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    Default Hexblade Curse Fix

    The following is a fix I whipped up that I think gives the hexblade a healthy change to his curse. While it doesn't give him more uses each day, or even earlier uses each day like the fix provided by Mike Mearls, it stretches what the curse is capable of and late game even provides the hexblade with a means of potentially dealing damage on par with a sorcerer or wizard to some degree. Anyway, here it is, the Virulent Curse

    Minor Fixes
    Good Fortitude Save
    Add Bestow Curse as a 4th level spell to their Spell List

    Virulent Hex
    The hexblade’s curse is infectious and lingers provided there is always a target that is an enemy to him. Beginning at 3rd level whenever a creature that is under the effects of the hexblade’s curse dies the curse travels to another randomly selected enemy. The enemy can attempt a saving throw against the curse as normal. The curse continues to travel to additional targets until there are no enemies remaining or until a creature successfully saves against it.
    At 6th level the hexblade’s curse can now pass on to additional targets even if a target of his curse succeeds on his save. This continues until a creature is affected by his curse or every opponent succeeds on a saving throw against his curse.
    At 8th level the hexblade is able to decide which enemy his curse passes onto whenever the current victim dies or whenever a target succeeds on their save against it.

    Malevolent Burst(Su)
    Beginning at 11th level the hexblade’s curse now releases malevolent energy when it finds no subject to afflict. If all remaining target’s succeed on their saving throws, or the current target of the curse is slain and all remaining targets have already succeeded on their saving throw against the curse, the curse releases a 60ft burst. All enemies within 60ft of the final target takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws for a number of rounds equal to the Hexblade’s Charisma modifier. This penalty stacks with all others, including it’s own.
    At 14th level the hexblade can choose to cause a malevolent burst whenever a target of his curse successfully makes it’s saving throw.

    Fracturing Hex(Su)
    Beginning at 18th level the hexblade is now able to inflict grievous injury to the victims of his curse by igniting the malevolent energies present in the curse itself. A hexblade now gains a new use of his curse when using it again on a target that is already afflicted by his hexblade curse or is under the effects of a curse caused by bestow curse. A creature that fails this saving throw against the hexblade’s curse takes 1d6 points of damage per class level.
    Additionally, if the target dies from this damage all creatures within 60ft of the slain foe must succeed on a saving throw, with a DC of the hexblade’s curse, or be afflicted by greater hexblade’s curse.

    Minor Details: The damage inflicted by fracturing hex is explicitly untyped. The curse it inflicts to other targets when the target is slain by fracturing curse never improves to the dire hexblade curse. And one thing I'm thinking of removing is the detail about bestow curse in the fracturing curse section. It would potentially allow the hexblade to apply fracturing hex more often by casting the spell first instead of using the class ability but bestow curse is also at a much lower DC than the hexblade curse so it feels balanced.
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