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    Default Creature Templates (Completed)

    Hello once again playground, I have come with another homebrew project, this one being much smaller in scale. A lot of people I know who play 5e have expressed dismay that there are not more creature templates. For those of you who do not know what those are, creature templates are an organized set of features based around the abilities of a certain type of creature (such as werewolves, fiends or undead) which can be applied to an already statted enemy to make them more thematic. WotC has already made a couple of these such as the Half-dragon and Spore Servant. Using these templates you can create things like fiendish orcs, zombified guards or draconian soldiers. I have recently decided to take on the task of making these myself and have created 18 different creature templates. Please be aware that these are intended for use in enhancing monsters and are not made for use by Player Characters. To use them just add the listed features to an already existing monster, none of which alter their CR, to make them more thematically appropriate.

    A link to the Homebrewery document which contains can be found below, or if that doesn't work there is also a link to a google doc. Any suggestions on how to improve existing templates or requests for new templates are very appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out in this project.


    Google Doc:
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