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    Default Tabletop Games like Dragons Dogma

    After replaying Dragon's Dogma for the billionth time (really like twelfth or thirteenth), I've been thinking about tabletop games that not only match it in themes (classic DnD gets pretty close), but in style of gameplay.

    In Dragon's Dogma, for those unfamiliar, enemies have weaknesses, but unlike in most games, these weaknesses come in many forms, from elements, to intended tactics, to physical body parts and whatnot. Weaknesses and monster behavior are complex, so knowing a monster can make an enormous difference in a fight.

    Take the Cyclops, for instance. It has an Elemental weakness to Lightning. Lightning spells do extra damage and can stun it very easily. However, it's also weak against attacks against it's eyes, which do a ton of damage but also enrage it. In addition, if a character climbs its leg, it can cause it to lose its balance when moving, or if the Cyclops is wearing a helmet, you can climb the back of it's neck to get it to knock its own helmet off.

    There's a lot more to it that I didn't mention, but what tabletops out there mimic this style of exploiting all sorts of different weaknesses and knowing your foe in an in-depth manner.
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    Default Re: Tabletop Games like Dragons Dogma

    I have zero familiarity with Dragon's Dogma, so grain of salt and whatnot.

    If AD&D or Basic D&D already come close for you, then why not do a fairly minor bit of homebrew to give the monsters elemental and physical weaknesses (given how often AD&D characters die, you probably don't need to buff the monsters in other ways to compensate for the new weaknesses), and work up some called-shot rules (I think there may have been some in a 2e splatbook; maybe Player's Option: Combat & Tactics? If not that then maybe Complete Fighter's Handbook?) so that you can do it in a system you already find to be kinda close to the mark?
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