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    Default [Martial Archetype] Rune Warden, a mystical Fighter with divination powers

    Rune Warden, V. 1

    Please, evaluate and critique honestly!

    PDF link

    Balance Notes:

    • The quickest point of comparison is Prophetic Boon and the Diviner Wizard's Portent. While functionally identical, they are distinct features in that a Wizard can mostly save it for utility or defense, whereas the Fighter has a much greater need of d20s for the functionality of the class, making the feature more easily expendable and generating more tension.
    • The second, and more relevant, point of comparison is the Samurai subclass for Fighters. Advantage on attack rolls from Fighting Spirit is easily comparable to Prophetic Boon and it even has temporal HP tacked on it to boot. But Fighting Spirit scales exponentially as the Fighter gains extra attacks, being able to grant advantage on 3 attacks at 11th level. For this reason, the Rune Warden gets more dice at 7th level (when you mostly get ribbons) and then at 15th level, and an extra souped up durability feature on 10th level.
    • Etched Skin ends up providing a potential route to 20 AC for the Fighter, not unlike a Champion. However, this is a very late game scenario, and the subclass has no other major defensive features. Sure, Prophetic Boon can be used to protect oneself from saving throws, but the Fighter already has Indomitable for that.

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    Default Re: [Martial Archetype] Rune Warden, a mystical Fighter with divination powers

    With a shield and 20 Con, Etched Skin gives you 22 AC, so keep that in mind. It's also very weird to me that this guy gets no AC from Dexterity, even though he isn't wearing any armor. I get that he's a naked tough guy that doesn't really dodge much, but still.

    Also, d20 is always a very iffy damage die, mostly because of the amount of variance it has. There's a reason there's nothing official that uses a d20 as a damage die. For a class that's a tough tattooed guy that whacks people in the face, variance is the opposite of productivity. Maybe you should consider something like 2d10 (or 3d6), and instead you can use your portent roll for it?
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