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    Default Campaign Planning Block: Starfinder Space Race

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure how things like this are recieved on this site but I'm having a mental block/ confusion on how to execute a campaign idea and was wondering if I could get some advice from some of you.

    The idea for the Starfinder campaign I'm attempting to come up with is a long distance race that spans the whole system. The problem is, I have no clue how to go about it and there aren't any examples really that I can find.What I was intending on happening was that the players start at level one (preferably), are somehow recruited into a race through the pact worlds in a provided ship, and adventure and complications ensue.

    The problem is that I'm not sure if this SHOULD start as a level 1 campaign, but I also want to keep it as loose as possible, such as maybe the players have to hit checkpoints in different locations in the system but in any way they choose, or they have to find relics or something in each location.

    So with that in mind, is there any advice that can be offered? Should I just scrap this idea and save it for when the players are higher level? Whatever it is, thank you and I hope everyone has a nice day.

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    Default Re: Campaign Planning Block: Starfinder Space Race

    This sounds totally functional as a campaign, and could work just fine starting at first level (particularly as a race suggests smaller space ships). As for how to run it, I'd look to the fairly natural structure that comes with stages between planets, alternating between racing and what the PCs are doing between races. Having a few different options on the course with tradeoffs (with faster but more dangerous courses, or slower courses that provide benefits) works well for the race side, and between races there's all sorts of maintenance, repairs, crew turnover, etc. that if anything benefit from the cash strapped nature of low levels.

    All that makes the race interesting, but the stops also provide opportunities for character moments. Use them.
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    Default Re: Campaign Planning Block: Starfinder Space Race

    Sounds like a good way to get everyone connected with how their abilities function. I would provide space stations that all the ships start out having to dock with to hit various checkpoints. Probably like how the tour de france is running, where time logs are kept. So all parties end up staying together at different checkpoint stations. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THAT?

    Have some of the race be FTL and some be only ah, STL?
    As the race gets towards the end, perhaps some of the other crews (or the PCs) are not so honorable with their dealings. Sabatage!

    Who can make it through the asteroid fields?
    Weapons are prohibited, but perhaps there are areas where weapon fire isn't detectable.

    Lots of fun can be had. Lots of opportunities to let each member shine with their specialty.

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