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    Default The Entity Epic Progression

    So I was looking around for class progressions that could be used to play with the deity rules for 3.5. I only found Pyromancer999s Entity class that granted a SDA at level 13 and divine rank 0 at 20. In the comments was detailed how he would do an Epic progression that was never tableised. Ive modified it a bit to give divine rank progression and posted it here. In single classed games players will be behind the written gods in faiths and pantheons pretty much all the time HD for HD. In gestalt they would start to suppass them at around 40 HD (divine rank 6 is where things get intresting). But its mostly to see how the deity rules hold up in player hands.

    Entity Level Special
    21 Entity Power
    22 -
    23 Power of Tomorrow
    24 -
    25 Divine Rank +1
    26 Enity Power
    27 -
    28 Power of Tomorrow
    29 -
    30 Divine Rank +1

    Channeled Might: The Entities effective level for its supernatural abilities granted by Channeled might is equal to her class level. The Entity does not gain new Channel Points or supernatural abilities known based on level.

    Entity Power: At level 21 and every 5 levels after that the Entity may select a new Entity Power or Epic Entity Power that they qualify for.

    Power of Tomorrow: At level 23 and every 5 levels after that the Entity may select a new Salient divine ability that they qualify for. For the purpose of prerequistises their divine rank is always counted as 1 or their actual divine rank, whichever is higher.

    Divine rank: at level 25 and every 5 levels after that the Entitys Divine rank increases by 1 you gain everything that entails apart from as listed below

    Portfolio Sense: Your Portfolio Sense is always limited to the present.

    Salient Divine Abilities: You do not gain Salient Divine Abilities when your Divine rank increases. That power was gained through Power of Tomrrow.

    Spoiler: Epic Entity Powers

    Bonus Epic Feat: Select an Epic bonus feat you qualify for.
    Quicken SDA: Select a Salient Divine Ability that takes a full round action or less, You can now use that SDA as a free action 3/Day. You can take this multipule times either gaining additional uses per day or selecting a new SDA. You can only use 1 Quickened SDA a round.
    Quickened Might: You can now use your Channeled Might feature to replicate a spell, power, maneuver, mystery as a free action 3/Day. You can take this multipule times gaining additional uses per day. You can only use Quickened Channeled Might once a round.
    Epic Entity Enhancement: You gain a permanant untyped stacking +2 bonus to all ability scores.

    Feel free to PEACH or suggest more Epic Entity Powers though most things sould be coverd by SDA's anyway.
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