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    Default Help me tune this homebrew class! [Skald]

    I've recently found AceTheAlchemist's Skald homebrew class.

    I liked it quite a bit, but the problem I have with it (and my DM as well) is that it seems feature bloated and needlessly complex in a lot of different instances.

    What changes would you do to this to streamline it?
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    Default Re: Help me tune this homebrew class! [Skald]

    Historical Basis, Legendary Loremaster, and Venomous Verse are the easiest to scrap, I think. Most of the text for the Epics seems to be flavor text; if you don't need that, you can scrap it and cut down on the clutter.

    This is actually a nifty class, looking at it. A bardic half-caster with a strong support angle that would probably mesh nicely with Paladin...
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