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    Default New Vestige - Deperth

    I mentioned something about this vestige for the Nation of the Dead setting randomly... but I liked it so much I felt inspired to stat it out and even make a binder card for it. So here it is!

    Deperth, the Merciless
    Deperth claims to be a friendly and good natured deity of the down-trodden. He seems to honestly beleive that he is a god of some kind. Wether or not he realizes that he is a vestige, or is truly deluding himself is unknown.
    Ultimately, Deperth can be summoned through pact-magic, and grants those who bind him a strange collection of powers that seem unconnected to all but the scholars attempting to learn more about this enigmatic entity.
    Legend: Less is known about Deperth than even the other enigmatic entities known as vestiges. Any trace of his true history is so lost to the sands of time, that only that which can be gleaned from brief conversations via summoning is recorded. Given that Deperth will never answer a summon for an entity that has dismissed him previously, this method of information collection can be dubious at best.
    He has claimed to different binders to have been many things in his first life... a human bard, a powerful necromancer, the king of a nation that died under his rule... It's possible that none of these stories are true. It's even possible that all of them are. The full truth of his life, and how he became a vestige, will likely never be truly known, and even if extracted it could only be considered a possibility, never fact.
    Most scholars have come to the conclusion that Deperth was honestly an entertainer, that he was a ruler of some sort (if not truly a king), and that he may have been the first to discover many of the tenants of necromancy that spellcasters today take for granted. He has said on at least one occasion that those who fall under his command must rise and continue to fight for him... he refuses to elaborate further, but many scholars beleive that comment may have something to do with how he became a vestige in the first place.
    Vestige Level: 1st
    Binding DC: 40. Despite the ease of calling Deperth from the nothingness, it is incredibly difficult to make a good pact with him due to his utterly unforgiving nature towards even the slightest infraction.
    Special Requirement: None
    Manifestation: Deperth manifests as a bundle of faded and pale bones, each one a different color. As he speaks, the bones begin to climb and dance each other, spinning around each other upwards until a human skeleton stands before you, bending down gracefully to lift his skull and put it into place. Deperths skull is always pale gray-blue.
    If you summon Deperth, but then refuse to make a pact with him, or attempt to dismiss him after making a bad pact, he will never willingly answer your summon again.
    Sign: Your eyes glow with a dim blue light.
    Influence: Deperth's influence makes you unforgiving and unrepentent. You have difficulty ignoring even a minor slight made against you (real or perceived), and will not apologize or feel sorry for your ruthless persual of revenge.
    Granted Abilities:
    Dance of the Dead: You gain the ability to raise, and fully control via telepathic link, a single corpse. You must be within 30 feet of the dead body of a previously living creature (if the body was previously undead, this ability cannot function on it). The corpse rises as a zombie with a number of hit die equal to your binder level. If your Effective Binder level is 15 or higher, you can choose for the corpse to arise as a vampire instead, though it still has no personality and is controlled through your telepathic link.
    There is no limit to the length of time you can control this corpse, and no limit to the number of corpses you can use each day, but you can only control one at a time.
    Coldsight: You gain Low-Light vision. You also gain the ability to see all living creatures within 20 feet of you, as if detecting them with blindsense. You only gain this ability if manifesting Deperths sign of glowing blue eyes.
    Cacophony Cry: As a standard action, you can let loose a shrill cry that disorients a single opponent. They must be within 20 feet and able to hear you for this ability to function. The target must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Effective Binder Level + Cha) or be dazed for two rounds. Once you have used this ability, you can not use it again for 5 rounds.


    The concept was, he's simple enough that a bunch of orphans managed to summon and bind him, and use his abilities, but that they have no real hope of making a good pact and escaping his sign and influence.
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    Default Re: New Vestige - Deperth

    I like it. And it's a wonderful contribution to the cause, you're on your way to be a Champion of the Nation of the Dead!
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