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Thread: Adventure Ideas

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    Default Adventure Ideas

    Today and tomorrow I'm going to come up with some quick adventure ideas, with a emphasise on the world being bigger than the band of heroes can handle.

    Temple of a Thousand Gods
    Looming proudly in the centre of the capital, stands the tallest, not to mention widest structure ever built by mortal hands. Inside are countless majestic marble statues, beautiful carved figures, detailed engravings, sophisticated painting and images floating in the perfumed air.
    They are of every God within the country, from elven to barbarian, all are worshipped here, all who can make a pilgrimage to this huge temple do.
    The clerics are more than just holy priests; they are showmen and entertainers, trying to claw another person to their particular deity. They are known for there quick wit, years of philological hostility with their peers have taught them that.
    All was well with the temple, millions have paid tribute since its opening and with the clerics united all evil has since bowed to them.
    Last night the high cleric of the Moon died, he was strangled to death in his bedroom. He hadn’t left the temple for three years, his door was locked and his window closed. In the main hall far away from his room other priests were working, though at what they will not say…
    Many more priest where unaccounted for, the cleric of Wealth says she was in a meeting with the Tax Collectors, the cleric of War says he was a home with his wife.
    Who killed him? Can you find the truth when every suspect has links to nobility and law enforcement? Can you find the truth when every suspect is backed by a God!?

    The Dieing City
    Once there was a great, powerful mage. She built a towering citadel; she offered homes and jobs to all that were willing to be peaceful and to uphold her strict laws. The city is one of wonderment, glass bridges rested in the air, lifting to allow sail boats to pass, silent silver plated golems endlessly pulled levers and tug on giant chains, passing ghost shapes can be seen watching the streets, they give out ear-splitting, wounded wails whenever they see violence. The building are white, tall, with yellow roofs and the mages personal tower moves around the cities edge throughout the day, casting a long shadow across the city at all times of the day and at night it shines a dim beacon of blue light outwards, reminding other leaders of its existence. A hundred years have passed and the mage has gone. Just gone.
    At first the town guard kept everyone silent, she is still here, they would say…but soon they became part of the worried mass of civilians and the only people left declaring she was still in rule were her most devoted diplomats.
    But now everyone knows, thieves want its gold, barbarian hoards want its women, cunning young wizards wanted her books and staves, the neighbouring land barons want the city itself.
    Little do they know that the citadel was kept in place by the mages concentration alone, now she has left the place is slowly falling apart. The golems that clean the streets have stopped in their place the moment she left. Her elemental minions that powered the heating pipes have left in the night.
    It’s getting worse, some have fled.
    And, perhaps, deep within the bowels of the city underground…a secret has been imprisoned and now, it is free.

    Blacked Crowns of the Abyssal
    The Dark Ones very nearly ruled all; their scorching fiends and bloated seven mouthed beasts were unmatched on the battle field. But as fate would have it a plucky band of heroes, the Wizard, the Warrior, the Wanderer and the Warden defeated them in an epic battle that would save the world. They went on to themselves be kings and queens, each ruling long since vanished kingdoms.
    But they had not truly defeated the Dark Ones, for they were just mortal forms, puppets for the true Dark. The crown the Dark Ones wore were ancient even in those days, inside it lurked the spirit of a great demon. Whomever wears one becomes connected to the demon, though they keep their mind, they have compulsions, wants, needs that are twisted to the demons own ends. They each grant powers and a whole host of minions.
    The crowns have been found.
    By your players.
    Will they succumb to it’s taint? Even if they don’t truly become evil, will they yearn for power and wish to take the land for their own, will they forget out the common folk as they crush their opponents? If they do will they set in motion the wheels of fate and be defeated?

    Would you play 'em?

    Feel free to add your own ideas.
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    Default Re: Adventure Ideas

    Nice ideas. I would play them, though obviously the gaming group has more to do with my decision than the actual adventure.
    It is a joyful thing indeed to hold intimate converse with a man after one’s own heart, chatting without reserve about things of interest or the fleeting topics of the world; but such, alas, are few and far between.

    – Yoshida Kenko (1283-1350), Tsurezure-Gusa (1340)

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