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    Default Assorted Monstrous Feats

    Monstrous Focus
    Your racial abilities improve with experience.

    At least one racial Hit Dice.

    The caster level for all your racial spell-like abilities increases to equal your character level.

    The save DC for any of your racial special attacks (other than spell-like abilities) increases to equal 10 + 1/2 your character level + the relevant ability bonus + any racial bonuses.

    Monstrous Martial
    You may wield your bite or other natural attack like a blade.

    At least one natural weapon.

    Choose one of your natural weapons. You attack with that weapon as though it were a manufactured weapon (e.g. you may make iterative attacks with that weapon during a full attack, it may benefit from Two-Weapon Fighting/Multiweapon Fighting, and so forth).

    If you possess multiple natural weapons of the same type (e.g. two claws), the benefits of this feat apply to only one of them.

    You may select this feat more than once, choosing a different weapon each time.

    At the DM's option, creatures with only one natural weapon and lacking the ability to wield other weapons (e.g. a guardian naga) may gain this feat as a bonus feat.

    Monstrous Spellcasting
    Your innate spellcasting gains in power.

    Racial ability to cast spells.

    You racial spellcaster level (caster level, spells per day, spells known, etc.) increases by one, to a maximum of your racial Hit Dice (e.g. if you are a guardian naga, you now cast spells as a 10th-level sorcerer).

    You may select this feat more than once. Its effects stack.
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