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    Default Rules for a Fantasy Wrestling Federation?

    I've been struck with the idea of a lighthearted "wrestling" Pathfinder campaign where the players are rookies in an interplanar WWE equivalent working their way up the ladders, engaging in crazy story arcs and gimmick matches, etc.

    So here's what I'm asking from you, Hulking Hurlermaniacs: a set of rules to keep the ring civilized (that the less upright fighters will of course bend and break for their benefit), general suggestions on running this, and even personalities in and out of the ring are welcome! Los Tiburon is definitely making an appearance.

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    Default Re: Rules for a Fantasy Wrestling Federation?

    Strongly recommend you check out the World Wide Wrestling RPG ( and some of the actual plays on the Ragnerdrok podcast. Either to mine for ideas to bring into whatever system you settle on, or to modify to turn into an interplanar game.

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