Vampiric touch, eat your heart out! This is a flavour spell for evil NPCs and doubles as a possible plot hook e.g. "the wicked Countess has reigned for almost a century now but is still young and beautiful, while maidens continue to vanish mysteriously".

Evil PCs can make use of it too of course - remember to cast false life and bear's endurance on your target first though before harvesting :)

Drain Life
Necromancy [Curse][Death][Evil]
Level: Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Target: One living creature of your type
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Calling upon the dark powers of the Negative Energy Plane, you finish inscribing the pentagram around the hapless peasant and grasp him with your gnarled hand. He cries out as his flesh withers under your touch, and you revel in the sudden, newfound vitality that fills you to the brim.

This spell inflicts multiple penalties on your target, and bestows several corresponding benefits upon you as described below. Since this spell takes 10 minutes to cast and involves a complex ritual based around the target, you can cast it only on a creature that is willing or restrained.

Harming and Healing
Your target takes 1d6 points of negative energy damage per caster level (maximum 15d6). You heal hit points equal to the damage you deal, and gain any excess as temporary hit points that disappear 1 hour later. However, you canít gain more than the subjectís current hit points +10, which is enough to kill the subject. If this damage is sufficient to kill your target, you do not gain the benefits described below.

Corruption and Restoration
You gain the benefits of greater restoration, heal, and regenerate , save that you do not heal any hit points and any effect removed from you is inflicted upon your target.

Senescence and Youth
Your target's physical age increases by one age category (if this would increase its age beyond venerable, it dies instead). It is considered to be a creature of the minimum age needed to enter the new age category, and continues to age from its new physical age. It uses its new age to determine aging ability penalties to its physical ability scores, but uses its actual age to determine aging ability bonuses to its mental ability scores.

Your physical age decreases by one age category (to a minimum of adult). You are considered to be a creature of the minimum age needed to enter your new age category, and continue to age from your new physical age. You use your new age to determine aging ability penalties to your physical ability scores, but use your actual age to determine aging ability bonuses to your mental ability scores.

If you die, all of the above effects are reversed for your target (assuming it is still alive). Otherwise, a break enchantment, restoration, or more powerful effect cast on your target reverses all of the effects for both you and your target.

Material Component
Various ritual implements e.g. a sacrifical dagger, restraints, pigments for anointing the target and inscribing unholy symbols, a chalice for collecting the target's blood, etc. with a total value at least 1,000 gp, all of which are consumed by the spell.