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    Lightbulb Complete List of Our PDFs Homebrewery Houserules (criticism are welcome)

    Hi guys!

    The following PDFs are an effort by our gaming group to condensate all the changes we made to 5e D&D in easily accessible documents, to be better available during our gaming sessions. We now share them with all of you, hoping they will improve yours as they improved ours.

    A special thanks goes to Kryx, who with his houserules documents and DPS spreadsheets helps and inspires us with our houserules.


    This is a NO PROFIT project. We got all the images from google, and for the most part we didn't find the name of the various authors. If anyone of the original authors wish us to eliminate them or want credits for their images, they are welcome to simply contact us here on the giantintheplaygrounds forum

    Our general game designing philosophy was "light changes, max enjoyment/customization" and "make choices feel meaningful". A general preview of the houserules:

    1) Ability Score: 14 as the capped MAX for stats with the point-buy method, Ability Score Improvement now gives you a feat or +1 to two ability scores.
    2) Races: Lot of races reworked and streamlined (most noticeable humans and Volo's monster races). Introduced back the low-light vision for some of them (ignore penalty on Perception while in dim light). Added racial feats for every races.
    3) Classes: Buffed bottom of the barrel classes and subclasses, giving them more identity and unique mechanics (ranger and sorcerer received the most attention).
    4) Skills: Animal Handling merged with Nature but using Wisdom, Investigation merged with Perception but using Intelligence.
    5) Feat: Everyone get a free feat at 1st level (to help customization). Removed the -5/+10 on GWM and Sharpshooter, given the option to Called Shot when attacking with a weapon of any kind (disadvantage on atk roll, + double your proficiency bonus on damage roll). Lot of feats added or reworked (Dagger Master for example).
    6) Combat: Two weapon fighting now included when you use the Attack action. To fix the yo-yo healing problem, we made death saving throws PERMANENT until you get a rest or lesser/greater restoration, but you need to accumulate six before you die.
    7) Spells: Game-breaking encounters spells got a light nerf (wall of force, forcecage, banishment), never picked ones got a boost (immolation, horrid wilting).

    Hope you enjoy them, feel free to criticism/comment below!
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