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    Question Some NPC character sheets (and questions).

    Since the campaign I was going to run these in doesn't seem like it's happening, here's a few of the character sheets I wrote up ahead of time. I had a few little musings I was hoping people could chime in on.
    Here's the thread for the rules of this version.

    For starters, here's an NPC that was intended to be problematic for the PCs on their way out of the Holy Empire of Marakiz. Shareef Amari is the Shareef of Senan, a military city (that is, a city that arose specifically to support a military base) on the south-western border of the Holy Empire of Marakiz, a theocratic nation the PCs would have to travel across and can't really go around. He's a tall, thin man at 6' 1" and 160lbs, dark hair, eyes and complexion, very normal for the southern tip of the human lands. (Though the average down there is 5' 10" and 170lbs.) He's a bigot and a religious fanatic, his men are carrying out an active genocide on the goblins in the southern grasslands, but he's also a very generous man who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his men, his citizens and his country. He is definitely a villain, but a victim of indoctrination and somebody who really should be a good person and would be if he was born in a better country.

    Shareefs are the lords of cities and colonels in the Army, selected personally by the emperor based on their performance during their military career. He may never have been on the front lines, but 22 years in the military have given him a decent level and as a member of the nobility his great wealth affords him equipment far greater than that of the PCs. He isn't a front-line combatant, however, and his role is primarily tactical anyway, so he now wears clothing befitting his role as a politician and as an officer he never carried a rifle.

    Spoiler: Shareef Amari
    Race: Human, middle aged
    Size: Medium
    Class: Paladin 5 (Note that while he's a nominally noble individual, the empire is pretty ****ed up.)
    Str: 8
    Dex: 18 (base 14)
    Con: 6
    Int: 10
    Cha: 12
    Fth: 21
    HP: 17
    AC: 21 (+3 dex, +5 armor, natural +3), touch 13, flat-footed 18
    Spell resistance: 10 (+5 level, +5 fth)
    Damage reduction: 2/--
    Energy resistance: 2 (all)
    Speed: 30ft
    Saves: For +2, Ref +5, Will +6
    Base attack /grapple: +5/+4
    Attack: Revolver +15 ranged 1d10+6 pierce or royal scimitar melee +12 1d12+7 slash (18-20, x2)
    Skills: Speak language (Marakiziiy) 2, literacy (Marakiziiy) 2, Knowledge (Royalty and nobility) 6, Knowledge (Religion) 6
    Feats: Weapon finesse, improved weapon finesse, edge alignment
    Equipment: Silk thawb & bisht (heavy clothing) +3, royal scimitar +3, revolver +3, Revolver cartridge +3 (30), gloves of dexterity +4, amulet of natural armor +3, potion of shield of faith +4, potion of cure moderate wounds (2)
    Encumbrance: 14lbs (light)
    CR: 4

    (Edge alignment allows you to use dex for damage on slash weapons, armor focus is +2 AC with that armour. Improved edge alignment allows you to use dex on any weapon.)

    (Also, bisht are made of wool, only his thawb is silk.)

    And here's the sheet for one of his body guards. The jannisaries are the best regular rifleman in the holy empire, only special forces and elite units are higher level and you'd be hard pressed to find better soldiers than them that are still using a crappy NPC class. Two levels higher than a regular, using paper cartridges to halve loading time on their rifles and carrying both a pistol and a sword as their sidearms, jannisaries are lethal at all ranges. Notably, though, they won't have their rifle or bayonet while in town if the PCs had encountered them there, but then getting into a firefight with the shareef's body guards in the middle of town is suicide anyway.

    Spoiler: Jannisary
    Race: Human, adult
    Size: Medium
    Class: Warrior 6
    Str: 16
    Dex: 16
    Con: 14
    Int: 8
    Cha: 8
    Fth: 10
    HP: 39
    AC: 20 (+3 dex, +7 armor)
    Spell resistance: 7 (+6 level)
    Damage reduction: 6/--
    Energy resistance: 6 (all)
    Speed: 20ft (medium armor)
    Saves: For +7, Ref +5, Will +2
    Base attack /grapple: +6/+7
    Attack: Musket-rifle +15 ranged 2d10+4 pierce or tempered bayonet +13 melee (10ft) 1d8+5 pierce or duelling pistol +13 ranged 2d8+4, tempered scimitar +13 melee 1d10+5 slash (18-20, x2)
    Skills: Speak language (Marakiziiy) 2, Climb 4
    Feats: Weapon focus (musket), weapon focus (bayonet), weapon focus (duelling pistol), weapon focus (scimitar)
    Equipment: Hardened breastplate +2, musket-rifle +2, minie balls (paper cartridge) +2 (20), tempered bayonet +2, duelling pistol +2, pistol minie (paper cartridge) +2 (20), tempered scimitar +2, potion of shield of faith +2, potion of cure light wounds (2)
    Encumbrance: 49lbs (light)
    CR: 4

    A bayonet has 10ft reach when on the end of a rifle, and can be used in melee as a dagger without the crit range. If you're too lazy to read the rules, that musket-rifle has a range increment of 120ft and takes two combat rounds to reload, but the use of paper cartridges by high-end soldiers such as jannisaries reduces that to a single round. Weapon focus is also stronger, because it was hopelessly underpowered.

    I'm sure you noticed that the shareef is lower level, older and his equipment is not designed for battle, but he also uses a PC class and since he's wealthy his equipment is much higher quality and he has wondrous items and potions. Yet, both of them are CR 4 under the standard rules. So, do you think the high quality of their equipment is worth raising them to CR 5? And of these two, which do you think is actually more of a threat? The shareef, or one of his jannisaries?
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