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    Post Overwatch classes, Torbjorn -theperfect25

    Molten Engineer

    Description: The power of the forge is like a Molten engineers beating heart. The flames are the source of their magic, using the essence of the craft to create much more powerful aspects of creation.

    Combat: A Molten engineer is all about preparation, using their knowledge and magic prowess to prepare for many different situations.

    Attributes: Intelligence is the most important attribute a Molten engineer can have.

    Alignment: Any non-chaotic

    Starting gold: 5d8x10 (225 gold)

    Starting age: complex

    Health: d4
    level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
    1 0 2 0 2 Forge hammer, Scrap Collector, Molten magic
    2 1 3 0 3 Molten Turret, Blueprints
    3 1 3 1 3
    4 2 4 1 4 improved sunder
    5 2 4 1 4
    6 3 5 2 5 Armor pack
    7 3 5 2 5
    8 4 6 2 6 Molten Hammer
    9 4 6 3 6 Magma core
    10 5 7 3 7
    11 5 7 3 7
    12 6/1 8 4 8 Path Chosen (Journeyman)
    13 6/1 8 4 8
    14 7/2 9 4 9
    15 7/2 9 5 9
    16 8/3 10 5 10 Path Chosen(Expert)
    17 8/3 10 5 10 Molten's Core
    18 9/4 11 6 11
    19 9/4 11 6 11
    20 10/5 12 6 12 Path Chosen (Master)
    Class skills: (4+int, x4 first lvl.)

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency
    A Molten engineer is proficient with all simple weapons, and with no armor.

    Main class features
    Scrap Collector: (scrap points)
    The Molten engineer is a artist of the earth around them. Unlike wizard or sorcerers they cannot form magic into spells of destruction or otherwise. However, through constant practice they have learned to take the very essence of structure and strength through inanimate objects and turn them into magical essence. This essence comes in the form of magical power that is stored withing the body of the Molten engineer, otherwise known as scrap points . When a molten engineer comes across a metallic material that has been processed or forged before they may attempt a sunder attack to destroy the object completely and turn it into magical essence. The amount of essence a Molten engineer gains is wholly dependent on the material and workmanship of the object they destroy. For every 25 gp of items they destroy they gain 1 scrap point for use. The gp of an object does not include any magical property it may include, for example if a Molten engineer destroys a +1 longsword. They will only include the gp of what a masterwork longsword is worth since it is not including the magical enhancement. A Molten Engineer may only have a total amount of scrap points equal to their level x int modifierx10(minimum 10).

    Improved sunder:
    At level 4 a molten Engineer gains the improved sunder feat.

    Molten magic:
    When under attack a Molten Engineer may dip into their stored scrap points in order to create devastating attacks, at the expense of expanding their valuable scrap collection of essence. When using this ability as a standard they may choose to make a ranged touch attack with a range of 60ft and deal a d6 damage per scrap point used,(max of level). Or they may choose to fire a metallic cone of metal slag with their magic, this attack shooting a cone of 20ft that deals a d8 damage per 2 scrap points spent, (max points spent equal to level) the dc is equal to their 10 + class level+int modifier for half damage.

    Forge hammer:
    No Molten engineer is far away from his Forge hammer. A Forge hammer is any bludgeoning weapon that has been in tuned with the powerful Molten magic that the Molten Engineers have power over. In order to Attune this weapon, the Molten engineer must expand 100 scrap points over the course of a day, inscribing their tool with their power. After being attuned the Molten Engineer may add their Int modifier to their attack and damage rolls for the weapon. The Hammer is also necessary when channeling molten magic, Without it they are unable to perform any creation abilities as well as their max scrap points is reduced by half until another one is made.

    Molten Turret:
    The Molten Turret is the greatest ability a Molten Engineer can achieve and create. These devices are created, redesigned and perfected over and over again for the Molten Engineers entire lives, each one is unique and well developed. The use of a Molten Turret comes in multiple steps to properly use. A turret's attack score is equal to the Molten Engineer's Base attack bonus +int modifier.
    step description
    1. Blueprint design The first step in using a Molten Turret is the design phase. During the design phase the Molten engineer must choose at least 1 blueprint for each part of a Turret. These parts include the Stand and base. After selecting the blueprint, add the scrap cost of each blueprint together to get the total cost of the turret.
    2. Scroll documentation After putting blueprints together and knowing the total scrap cost a Scroll must be made to document how the turret will be made. The cost of the ink and paper equals to 10gp per scrap point made. A Molten engineer can only hold a number of scrolls for their turret equal to their int modifier.(min 1)
    3. Turret creation On the battlefield a Molten engineer may summon forth the Molten magic within them to create a turret from one of their scrolls. While they are creating the turret from they are considered flat footed and if struct must make a concentration check equal to the damage or fail the magical creation, if they fail they do not waste the scrap points. A Turret takes takes a certain amount of time to create depending on the scrap cost of the turret. 1-25 scrap requires a move action. 26-50 scrap requires a standard action. 51-100 requires a full round action. 101-200 requires 2 full rounds. Every 100 points afterwards requires an additional full round action.
    4. Recycle When the turret is no longer needed you may destroy it to regain 3 scrap points back for every 4 that the turret is worth. Recycling at a rate of 3:4. Recycling takes 1 full round per 50 points the turret cost. If a turret is destroyed, you do not gain any scrap points back.

    Blueprints are used in the creation of a Molten engineers Turret creation. Each blueprint is a single idea that may be used to put together or upgrade a turret. All Molten engineers start knowing the blueprints Standard Base and Standard Stand. In addition to, a level 2 Molten engineer may start knowing additional blueprints equal to their Int modifier. A Molten Engineer gains knowledge of one more blueprint at every level.

    name/type Prerequisite effect points Name/type Prerequisite effect points
    Standard/Base - Single barrel, single shot a round deals 1d6 piercing damage. 5 Standard/Stand - Set and may detect a target within a 30ft cone range. designated when turret placed 5
    bludgeoning shot - damage from turret is considered bludgeoning, taken per barrel. 1 acid barrel - damage from turret is considered acid, Taken per Barrel. 3
    fire barrel - damage from turret is considered fire, Taken per Barrel. 3 Cold barrel - damage from turret is considered cold, Taken per Barrel. 3
    lightning barrel - damage from turret is considered electric, Taken per Barrel. 3 Sonic barrel - damage from turret is considered force damage, Taken per Barrel. 6
    additional standard barrel standard base Adds an additional shot a round that deals 1d6 piercing. 5 each Pellet Base standard base adds a pellet barrel that shoots a spray of pellets in a 20ft cone. dealing 1d4 piercing to all it hits. 4
    Additional pellet barrel pellet base adds another barrel of pellets, adding 1d4 damage every time to Pellet base damage. 6 additional pellet range pellet base adds 10ft to the cone range of any pellet attack, each time taken 3
    improved stand - Set and may detect a target within a 60ft cone range. designated when turret placed 8 Stand radius motion improved stand Turret may detect enemies within half the stands range in ft radius. (Example detection in 60ft cone becomes a 30ft radius around turret.) 5
    Stand line motion improved stand Turret may detect enemies within double the stands range as a line. (Example detection in 60ft cone becomes a 120ft line placed at turret creation.) 3 exceptional range improved stand The detection range of turrets are doubled. 5
    extraordinary range exceptional range The detection range of turrets is tripled 10 Turret targeting - Gain a +2 misc modifier to hit 3
    network targeting Turret targeting Every time the turret misses a target, it gains a commutative +1 hit bonus to the target.(max of 5) 6 Burst barrel base - Single barrel, single shot a round deals 1d10 piercing damage. 10
    Burst barrel additional barrel Burst barrel base add an additional shot to a burst barrel base 6 Rifle augmentation Turret targeting The turret doubles the amount of shots fired per round but concurs a -2 penalty to all attacks. 2x turret base
    Greater stand improved stand Set and may detect a target within a 120ft cone range. designated when turret placed 15 Missile stand Greater stand Single barrel, single shot a round deals 3d6 shrapnel piercing damage as a 5ft splash attack. DC= 1/2 total damage, reflex for half. 20
    Packed explosive Missile stand Every time this is taken the missile deals an additional 1d6 damage. every 3x this is taken, the splash damage is increased by 5ft. 3 Extra base Greater stand Allows a turret to also equip an additional base. 10 first, 20 second, 30 for third, etc.
    melee stand - This stand may hold a melee base. 3 Whirling blades melee stand All adjacent creatures take 1d6 slashing damage a round. 2
    Razor blades Whirling blades Whirling blades deal an additional 1d6 slashing damage every time taken. 4 Strong motors melee stand any melee attack damage the turret deals, deals an additional +1 damage per dice. 5
    Moving stand improved stand Turret moves 5ft every round as a free action. 8 Fast walking stand Moving stand Turret moves an additional 5ft every round with their free move action. 10
    Spear protrusions melee stand spears deal 1d8 piercing damage to everyone within 8 mutilating spears Spear protrusion Spear protrusions deal an additional 1d8 damage every time taken. 5
    charging motors melee stand. Fast walking stand When a turret moves atleast 10ft in a straight line, the turret deals an additional 1 point of damage per dice. 3 support stand improved stand All support bases on the turret effects everyone within 10ft. 5
    improved support stand support stand All support bases on the turret effect everyone within 20ft 8 greater support stand improved support stand All support bases on the turret effect everyone within 30ft
    healing pulse base support stand beginning of the round all within range heal 1 hp 5 healing boost healing pulse base healing boost heals an additional 1hp every round. 2
    Whirlwind support support stand a powerful wind is conjured around the turret. preventing all ranged attacks from passing through the area. 5 alarm support stand whenever someone enters the support area, the turret will scream loudly in an alarm. 2
    Maximized support range support stand doubles range of all support bases 10 selective support support stand support bases on turret only affect allies. 8

    Armor Pack:
    In battle a Molten Engineer may transform his magic to form a strong armor of force around his allies. This armor melds itself as a lightweight and flexible, nearly invisible, yellow light around anyone you choose within 10ft. This ability requires a move action and 10 scrap to activate, giving a stack-able natural armor bonus of 4 to their ac. You may raise the bonus ac by 1 for every 5 extra scrap point you expend, however, the bonus may never be higher than your level. This bonus lasts for 1hr per level, or until an opponent hits the target, shattering the armor.

    Molten Hammer:
    Starting at level 8 a Molten engineer may cast molten magic with any melee attack they use with their Forge hammer. This ability must be declared before the attack is rolled. A miss uses up the scrap points declared with the Molten magic.

    Magma's Core:
    Starting at level 9 a Molten engineer may expend 2x the amount of scrap points the ability originally requires, you may summon forth a turret as a swift action instead of the normal action it requires. If a turret summoned this way costs 40pts or more, it may not be scrapped for points afterwards. By doubling the points of scrap used the Molten engineer may use his armor pack ability as a free action.

    Molten's Core:
    Starting at level 17 a molten engineer uses 1.5 the points of their blueprint instead of double when using their magma's core ability.

    Path Chosen: At level 12 a molten engineer may choose to specialize down a specific path. Once a path has been chosen then they will receive all of the benefits of that path at the specified level. Once a path has been chosen they may not switch paths unless they undergo a repetitive meditation to realign themselves that requires 100gp/level in supplies, which is expended during the meditation. The ritual itself only takes 24 hours, interruption of it will cause the ritual to be reset. A Molten engineer gains additional abilities from the path that they have chosen at the levels of 12, 16, and 20. As they progress through their understanding and power of the path that they have chosen.

    Rough Rider
    Journeyman:A rough rider is there for the long haul on the road, moving constantly around the world they learn how to turn their turrets into a more mobile piece of equipment. Starting at level 12 the Molten Engineer can now access rough rider blueprints for their turret.
    Expert:gaining a +10 bonus to their ride skill as well as may take a 10 on all ride checks for their Turret.
    Master:May now ride turret as if it is a mount, with no penalty

    Iron clad
    Journeyman:The Iron Clad are Molten engineers that are masters of reinforcement and heavy duty machinery. Starting at level 12 they gain access to iron clad blueprints.
    Expert:May add int to ac as you more strategically place your armor. Only usable while wearing heavy armor.
    Master:The iron clad molten engineer may spend a full round to apply their scrap bonus as a non-magical enchantment bonus to a non magical weapon. This works the same as the armor pack ability except the max bonus is equal to your level. This enchantment bonus lasts for 1hr/intelligence bonus or until the user of the weapon rolls a 1-5 on an attack roll with the weapon.

    Journeyman:A Shipwright feels free at the open sea. The floating waters of the world where their hearts lay. At level 12 they gain access to Shipwright blueprints to their turret.
    Expert:Gain a swim speed equal to their movement.
    Master:Molten magic can be activated during a full round attack.

    This is a class based off of the video game character Torbjorn from Blizzards: Overwatch. I have made a number of the characters into dnd 3.5 form, basing them mostly off of team work and tactical use on a battlefield. If you would like to see more from the overwatch cast, comment or message me. -theperfect25

    Other Overwatch classes:
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    Default Re: Overwatch classes, Torbjorn -theperfect25

    ...okay, the table of components for the Molten Turret is abysmally formatted. I have to read the entire entry for each component to figure out what it's supposed to be for, even though the column says that it should be specifying the type of turret component. I'd either separate the tables by type of component or reformat the table to list by component type, or alphabetically with the type of component given before or after the name, underlined. There's also no mention of what components fall under Shipwright, Iron Clad and Rough Rider, which would probably be best served by a spoilered table of those components.

    One suggestion I have is to somewhat segregate and generalize Molten Turret mechanics. What I mean is basically separating the various components into things that can be made separately, like having the weapon able to be built as a weapon only the Molten Engineer and his creations, and other Molten Engineers with qualifiers regarding level or Blueprint access, can use proficiently. This allows, for example, a Molten Engineer who makes good weapons for themselves and any party members able to eat the -4 nonproficiency penalty and still reliably hit things.

    Another suggestion is to have the limits on created stuff be tied to the scrap cap. This means that they can have a bundle of low-quality turrets for when sheer volume of fire is vital, like clearing out armies of deeply-below-level enemies, or concentrate everything they have on making themselves a walking tank only slightly shy of Reinhardt. The cost of this being that it burns scrap quite quickly to be using Scrap-built power armor and making piles of separate, fragile turrets. It still offers more options to work with, and a little work can prevent option paralysis like Wizards get, particularly by limiting available options at once. And the related combinatorial explosion problem...

    A third suggestion is a kinda intensive one, but I'd like to see a lot of the mechanics reused, with changes to let that happen. Like having the various "techy" classes, like this, Winston, Junkrat and D.Va using a united set of material use mechanics, with shared list elements to further make it a subsystem, then use class features and unshared list elements to separate them. Like D.Va having abilities to improve use of mecha-mounted weapons, while Torbjiorn's power armor/mecha setup is reliant on mid-combat repairs and support turrets to be viable as a tank-like setup. Similar long-term costs and capacity, very different play styles due to different available things. Because why stick only to the role the Overwatch character has when you can give them extra roles? Seriously, Roadhog's right on the line between tank and offence, and the tank status comes primarily from enough of a threat the enemy has to deal with him quickly. A sticky threat, like Reaper's become, but more sticky than threatening. Kinda. Roadhog's still absurdly effective at bursting down enemies with little option for escaping the burst entirely, unless you're a Tracer or Sombra with near-robotic reflexes and teleport away.

    ...I'd comment more, but the table is so painful to read and I'm so sleep deprived that I can't actually get any sort of critique of what it actually has.

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