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    Default One-Handed Fighting Feats [3.5, by request]

    Eeh. One-handed fighting. Have a few feats for that.

    Close Counter
    Prerequisite: None
    Benefit: You can, as an immediate action, counter an attack directed at you in close combat so long as you are wielding a weapon in one hand and no weapon or shield in the other. Make an attack roll with the weapon; if it is higher than the attack roll of the attack directed at you, the attack misses even if it would normally hit. If it is higher than the attack roll of the attack directed at you and also equal to or greater than the attacker's armour class, you hit them with your weapon.

    Einhander Jab
    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus 8+
    Benefit: You can make an extra attack with a weapon held in one hand as part of your full attack action so long as you have no weapon or shield in the other hand. This attack is made at your highest base attack bonus.

    Offhand Grab
    Prerequisite: Close Counter, Improved Grapple, Base attack bonus 4+
    Benefit: When you make a full attack with a weapon held in one hand, if the other hand is free, you can grab an enemy as an extra attack during your full attack action. If you hit with a touch attack, you can either attempt to start a grapple, or shove the enemy away up to 5 feet, or move them to another location within your natural reach.

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    Default Re: One-Handed Fighting Feats [3.5, by request]

    Einhander Jab could use a line saying whether it stacks with effects like speed or haste.

    Otherwise I love these! Thanks .
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