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Thread: Broken spells?

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    Default Broken spells?

    I was digging through Races of the Dragon today, and two spells caught my attention: Wings of Cover, and Wings of Flurry. Wings of Cover is a sorcerer only spell that is basically Epic Dodge as an immediate action as long as you have 2nd level spell slots, while Wings of Flurry is a 4th level burst that deals 1d6/level damage, reflex half. The scary part about it is that characters who fail the reflex save against it are dazed for 1 round, and it meets the prerequisites for spellwarping via the Spellwarp Sniper. So if it is warped into a ray, it'll auto-daze an opponent, besides dealing a pile of damage.

    Are these broken or what?

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    Default Re: Broken spells?

    Wings of Cover allows the enemy to redirect his attack, I believe, and Wings of Flurry is very good for a damage spell, but I would not consider it overpowered.

    As for the Spellwarp Sniper, it removes the reflex save--which means that there is no opportunity to take half damage, but it also means that there is no opportunity to fail it and therefore be dazed. I would rule (and I think this is supported by the text) that the Wings of Flurry do not daze when Spellwarped into a ray.

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    Default Re: Broken spells?

    Not bad, but really not that broken at all as far as spells are concerned. There are far, far worse.

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