th year of life they begin to undergo a metamorphosis in which their bodies begin to grow to a larger and much stronger stature as their draconic blood begins to become more prominent. During this time the Average Kobold becomes 5 to 6 feet tall weighing 180 to 220 pounds as their muscles and scales begin to become thicker. Though they grow significantly larger their bodies are still subject to the years of age and experimentation. Nearly all Kobolds who make it to this age are hunched over with their scales turning to bright and translucent colors.

    Other Races:
    Other races generally regard Kobolds, especially the young, as near suicidal maniacs. Most fear going to a Kobolds cave or civilization because of the constant danger that entails going to one. Due to the fear and stigma towards their civilizations, Kobolds generally have a belief that all other races are too weak or simple. Preferring to do things with their own kind instead of look towards the help of other inferior races. Though conversation and help can and has been done before on a case by case basis, a kobold will almost always choose the help of another kobold then nearly any other race. Though generally friendly towards others, yet condescending, they will become incredibly angry and aggressive if other races are to make fun of or slight them in any way.

    Kobolds mostly live in caves of mountains or hilly territory. They form their civilizations in structurally sound areas so their experiments have less of a chance to destroy their own homes. Though because of their curious nature it is not unknown to find large groups traveling with each other. Their has even been rumor of groups of kobolds coming together to form pirate bands at sea.

    Racial traits:
    Kobold (young)
    Humanoid: (Draconic, Reptilian).Kobolds are humanoid with the Draconic and reptilian subtypes. For all effects related to race, a kobold is considered a Dragon
    Attribute: -2str, +2dex, -2con, +2 int. Kobolds are weak and frail but they naturally learn quicker then most races, and lack a normal common sense.
    Size: +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls, +4 bonus on Hide checks, –4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits 3/4 those of Medium characters.
    Speed: Base land speed is 30ft
    Vision: Darkvision 60ft, sees in black and white in dark.
    Racial Skills: Kobold gains a +2 to all Craft skills, and profession(mining)
    Special Qualities:
    Natural Armor: +1 from scaly hide
    Light Sensitivity: Kobolds are dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell
    Natural Weapons: Kobolds have two primary claw attacks that deal 1d3 points of slashing damage plus Strength bonus, and a secondary bite attack that deals 1d3 points of piercing damage plus 1/2 Strength bonus. Despite possibly being the weakest reptilian humanoid, kobolds retain a connection to their feral nature.
    Notebook: Every Kobold comes with a notebook that entails all of their experiences, failures, and victories. A Kobold may take a five minute to search and read through their notebook to gather a number of bonuses. By spending five minute on reading their notebook they may roll a d3 and gain the following ability that corresponds to the number rolled for one hour. This Ability is usable the Kobold's Intelligence modifier a day.The Notebook is a sacred heirloom to the kobold, losing their notebook occurs a -2 morale penalty to all attack, damage, skill, and save rolls until they replace their notebook and spend a full day writing within it. A Kobold with no notebook instantly takes a -10 penalty to all Charisma checks towards all other Kobolds.
    1. Reading has reminded you how amazing it is to be alive and how you have survived despite everyone else. Gaining a +2 morale bonus to all attacks but occurring a -1 penalty to Ac
    2. You are reminded of the many failures of those who aren't you, thankfully you wrote down their mistakes. When choosing this ability choose one skill and as long as this ability is active you roll a second 20 sided dice when using that skill, taking the highest d20 and ignoring the other.
    3. Your reading has inspired you with a curious fervor, their Kobold instincts take more a hold of them and gain a +5 Morale bonus to all craft skills as well as take a -2 wisdom penalty as their common senses are more hindered by their kobold blood. This can never reduce your wisdom below 1.
    Slight Build: The physical stature of kobolds lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category smaller. Whenever a kobold is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as Hide), the kobold is treated as one size smaller if doing so is advantageous to the character. A kobold is also considered to be one size smaller when "squeezing" through a restrictive space. A kobold can use weapons designed for a creature one size smaller without penalty. However, the space and reach of a kobold remain those of a creature of their actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.
    Favored Class: Wizard

    Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
    4 years +1d3 years +1d4 years +2d4 years

    Kobold age Effects
    Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum age
    150 years 180 years 200 years +2x Intelligence
    -2str, -2dex, -2con, +1int, +1wis, +1chr +1str, -1dex, +2con, +1int, +1wis, +1chr, Medium size +5str, -1dex, +6con, +4int, +4wis, +2chr DEAD!
    All Age effects are cumulative for aging. It should be noted that a Kobold starting at Vunerable age should have a +2 LA for starting players
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    Default Re: Kobold, Maforian (3.5 Race) -Theperfect25

    Love this new species of Kobold! I'd love to hear what you envision the metamorphosed kobolds new stats to be. An increase in Strength, and possibly Con, maybe a subtraction of dex, lengthen the tail as well as increasing their size might be an idea. If they reach 400 they might increase in size again gaining wings and flight at 2X their land speed with clumsy or maybe average maneuverability. Increase their natural armor bonus, and maybe give them a breath weapon associated with their scales 1 or maybe 3/day. Increase their Intelligence and Wisdom... With all the inventing they've done and survived, they deserve it at that point XD

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    Default Re: Kobold, Maforian (3.5 Race) -Theperfect25

    This comes from an old BECMI Supplement, a little additional flavor for Kobolds if you fix the silly names.

    Spoiler: GAZ 10, The Orcs of Thar, Player’s Book, P. 18

    Canis Minor Militaris: Rusty brown scales and yellow eyes. Usually wear mismatched pieces of armor plates, or anything metallic offering some sort of body protection. Often paint their armors in bright colors, essentially as tribal markings. Well organized and disciplined, found in rugged or mountainous terrain.

    Canis Minor Rapidus: Common in hills or forested hills. More chaotic than the Militaris, but far more daring. Black scales, or very dark green with blue shades; blue, green, or white manes depending on age. Wear camouflaged garb. Great ambushers.

    Canis Minor Rapidus: Neither sneaky nor organized, they make up for their weakness with sheer numbers. Fast reproducing. Scales are dark gray with muddy splotches. Often wear war paints and colorful plumes on their heads as tribal markings. A nomadic culture.

    Kinda silly (like a lot of the old fluff), but I have used it as a starting point for geographical differences in Kobolds, and as differences in a kobolds societal roles.
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    Default Re: Kobold, Maforian (3.5 Race) -Theperfect25

    Finished up the race as a whole.
    Be Back In Time.
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