The civilised lands consists of three continents: Havedreen, Kracbat, and Soighi. All three continents are mountainous although both Havedreen and Kracbat have places which are extra-ordinarily flat for miles. Soighi, on the other hand, is only non-mountainous in its famed verdant hills that are home to the halflings. Surrounding Soighi are many volcanic islands. While between Kracbat and Havedreen is the island of Launch - a fought over place that from being the subject (and starter) of numerous empires in now a cosmopolitan place.

Races & Societies

Halflings - Halflings originate in the verdant hills of Soighi under the rule of their elected king or queen. The bulk of their society still resides there, however, they are reliant on the Protectorate to defend against both the gnomes and the kobolds that desire the hills - for they have fertility far out-stripping anywhere else in Soighi. One mystery that halfling scholars ponder is why the gnomes and kobolds had left them alone before. It is somewhat lucky for the halflings to still be alive. A little over one hundred years ago, kobold and gnomes each raised an invasion army to take over the hills. Meeting at the same point at the same day just on the outskirts, both armies defeated one another. The queen hastily began ordering the training of halflings in the art of combat - by those few who already knew from doing the - very much looked down upon - act of hunting, and ordered diplomats to go to find allies. The second step worked quite quickly and they became part of the protectorate.

Dwarves & The Protectorate - The Protectorate is the largest society in the world. It is lead by the Emperor advised by the five heirs of the five clans other than the emperor's sixth. Most likely, his chiif advisor would the super-heir - the heir announced as the emperor's successor - although that is not always the case, for example when the emperor's hand is forced by bargains or deals. However, under the last three emperors the protectorate have gone from strength to strength and no such deal was required. The protectorate control the lion's share of the mountains of Havedreen - avoiding those in the lands of their human and elven allies as well as missing some awkward areas where the goblins still manage to hang on (although periodic pushes try to change that) - a little of Kracbat, the island of Launch as well as domination over the halfling kingdom.

The six clans are now relevant only to the rulers and the old scion houses. The common dwarf is unlikely to know his clan origin and is likely to have three or four, if not five or all six. The four dominant livelihoods of manufacturing, warring, mining and farming are respected in just that order, and as such the small number of halflings outside the Hills are happily received mostly taking the role of farmers to the point that even dwarves in the role are nicknamed 'Halfs'.

Orcs & The Eternal Battles - All Orcs know that they have died once before. This world is heaven. If they continue do be good in this world then when they die then they will return here, otherwise they will go back to the Grey where they will have to be very good to return here. There is also the Demonic Hell - it said that those that are very, very good in this world spend eternity in hell fighting the loathable demons. However, being very, very good requires already the slaying of demons.

Orcs dominate the plains of Kracbat and have done for as long as societal memories go back. They have a somewhat fear of mountains and for that reason have not expanded. While wiping out the goblins from the plains they were more united, however now it is constant fighting between them. Each tribe is ruled by a general. When a tribe is are destroyed then they join a new general, although they never join a general that they have fought they often join a general who was part of a side that they fought. When a tribe is roving and not yet warring then they hunt or repair their weapons.

Few creatures are stupid enough to go down into the plains of Kracbat. Few orcs are willing to leave the plains and cross the mountains. As such people (aside for a few merchants)only meet orcs that are an unrepresentative bunch. Orcs used to be a novelty in human courts including marriages until it turned out that the issue were more like the traditional orc.

Half-Orcs, Humans and Manykeep - Manykeep is a human society on Havedreen. Its largest city - not the capital - is Portskeep which was founded upon a natural harbour - since greatly artificially expanded - closest to Kracbat. Manykeep is ruled by its noble class and although they pledge loyalty to their monarch act with full autonomy within their domains - although they never tread outside. Manykeeps is a mix of plains, forests and mountains and have recently expanded as the Protectorate has due to human mountain princes or kings rather becoming a duke of Manykeep than a hostage of the Protectorate.

Although, most of Manykeep is humans there are seams of half-orcs in the noble class or, more recently, the common class. However, there is little class-consciousness in the half-orcs and the two groups get on fine. Although, few half-orcs are heirs to a keep should deaths and disease lead that way then they have always been moved on with a great bribe, lest they anger the subjects.

Elves, Half-Elves and Tamist - The great city of the elves has never been visited by a non-elf. Even the half-elves are banished to the out to the six towns that surround the city of Tamist. Yet, it is the half-elves that rule the society - although advised by the longer-lived full-elves - for it is the half-elves than can become druids and it is the druids that lead and defend the society. The elves close links with the humans is - at a societal level - for the creation of half-elves with many a comely elven maid going forth into Manykeeps with her guard in order to find a well-crafted man.

Tamist is at the top of a great mountain - although not the greatest mountain on Havedreen - and covered with forests. It is a forest that likely shouldn't belong so high up, but is is supported and tended to by the druids. The druids - and all other half-elves - are sterile.

Goblins and The Far Bond - Goblins are the fourth race of Havedreen. They know all the little geographic secrets and harbours. One of the first seafarers and dominating the little islands near Havedreen. They were also the dominant people of Kracbat. Despite the distance between them, The Far Bond still persisted. Now, they are being pushed to the peripherals everywhere that they can be found but The Far Bond still persists. With the domination of the greater societies many of the smaller societies be them human, dwarf etc. have allied themselves with The Far Bond in hopes of surviving.

Gnomes and Allwheat - One of the two dragon-worshiping societies born in Soighi. Allwheat is a primitive democracy with society being lead and having its laws created by a council formed by those elected from each mountain in Allwheat. The capital is named Dragonfree and is atop the tallest mountain the world and it is where the council meets and provides the Primecouncilman. The concerns of Allwheat is about expanding for domination of Soighi and are mostly unconcerned with things across the sea. Although, gnome merchants, explorers and adventurers are sent out quite often as spies, and the merely curious are welcome to go with them provided their are willing to be useful.

Kobolds and The Empire of Repskin - Kobolds were born on the volcanic islands of Soighi. Fervent worshippers of the dragons and fierily hostile to the blasphemers of the gnome. The empire is passed on to the sorcerer of closest biological relation to the emperor. Repskin has two concerns: the elimination of the gnomes and subjugation of the world in the pure worship of the dragons. The empire includes the volcanic islands, much of Soighi and some of the mountains of Kracbat.


Monsters exist - if only in legend - but in the main monsters fought would be the dominant races or more mundane animals.


Fortune - The dominant religion among the halflings, but also frequently followed elsewhere. Fortune is said to have a plan far more extensive than we can possibly imagine, but also infinitely detailed. We cannot change Fortune, only try to understand and be grateful.

The Eternal Battle - Some orcs worship the battle itself, believing it has agency itself and is picking and training the orcs for some greater purpose. This is a minority view, but not one persecuted amongst the orcs.

Demons - Demons exist on an outer-plane locked in combat in order to conquer our world. Their numbers bolstered by their worshippers' deaths on this plane. Each worshipper has a random chance of becoming a given type of demon. Worshipped by the bitter and those hungry for power and violence without work.

Devils - The devils are willing to help those that worship them. They are willing to make deals with those that worship them. As with demons, those that worship the devils become devils in death. By default the most pathetic sort, but the worshippers of devils expect to make a deal for promotion before death comes.

The Trumpets of Good - Opposite the forces of evil is the force of good. Said to keep the world safe by ensuring that the demons and devils cannot reach into this world. Those that serve the Trumpets do so by defeating the material allies of evil on this world.

The Legendary Arms - The dwarves have won battles that they thought they couldn't. Crucial heroes have served the protectorate well. The pantheon was founded when the six clans came together with the unification of the six ceremonial weapons (two of which were created for the ceremonies) and placed in the worshipped tomb. They have been joined by the weapons of fallen heroes since.

Dragons - Dragons used to be common in Soighi. Now, they are found no longer having left no corpse. Since, their leaving the gnomes have fallen in their worship of the dragons and allowed other faiths to creep in. The kobolds have remained just as fervent in their service. All worship of the dragons is about the virtue of service the all-powerful and is attached to either gnomes or kobolds.

The Wizard - Arcane magic is the property of kobolds and gnomes. Yet, The Wizard is known to be human. He was a commander and king. His empire on Havedreen was the largest ever seen until modern times. His grasp of magic was immense requiring almost all of the druids of Tamist to meet him to a standstill. This wasn't good enough for him, and eventually he wanted to become a deity. Within one generation squabbling destroyed his empire.

Hark, The Lord of Wealth - Hark was a human merchant. The wealthiest man the world had ever seen and self-made. A collector of artefacts and an ambassador to the elves. Then he vanished. On that day, those that worked for him were rejuvenated to youth. His artefacts vanished. But those more mundane collectables came to something resembling life. Most of those have somehow vanished, but some still exist in prominent places.