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    Default Re: IC - The Great Pendragon Campaign (KAP 5e+)

    If asked about their recent adventures Osian praises his comrades bravery, especially Delwyn (the Bearslayer) and Raimund (the leader).

    To the nearest "random courtier lady" he says something along the line of:

    "Dame Fortune has smiled on me today if I'm blessed enough to see you!"

    And gives the customary introduction, though perhaps he holds his smile too long, or stutters, showing his nervousness

    The Great Pendragon Campaign - OOC

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    Default Re: IC - The Great Pendragon Campaign (KAP 5e+)

    Moris enjoys himself with talk of the court, and does his best to pick up on any interesting tidbits. After some time in discussion with courtiers, Moris' attention drifts to flirting with the various ladies in the court, prudently avoiding Lady Indeg of course.
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