Medium Magical Beast
HD HD (Average HP)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares) (see text)
AC X; touch X; flat-footed X
BAB +X; Grp +X
Attack Bite +3 melee (1d6+1)
Full-Attack Bite +3 melee (1d6+1)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Crush, Flank
Special Qualities Time Shift, Watch Self, Phase, Warn Self
Saves Fort +X Ref +X Will +X
Abilities Str X, Dex X, Con X, Int 2, Wis X, Cha X
Skills Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot
Environment Anywhere with solid rock ground. Usually mountains.
Organization Solitary, pair, or pack (Number appearing)
Challenge Rating X
Treasure None
Alignment Always neutral
Advancement by TYPE

Time Shift (Su)
A Chronoshifter can shift itself one round ahead or behind the time it ought to be at. The shift is somewhat gradual. If you were to graph its path through time and space, it would be continuous, but it wouldn't necessarily be moving forward the whole time.

Strategic shifting of time can allow a Chronoshifter to move 360 feet in one turn, 240 feet instantly, or 120 feet arriving at its destination one turn before it leaves.

If a Chronoshifter goes back in time, it looks like two appear at the destination and one moves backwards towards the start and annihilates the original. it needs to move at least 5 feet while switching from moving forward through time to back or vice versa. If it moves instantly, it's really just the average and the Chronoshifter essentially moves forwards and backwards in time really quickly in whatever combination suits its needs.

Damage done to a Chronoshifter while it is moving back in time appears to heal the creature, rather than damage it. The exception is for ranged weapons that stay in it, like arrows. Arrows have a tendency to move forward through time, and will be dragged to where the Chronoshifter started going back in time, then fall down when it vanishes. Because there is already a wound there when the arrow hits, it deals double damage, but the damage is dealt when the Chronoshifter starts going back in time rather than when it hits. Due to the paradoxical nature, a Chronoshifter can't be killed with an arrow or the like. It might not deal enough damage, miss, or a previous attack might have dealt more damage and the Chronoshifter is already dead. It's up to the DM to decide.

While a Chronoshifter is moving at triple speed, it gets a +6 bonus to its Dexterity and Strength. While it's moving at double speed, it gets a +3 bonus. While it's moving at half speed, it gets a -3 penalty. While it's moving at third speed it gets a -6 penalty. While it's moving at near-infinite speed, it has a +100 bonus. Rather than using its strength bonus to jump, it can move in any direction as if it was on the ground, so long as it moves in a strait line. Gravity won't have much time to affect it. It also can't use its bonuses on tumble checks. Anyone bull rushed with this method can't be pushed more than 20 feet, and doesn't fall prone.

Time Shifting takes about as much energy as running, and because of this Chronoshifters are generally when they ought to be. The exception is that in a pack, there is always one in the future at all times.

If a Chronoshifter moves into an antimagic field when not when it out to be, or if the field at the time the Chronoshifter ought to be and the place it is, it's teleported then, but not all at once, making it fatal. If a Chronoshifter sees an antimagic field, it will only go near it when it's when it ought to be. If an antimagic field is created while the Chronoshifter is well within it, it doesn't hurt it.

Watch Self (Su)
If a Chronoshifter sees its future self when shifting back into the present, it gains a +1.5 insight bonus to AC and attack rolls if it isn't shifting, +1 if it's shifting one round into the future, and +0.5 if it's shifting two. This stacks with while it's going back in time, seeing itself move forward again.

Phase (Su)
When a Chronoshifter moves back in time at exactly the speed time goes forward, nothing can effect it. This allows it to jump through solid objects. Doing so requires shifting back a round every round. It also means it has no way to push the air out of the way, and the air inside of it will cause 2 constitution damage for 24 hours. Doing this multiple times isn't cumulative, because the air from last time will leave it. If any part of it is inside anything solid, it is stuck there until it phases again. If it's in a liquid, that part of it is destroyed. It can't be seen or heard while shifting, but it must make a move silently check with a -5 circumstance penalty to avoid being heard landing at its destination.

Warn Self (Su)
If a Chronoshifter gets scared while shifted into the future, it can shift into the past and warn itself. Technically, the call it makes while doing is the only thing that scares it into doing it, because it avoids whatever would have scared it. Because it has to be in the future, a Chronoshifter is only able to use this when it's in a pack, or if it's really nervous for some reason.

Crush (Su)
If, while shifting back a round, a Chronoshifter jumps onto/into any object that can't move, such as a cliff or the ground, or anything or anyone on it, it can destroy it. Simply standing on the ground isn't enough. A person would have to be prone.

Flank (Su)
The later Chronoshifter(s) deal(s) an extra 1d6 damage when flanking an opponent on at least two sides.

Training a Chronoshifter
A Chronoshifter can be trained as well as anything, but it doesn't like soft ground. When it's on soft ground, it can't move at near-infinite speeds unless it goes in a strait line. It can go backwards fine, though. If anyone rides a Chronoshifter, they can't stay on when it moves at near-infinite speeds or back in time.


Can someone give me some statistics for this? I was also thinking about making a lesser version of the Chronoshifter that can only be half a round in the past or future, effectively keeping it from going back in time. I was also thinking about making a Chrono-Displacer Beast that displaces its image one round into the past or future (Roll a d3. If it's a one then you see it where it is next round this round, if it's a two then you see it where it is next round next round, and if it's a three you see it where it is next round the round after that.)