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    Default Halloween Specials

    What are some ideas people have used or would like to use for special Halloween adventures?

    On year, I asked people a week ahead of time to hand over the sheets for their favorite dead characters. (Don't we all keep those?) I reworked them into the ghosts of those characters, and handed them back on game day. They got regular ghost characteristics tailored to their personalities and classes, and previous abilities modified for ghostliness. The adventure starts with them all moving toward a distant castle, in the company of dozens and dozens of other undead, mostly zombies and skeletons but with more than just a few others. They "wake up" from the compulsion that was driving them toward the castle as if after making saving throws. The find each other, discover that they've all woken up the same way, and head to the castle to kick the butt of the BBEG who is summoning the massive undead army.

    Who else has got something good?
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    Default Re: Halloween Specials

    I've only done one Halloween adventure, I also used it to introduce FATE to my gaming group.

    The setup was simple, each player came to the game with a costume in mind for their character. The main bad guy had enacted a ritual that turned everyone into their costumes. Which is an idea I stole straight from Buffy, and I have no regrets about it.

    The costume was the High Concept for the character, and everything else we added to the sheets as it became needed.
    The character's included Raven from Teen Titans, a WoW gnome, Wesker from Resident Evil, and a sex-obsessed character from some source I didn't know then or now.

    I was rather proud of my haunted house with a blazing skeletal lord (where we figured out combat) and the PvZ garden (which they completely avoided).

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