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Thread: Pure Cheese?

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    Default Pure Cheese?

    Could you hypothtically take one level of Mystic Theurge, then start taking levels in Lore Master to get the bonuses from the LM while getting the spells from the MT?

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    Default Re: Pure Cheese?

    No. Mystic Theurge isn't a spellcasting class itself (it has no "spells" feature), it isn't valid for the Loremaster's "+1 level of existing spellcasting class".
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    Default Re: Pure Cheese?

    No, the real cheese of this type is taking Sublime Chord and Ur Priest and using Mystic Theurge to advance those.
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    Default Re: Pure Cheese?

    Ur-Priest is, in and of itself, cheesy. Core earliest entry (Fighter-1/Bard-4 can do the job easily, even with a fairly low Int). Come on - you can qualify at 5th to take the 1st level at 6th. After level 12 (Ur-Priest 7), you've got clerical spell access ahead of the Cleric.

    PrC's that add to it are gravy. For that matter, the Bard-5/Mindbender (Bard)-1/Ur-Priest 2/Mystic Theurge-2 (Bard/Ur-Priest)/Sublime Chord-2/Mystic Theurge (Ur-Priest/Sublime Chord)-8 (Bard 8, Ur-Priest 12 (caster level debateable), Sublime Chord 10 casting at 20th) doesn't beat out the Full Caster's spell access. Sometimes the gravy deceives until much later.
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