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    Default General opinion on Draconic Grafts?

    Just out of curiousity, what's the general opinion on Draconic Grafts? For 100k gold you can get wings, and for 56k gold you can use a breath weapon every 1d4 rounds (and probably get metabreath feats, too), among other things.

    Are they overpowerd? Too little, too late? Too expensive? General suckage?

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    Default Re: General opinion on Draconic Grafts?

    I like them for the flavour of it. Also, using alot of optimization from rac. drag., i made a kobold with drac. leg grafts, dragon wings, and cast a spell or two... voila! he could jump something like 80 ft., then use his wings to dive. With leap attack from comp adv. and a spear, he did something like 6x damage on a charge/dive. Go kobolds!

    From another point of view, I really like dragons, so it should be morally disgusting to use their feti as graft sources. i'd make it an evil act in my campaign world...

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    Default Re: General opinion on Draconic Grafts?

    They're alright powerwise, but muck up the whole grafting system. The whole "No one creature may have more than one type of grafts" coupled with requiring a whole new Feat(as opposed to expanding on the already extant Graft Flesh set) kind of defeats the purpose of the Fleshwarper PrC from Lords of Madness.
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    Default Re: General opinion on Draconic Grafts?

    Not worth it unless your DM has a habit of taking your stuff. They cost twice what a normal item would, and cost you hp or ability points. Plus as ^ said, they muck up the existing graft system.
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