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    Default Re: The Primeval Dark (IC)

    22nd of Neth, Sunday | Time: 11:53 pm | AR 4713 (Winter)
    Otherworld; L'Zho-Kenna, The Betwixt
    L'Izz'tssa, The Passages; Ashurbanipal - The Towers

    In an odd way, the thing felt somewhat familiar, though he had no idea just what it was. The ghastly creature had seemingly appeared, willing itself into that world. Perhaps, a visual example of the ‘vulnerabilities’ the Librarian had spoken of. Since leaving the decaying ‘comforts’ of Willowbrook he’d been assaulted by an endless stream of the unexplainable and strange. The umbral thing was no product of the universe he knew. Just as surely as he was certain the humanoid creature was no Outsider native to some plane which possessed an intelligible name, he was sure it was born from these other ‘Worlds’. These other universes, which had seemingly now begun to touch, or perhaps collide. It appeared to move with a purpose or intent, but as to what that might be… He doubted even Aroden could guess. There were no answers to be found from the tomes of mankind. No hidden secrets behind the cover of a wizard’s grimorie. No answer. Not for men. Not for mortal-kin. The threats which loomed about were countless and without name, much like this skulking thing. Now his very life balanced between what he couldn’t know, and what he did. [Erik | Knowledge (Planes) - Failure]

    Curtly, the Librarian nodded. "Good. We shouldn’t idle. If we let this division remain for long, it will only become more real. Inevitably, others will notice..." The old man regathered himself as the mercenary recovered his footing. His body still groaned beneath the weight, but it was manageable. "Most mortals don’t enjoy second chances, but this is not so for a Lord. Most Lords hailed from mortal stock in the ages past. You’ve many resources at your disposal..." The withered bookkeeper paused for a moment, "Though, even still, none of them remain."

    The venerable man pressed forward marching towards the large spiraling staircase they had descended previously. "A Lord’s Aspect is what shields the Lord’s true form from his enemies and the horrors which lurk beyond the Three Worlds, or the safety of his Passage. In a way, it makes you nearly invulnerable to true harm while providing numerous other boons while venturing outside your realms." The Librarian snapped back, sharply glaring over his shoulder at Erik. " Protections, you have traveled without! Damned fool. Even with the powers afforded to a Lord. None remain living, save for you. You would do well to learn from the countless failures of your predecessors and exercise some semblance of caution. Though, I’d settle even for some level of base survival instinct just the same." The old man resumed his hobble up the steps, grasping the dark polished handrails, leading the way.

    "Many things want to kill a Lord. Just as many things want to kill a God. Typically the notion is synonymous, and just as laughably futile. Except for you, as you are now. Like a newborn chick yet to fully emerge from its egg, you are shamelessly vulnerable. The only reason why you’re not dead already, both from the tax of your travel and the entities you have met is the grace of the Lady of Passages. Mortals cannot survive having their living-essence ripped from them and catapulted across reality, nor can they persist within the Midnight Between. As the only living Lord, you benefit from the blessing of the Lady D’Okkolah. However, should another Lord emerge, that blessing will become contested. It’s fortunate that no other Lords exist, or you would have been scattered across the cosmos twice-over by now. We must remedy that first."

    His breath came heavy as they approached the top of the massive sprawl, "I had intended to explain all of this to you properly of course, but you have a knack for trouble… and the whole mess with that black Fate was rather pressing. Without the Lady’s blessing though, you would have been stretched thin across the universe until even your celestial dust was disintegrated." The Librarian stopped to catch his breath but glared back at Erik sternly. "You are forbidden from any more of these antics, or leaving Ashurbanipal without your Aspect. It is simply a matter of time before this blessing is lost. You should never attempt to meddle or investigate the dangers of the various Worlds without first protecting yourself. But even then, it is imperative that you do so intelligently. This power is merely an avatar, and much like a shell it cannot shield you from certain things. Such as forces which would corrupt the Fates, or the blights of devices like… A Key. Still, you must never venture without it..."

    The old man shuffled over towards the massive desk covered with books. One great tome sat squarely in the center. "...But first we must earn enough fragments to begin restoring your power." With a sharp sweep of his hand, the monstrous book flipped open, the thick vellum pages filled with strange visions and places in a churning mire of ink. "As a Lord, your primary mode of income comes from establishing Halls. A ‘hall’ is a pathway from a destination to our Passage, or other destination. This is a dangerous affair. Typically, you will absolutely… NEVER establish a Hall directly connecting any place directly to the Passage of Ashurbanipal. Instead, you will usually create smaller planes to bridge these Halls to a fixed predetermined destination. Many Worlds will even send requests for specific Halls they would like to request to ease travel between various realms throughout the Three Worlds. You must carefully consider the implications and ramifications of any such Hall you choose to create. Regardless of the price the contractor offers, each Hall represents a potential change to all life within the respective realms you join. New threats. New enemies, or even the attention of things better left alone. This is why each Lord possesses a Consort. An individual to assist and educate them, so that they might make the most informed decisions. However, the choice remains yours, for better or worse."

    "Normally, you cannot make direct changes yourself to Ashurbanipal. You will require the assistance of your Kindler. You can think of the Kindler as… The living persona of your Passage. Its heart and mind. If you tend to it, it will tend to you. However, nothing compels its loyalty. Not your title nor position. It can betray you and prove to be terribly vicious should you give it reason to discard you. Every Kindler possesses their own unique personality and morality, some are simply wicked, while others are just, but regardless they each desire a confident and regal Lord. A confident and proud leader to earn their respect and win their loyalty. You met your Kindler briefly… Below the waves. That place is called Zek’Taur, it is your ‘First Passage’. The heart of the Library where the Kindler dwells. Fortunately, Ashurbanipal doesn’t possess any radical inclinations, other than the pursuit of knowledge. However, your Kindler is very critical her Lords. You must watch your words very carefully and maintain you discipline. Idiot Lords are just as likely to kill themselves as they are to be killed by their own Passage. You can avoid becoming one of them by displaying qualities befitting a leader and sovereign."

    The old man tapped the corner of a page, sending a dark ripple across its surface as if it were the slick face of a lake. "Fortunately, you may create your first realm through the book without cost or consorting with the Kindler, granting you some fragments. This is only a one time exercise, but it will do for now." [Create Realm | DC 20 Caster Level Check - Use highest mental ability score as your casting modifier]

    Main Quest (Potential Path Advancement):The Last Passage, Part 1: Ashurbanipal
    The return of the Lord of Ashurbanipal also heralded change which would sweep through all mortal worlds. Then every reality throughout the Three Worlds. The Last Passage of the Garden stood defenseless before the terrors unleashed by the Zin-Lath'rah. As the final bridge between the realms, the Passage could not afford to be lost. It fell to the Lord to defend it at all costs, least all creation fall unto the mires of darkness.
    Difficulty: Unknown | Status: On-going | Profit: Unique Potential Soul, Path of The Lord | Time: Unknown
    Primary Objective: - Repair the Divergence Within Ashurbanipal
    Quest Failure Penalty: - Corrupt All Active Quests
    Alternate Objective (Optional): - Create Aegisir Guardian
    Alternate Objective (Optional): - Contract L'Drada Guardian

    Spoiler: Weakened Scorn Effects - The Key To Midnight

    While weakened to a near-inconsequential state, the effects of Scorn upon the Key-Bearer remain a major concern. The Bearer should make all efforts to avoid acquiring additional points of Spite or Scorn, and find methods to remove any existing points he might already have to avoid increases to the potency of these effects further.

    Minor Effect - 1d3 points of non-lethal damage, per 250xp possessed. If no experience points are possessed, the experience value of the character’s total level is used instead.

    Spoiler: Status

    ֍ Erik +450 (69,300xp) [Abstract -3,450]
    HP 53/53
    AC 23
    Spite: 2
    [COLOR="#FF0000"][⭍ Trait - Corrupted Fate, Frozen Eternal: The Cursed cannot benefit from energy reduction or energy immunity to frost or ice-effects from any source other than divine traits. The damage and the duration of these effects is four-times more effective against the Cursed.]

    Spoiler: Influences
    ⯎ Survival Influence Gained
    ⯎ Exploration Influence Gained
    ⯎ Truth Influence Gained
    ⯎ Secrets Influence Gained
    ⯎ Battle Influence Gained
    ⯎ Caution Influence Gained
    ⯎ Death Influence Gained
    ⯎ Omens Influence Gained
    ⯎ Curse Influence Gained
    ⯎ Defense Influence Gained
    ⯎ Fear Influence Gained
    ⯎ Spirits Influence Gained
    ⯎ Destiny Influence Gained
    ⯎ Fate Influence Gained
    ⯎ Pain Influence Gained
    ⯎ Life Influence Gained
    ⯎ Struggle Influence Gained
    ⯎ Teamwork Influence Gained
    ⯎ Perception Influence Gained
    ⯎ Investigation Influence Gained
    ⯎ Mystery Influence Gained
    ⯎ Reality Influence Gained
    ⯎ Martial Influence Gained
    ⯎ Time Influence Gained
    ⯎ Black Influence Gained
    ⯎ Void Influence Gained
    ⯎ Loyalty Influence Gained
    ⯎ Courage Influence Gained
    ⯎ Bravery Influence Gained
    ⯎ Guardian Influence Gained
    ⯎ Warden Influence Gained
    ⯎ Heroism Influence Gained
    ⯎ Truth Influence Gained
    ⯎ Memory Influence Gained
    ⯎ Destiny Influence Gained
    ⯎ Fate Influence Gained
    ⯎ Lord Influence Gained
    ⯎ Reclaimer Influence Gained
    ⯎ Traveler Influence Gained
    ⯎ Otherworld Influence Gained
    ⯎ Salvation Influence Gained
    ⯎ Annihilation Influence Gained
    ⯎ Balance Influence Gained
    ⯎ Penance Influence Gained
    ⯎ Astray Influence Gained
    ⯎ Seals Influence Gained
    ⯎ Worlds Influence Gained
    ⯎ Corruption Influence Gained
    ⯎ Change Influence Gained
    ⯎ Pursued Influence Gained
    ⯎ Slain Influence Gained
    ⯎ Returned Influence Gained
    ⯎ Diverged Influence Gained
    ⯎ Living Influence Gained
    ⯎ Wonder Influence Gained
    ⯎ Lessons Influence Gained
    ⯎ Curiosity Influence Gained

    ⯎ Acquired - ????: Unidentified Alloy Lancet
    ⯎ Acquired - ????: Unidentified Glass Rod Restraint x3
    ⯎ Blue crystal with quicksilver veins
    ⯎ Black glass fragment

    ⭍ Key-Bearer: The Key To Midnight

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    Default Re: The Primeval Dark (IC)

    The Hanging Men

    Rest. Kazik was curious why a creature such as this would need rest, but if that the game they were playing, then so be it. He needed rest as well, whether he needed to admit it or not. Patience had never been his strong suit, but that was before he had spent all those years in a lightless cell, restrained and unmovable. Yes, he would wait, and study the creature. It was magnificent in its construction, kyton-like in its blending of muscle and steel, perhaps lending more credibility to his working theory. He sits as well, leaning back against a wall where he can further observe its motions.

    How long was it going to stay here, he wondered. Surely it was not resting, but, perhaps, like a hunter, it was waiting for something to return. It, too, was exercising its own patience. Perhaps it, too, had been waiting, though its own was far greater than his by may orders of magnitude, dwelling in its realm, awaiting orders from its dark master for the day that its horde could sweep across the firmament and cosmos beyond. Waiting, waiting, and watching, like a prodigal hunter. He sat back, and let the cosmos wash over him.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Kazik's gonna rest and focus, spending 3 points on Across the Dark.
    Success Sub 45 (1d100)[76]

    And I guess some skills for good measure.
    Perception: (1d20+17)[33]
    Sense Motive: (1d20+17)[35]

    Spoiler: Stats
    Human Sentinel (Darkness Defender) LN
    Scorn 14
    Focus Points: 3/10
    Deathsense: 9/10
    Reserve Points: 5/5
    Origin Mana: 1/7
    Martial Focus Yes
    HP 92 / 92 [49 nonlethal] Speed ft Init 8 AC 22 Fort 14 Ref 13 Will 12 CMB +10 BAB 5 +1 Irons of Glamden's Hollow +13 (+11) (1d3+8 (1d3+12) {+10}, x2)
    Throwing Knives +12 (1d4+2, x2)
    Dagger +12 (+10) (1d4+2, 19-20/x2) Str 20 (5) Dex 24 (7) Con 16 (3) Wis 16 (3) Int 14 (2) Cha 9 (-1)
    Martial Focus


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