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    Default [WIP] "IA! IA! CTHULHU FTAGHN!" 3.5e Mythos Epic PrC [PEACH]

    So, first thing's first, I'm not entirely happy with the name. If anybody has a better idea for it, please don't hold back. Similarly, there is plenty of room for more Mythos if you have an idea for something this class should be able to do, and in particular I do not know what to do for the capstone Immemorial Mythos.

    I like the idea of the mid-level class feature, but any input on how to better implement it is welcome.

    Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror
    Note: This update uses elements from both Magikeeper’s mostly complete Ozodrin update, his original PrC, and Xefas’ Mythos (how appropriate) subsystem.

    “I have seen the dark universe yawning where the black planets roll without aim, where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge, or lustre, or name.”

    The Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror
    Knowledge (The Planes) 24 Ranks, Intimidate 24 Ranks
    Feats: Unnatural Legacy, any three other Aberrant feats
    Class Features: Manifest Form, Far-Spawn Taint
    Mythos: Eldritch Abomination Wakening Rite

    Class Skills:
    The Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror’s class skills are Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Any) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str)
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int mod

    Hit Die: d8

    Level Special Mythos Known
    1st Horror, Eldritch Ledend, Far-Spawn Taint I, The Horror's Mythos +0
    2nd +1
    3rd Infinitely Variable Dinosaur +0
    4th Far-Spawn Taint II, Bonus Feat +1
    5th Infinite Depths of Terror +0
    6th +1
    7th Sempiternal Mythos +1
    8th Far-Spawn Taint III, Endless, (Immemorial Mythos) +1

    Class Features: The following are the class features of the Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror

    Horror (Ex): Beginning at first level, the Incarnation becomes the next step further removed from mortal understanding. Their creature type is considered the more beneficial of Aberration or Outsider for any purpose, such as coming back from the dead. Aberrations, mad creatures, and creatures tied to the Far Realms begin one category closer to Helpful as they recognize your kinship to them.
    In addition, your levels in Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror continue to progress you Manifest Form, Features, Strange Movement, Primary Stomach, Unearthly Power, Aberrant Affinity, and Menacing Demeanor class features, and you gain 10 additional form points each level.

    Eldritch Legend (Ex): The Incarnation is a being of Myth, but a myth spoken only in hushed whispers or deranged chants, for fear of the toll that knowledge may take upon their minds. This duality of fame and anonymity lends itself well to their own understanding of their entire natures. The Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror counts Ozodrin levels as levels in a Mythos class, and Epifovian levels count towards their total Ozodrin levels for the purpose of existing class features. In addition, at 1st level, they may choose to either change all Ozodrin class features to become based on Wisdom instead of Charisma (including Form points and the maximum number of natural attacks), or change all Epifovian class features and Mythos to be based on Charisma in place of Wisdom (including Unreal Existence and Far-Spawn Taint). Their natural attacks granted by Mythos and those granted by Features may both be considered Primary natural attacks, unless they would be considered secondary for other reasons (such as making an attack with a manufactured weapon in the same round).

    Far-Spawn Taint (Ex): The enhancement bonus to natural attacks from Far-Spawn Taint is subsumed by the bonus provided by Unearthly Power, except the bonuses provided by a delayed fear effect increase the enhancement bonus by the same amount. Furthermore, at 1st, 4th, and 8th level, the bonus for each fear category doubles mathematically (to a total of octuple at 8th level), and the bonus can no longer be disrupted by a stronger fear effect, instead renewing the duration and using the new level of fear.

    The Horror’s Mythos: With the Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror class, an Epifovian continues to gain new Mythos, which follow the same rules as The Nightmare’s Mythos, but these are unique to this class, and express the Horror’s Mythos’ own legends, rather than those of the common Epifovian. New Mythos Known gained from this class may be drawn from the Epifovian's pool of available Mythos, or from the new Mythos listed below. A Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror adds his class levels to his Epifovian levels to determine his Mythos "class level" for the purposes of Mythos whose effects are dependent on class level.

    Some Mythos are listed as "Sempiternal", which is the fifth tier of Mythos, above Exalted, and the Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror gains the ability to begin learning them at 7th level. The cost of learning a new Sempiternal Mythos, above the ones automatically granted by level, is 200,000 Mythos Points and 20,000xp.

    Infinitely Variable Dinosaur: (Cookie if you get the reference) At 3rd level, your Manifest Form ability vastly improves. Instead of merely a single ‘true’ form beneath your worldly (or otherworldly) guise, you have a number of true forms equal to one fourth of your Mythos class level, and may transition between any of them through the normal action of Manifest Form (shifting to a ‘true’ form if you were already in one does not inflict the same fear effect as shifting from your Worldly Guise. That would be silly). With a standard action, you may add or remove a number of features equal to your Charisma modifier (as under the Rapid Form ability), and make the same amount of alteration to any or all of your inactive forms as well. You may change half as many features as a move action, or one fourth as many as a swift action. If you have Shifting Shape, you may change the location of one feature per four levels as a swift action, or twice as many as a move action, when using it for only that purpose.

    Bonus Feats: At 4th level and again at 8th level, the Cosmic Horror may select any nonepic Aberrant Feat they qualify for as a bonus feat, or the Cosmic Horror may choose from the following: Effortless Flow, Harmonic Mass, Epic Farspawn, Hole in Time, Shunned Name, Unspeakable Name, Anathema, Unorthodox Union, Untouchable Abomination, Whispers of the Outer Spheres, Great Charisma, Great Strength, Great Dexterity, Great Constitution, Damage Reduction, Fast Healing, Extra Item Space, Epic Prowess.

    Infinite Depths of Terror (Ex): Some foolish creatures may think there is a point where they cannot be frightened further. Such a silly idea. Beginning at 5th level, when you affect a creature with a fear effect that is already Panicked, the effect is not wasted (assuming the effect stacks)- no, you may inflict still further levels of fear in them. Such creatures gain a number of degrees of Terror, which work similarly to the normal degrees of fear effect- inducing the Shaken condition in a Panicked creature leaves them with one degree of Terror, while inflicting the Panicked condition on a creature that is Frightened leaves them Panicked with two degrees of Terror.
    Each degree of Terror a creature possesses increases the penalties given by the Shaken condition by -2, and counts as normal for any effect which increases depending on the degree of a fear effect. Further, each round a creature with Terror must make a Will Save (DC 10+ their degree of Terror) or Cower for that round, losing their action as they are paralyzed with sheer dread. If a creature has at least ten degrees of Terror, they must make a second Will Save each round at the same DC (regardless of the success or failure of the first) or be rendered Confused for that round and take a single point of Wisdom damage for every ten degrees of Terror (although the Confused condition may be made irrelevant if they are also Cowering). A creature reduced to three or lower Wisdom through this method is rendered Insane until their Wisdom is raised to at least 3. These Will Saves are still considered to be against a fear effect, so relevant bonuses may apply.
    Unfortunately, you may not use this ability on yourself. The bonuses from Far-Spawn Taint only apply up to Panicked, as you are continually inuring yourself to every new threshold you discover.

    Endless (Ex): The Horror may end its existence in reality prime to become an imaginary denizen of any dreamscape it has ever created. (If they do not have that feature, then a new, rudimentary one is created without any augments). This ability does not take an action, can never be lost, and can be used even if the Horror is unable to use actions or even think (for example, if the Horror is dead or has had its soul erased by a deity). A Horror that uses this ability can no longer interact with reality prime, although it has absolute power within its dreamscape. A wish, miracle, or true resurrection effect cast upon any object in reality prime that would have counted as the Horror via its sinister image ability restores all of Horror’s reality prime abilities and status as a creature from its original reality- similar to the less potent Fateless ability of the Ozodrin. Such a Horror may ignore any level loss, death, soul destruction, etc that may have occurred up to 10 minutes before it used this ability. A creature in reality prime can also revive the Horror by performing any sufficiently powerful ritual as determined by the DM. After using this ability the Horror may not re-enter reality prime for one day*, even if it is restored before that.
    *In reality prime time.

    Exalted Mythos:

    Spoiler: Exalted Mythos
    Fractal Manifold Fearful Symmetry:
    Requirements: At least six tentacles granted by Mythos or Excellencies

    All tentacles you possess or shape have all the traits of any tentacles granted to you by Mythos. If you have Lineage-Celebrating Flesh Companion, you have as many familiars as you have tentacles. If you have the Element Bathed External Layer manifestation of Far-Realm descended Bodily Adaptation, all your tentacles have the granted weapon enchantments. Any tentacles you gain with Unnatural-Selection External Hypothesis are at full size (though it is not a valid choice for further iterations to emulate). If you have Inescapable Nightmare Tether, all your tentacles gain the increased reach and may tether opponents. This Mythos does not apply traits granted to a tentacle through Form Points and Augments.

    Anathemic Mastery of Space:
    Requirements: Strange Movement

    Space and Time as known by mortals is a curious delusion to you. How can they think distance is so great when even their own simple magic can step between planes as easily as between rooms? For that matter, why are they surprised when you use the same connections they just barely tapped to follow them? Everything is close at hand for you.
    The first aspect of this Mythos is that you can see through all manner of spatial connections. You can see into any coterminous planes, such as the Shadow and Ethereal from the Prime Material, or into pocket dimensions or demiplanes such as Rope Tricks or Magnificent Mansions. You may also see the destination of any teleportation effect made from within line of sight, or the origin of any effect made into line of sight. In the latter case, the connection only lasts one round, but counts as both Line-of-Sight and Line-of-Effect for that duration.
    The second aspect of this Mythos means that your daily allotment of Strange Movement distance is instead measured per encounter- thus, an Ozodrin 8/Epifovian 12/Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror 4 with two instances of the Strange Mover feat could move up to 120’ per encounter. Further, you may expend 20’ of Strange Movement as a move action to move anywhere within line of sight, such as to the other end of a teleport effect, otherwise acting the same as normal Strange Movement. Once per minute, you may use 40’ of Strange Movement to do so as a Swift or Immediate action.
    Special: If you have the Shadow-Striding Rift Walk manifestation of the Bellowing Nocturnal Horror Manifest Mythos, you may apply its benefits to Strange Movement as well as Shadow Dancing.

    Great Cult of the Old Ones:
    Requirements: Peasant-Subjugating Terror King

    Your Leadership score from Peasant-Subjugating Terror King may continue to improve as if by the Epic Leadership feat. Further, your followers worship you as a deity, and are considered Fanatical towards you at all times.
    If you have the Eclectic Mageocracy Establishment manifestation, your followers may be trained in Cleric instead of other spellcasting classes regardless of their highest mental ability score. Your Follower also gains spellcasting as a cleric of one third of their level (which does not stack with any cleric levels they may already have.) They draw their spells from you, and you grant the domains of Madness, your alignment (or equivalent), any elemental subtypes you possess, and Trickery.
    If you have the Populace-Mutating Master’s Trace manifestation, within the portion of followers that gain Aberration Blood and two other Aberrant feats, the higher level half of them gain yet another Aberrant Feat and the Pseudonatural template from Complete Arcana. Half of those followers, by their level, gain a fourth Aberrant Feat and the Half-Farspawn template without level adjustment. If you have at least 30 HD, then the highest level follower (that originally gained the Half-Farspawn template) instead gains the Epic Pseudonatural template from the Epic Level Handbook. If you have a cohort, it gains the Half-Farspawn template, Aberrant Blood, and four other bonus Aberrant feats just as your innermost circle of followers.

    Flowing Division of Form Dispersal
    Requirements: One’s Form in Miniature, Incontemporary Roiling Flesh-Spawn Creation

    Once per encounter, as a full round action, you may separate yourself into two identical copies for a number of rounds equal to your class level. Your equipment is divided amongst the copies, and activated abilities share their uses between the two. Your hit points are evenly divided between the copies, but they share a single pool for any other point resources such as power points or Form Points. Soulmelds or similar effects are distributed like equipment. If you are struck by an attack that deals slashing damage, you may instead use this ability as an immediate action to negate all the slashing damage you would have taken (though not any other forms of damage attached to it, such as from a Fiery Blast weapon)

    Advanced Manifestation:
    It Spreads Its Seeds By Combat (Requires Spawn feature): Instead of using the duplication ability in response to slashing damage, you may immediately form a Spawn feature if you have any available form points to put into it. You may transfer features onto this spawn instead of having to shape them, as the spawn is formed from the severed portion of your body- though the normal restrictions for features on spawn apply. The Spawn immediately separates, and if it can act on its own, it rolls its own initiative- if its initiative would be higher than the current turn, it takes its action immediately and then acts on its normal initiative the next round. Creating a Spawn in this way still negates the slashing damage, though the nature of the Spawn feature means you will likely still take damage.

    Nictophobic Atmospheric Attunement:
    Requirements: Bellowing Nocturnal-Horror Manifest

    It is shocking, how simple and yet how prevalent is the fear of the dark. You are all too eager to prove to your prey that no mortal ever truly outgrows that fear, no matter how powerful they think they are.
    You radiate an aura out to 10’ per Charisma modifier. Within this aura, all lighting is reduced by one degree- Natural sunlight becomes simply bright light, bright light becomes dim light, dim light becomes darkness, and darkness becomes magical darkness. Even supernaturally bright lights are assailed- any effect which deals damage based on light only deals half as much, and any blinding effect from bright light reduces its save DC by your Charisma modifier. Within your own space, light is lessened by yet another degree, though this has no additional effect on offensive light effects.
    As a standard action, you may dispel any and all supernatural light sources within 100’, as if by a Greater Dispel Magic effect but with no caster level limit and using your Mythos class level. This also extinguishes any nonmagical sources of light within the area, be it bonfires or sunrods, instantly.
    If you have the ‘Waiting in a Moonless Night’ manifestation, you may manifest up to four areas of magical darkness at a time, and each area doubles in size.
    You see perfectly in darkness of any level without penalty, to the same distances you could see in broad daylight. You add half you Mythos class level as a bonus on Spot checks within the radius of any Darkvision you had, however.

    Basic Manifestation:
    Daylight Horror Paradox Infliction: You may suppress the aura provided by this mythos as a free action, however you, yourself, may still act as if light was decreased as normal for the purposes of abilities which require you to be standing in shadow- Though it may be bright as noon-day, your presence carries a metaphysical darkness that stains the world, and your prey almost yearns for the darkness to return to hide your terrible visage from their eyes.

    Expansive All-Encompassing Psyche:
    Requirements: Dissociative Multi-Mentality Aegis

    Your mind is a vast, incomprehensible complex of personalities, memories, images, and things that, if mortal minds can even grasp them, they would puzzle at how it could be inside one’s brain. The roiling landscape of minds grants you an extra standard or move action each round as other facets of you jerk your limbs in ways you hadn’t had time to think of. While fusing your personalities, you instead gain an additional full compliment of actions (Standard and move or Full-Round, swift or immediate) each round.
    Furthermore, you can pseudo-physically manifest this mindscape as a feature, as described below:

    Spoiler: Dreamscape
    Dreamscape: Cost - 20
    Appearance: Creatures can literally enter your imagination.
    Benefits: For the purpose of this feature, whatever reality/cosmetology your campaign has will be referred to as “reality prime”.
    Any victim you successfully devour “wakes up” in a reality of your own creation. This reality can in no way, shape, or form alter reality prime. Anything that enters your reality, is altered, and then leaves has their original state restored as though it were just a dream. You can otherwise do whatever you desire within your imaginary reality with the only restriction being what you know and the rate at which you perceive time. For example, a deity killing sword that works in your imagination is unlikely to work when you find a blacksmith to re-create that sword in reality prime. Basically, this is similar to being a DM within someone else’s D&D game. A soul within your reality cannot be released by anything short of the direct interference of a deity in reality prime. You may, however, return any such soul to reality prime as a free action. You cannot control how time works in your dreamscape nor can your true body enter your dreamscape.
    Special: Removing this feature does not destroy the dreamscape if any entities from reality prime exist within it. However, you have no power over the created dreamscape until you reform this feature for that dreamscape. A soul trapped within such a dreamscape can be freed by a wish, miracle, or true resurrection effect cast from reality prime. You can have more than one dreamscape at a time. All dreamscape augments may be added or removed to pre-existing dreamscapes of your creation.

    Augments: The noted level requirements refer to your level in Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror.

    Nightmare Gateway: Additional cost 2
    Required Feature(Stomach): You can create a fleshy door to your dreamscape along the walls of your stomach. From the outside the door appears to lead to nothingness, although anyone who enters is appears wherever you want in your dreamscape. The door is 5ft by 5ft, although multiple doors can be combined together to form one larger door. A creature cannot simply fall through the door – it must pass into the unknown of its own accord or be dragged/pushed through. This gateway is one-way, and does not even exist within your dreamscape. You may return any creature or object that enters your dreamscape this way to reality prime as a free action, and they appear in front of the Nightmare Gateway exactly the same as they were when first entering your dreamscape. Plane Shift and other transportation effects do not help a creature escape from your dreamscape.

    Mind Breaking Dream: Additional cost 5
    Any soul that leaves your dreamscape does so with mental scars from their stay. For every day a soul spent in your dreamscape you may give it any mental affliction as though by bestow curse. For example, you could give it a 50% chance of failing to perform any action (a mental effect) but you could not make its skin purple (a physical effect). Unlike other reality prime abilities, Mind Breaking Dream is based off the time rate of the dreamscape. In reality prime the affliction is an extraordinary effect that ignores immunities, and the mental afflictions can only be cured by wish, miracle, psychic chirurgery, or a similar effect.

    Engulfing Cosmos: Additional cost 15
    Required level 4: Any creature that dies inside your stomach or within 5ft of you may have their soul pulled into your dreamscape should you so desire it. This includes parts of ‘you’ defined by sinister image. A creature killed by one of your natural weapons is considered to have been within 5ft of “you”.
    Special: You may apply this augment multiple times to the same dreamscape, increasing the range by 5ft each time after the first. Each instance of this augment after the first only costs 5 form points instead of 15.

    Soul String: Additional cost 3
    Required level 5 and Engulfing Cosmos: Any creature who escapes a dreamscape with this augment can be pulled into any dreamscape with this augment you posses, even if the original dreamscape is no longer under your control. The creature must be within range of your engulfing cosmos augment to be pulled into a dreamscape, and they may make a will save to resist the effect (DC 10 + ½ your level in classes that grant features + your charisma modifier). Using this augment is a swift action. Creatures created via the entity feature automatically fail their saves.
    special: Applying this augment to a pre-existing dreamscape has no effect on creatures that escaped the dreamscape before this feature was applied (The effect is not retroactive). Removing this augment does not retroactively free creatures effected by it.

    Mind Shattering Dream: Additional cost 5
    Required level 6 and Mind Breaking Dream: This augment works like Mind Breaking Dream, except that for every week the soul spent in the dreamscape you may effect it as though by Greater Bestow Curse. This is in addition to the effect of Mind Breaking Dream.

    Temporal Fantasy: Additional cost 1
    Required level 7: You have complete control over the time of your dreamscape, allowing it to move as fast or slow as you desire. Abilities/effects from reality prime continue to work based off of reality prime’s time rate. For example, fast healing 5 from reality prime will heal 5 damage per reality prime round, even if that is the equivalent of 700 years in your dreamscape, and casting a spell would typically involve a reality prime standard action. Most cosmic horrors grant “visitors” imaginary versions of their reality prime abilities.

    Exit: Additional cost 4
    Required level 8: You may pull yourself into the dreamscape as a full round action. You may still interact with the world outside via Sinister/Encroaching Image if you have it, although you are affected by reality prime rules while doing so. For example, even if you grant yourself infinite form points within your reality you must still obey your reality prime limits while interacting with reality prime. If someone hits you with a finger of death in reality prime, no imaginary powers will save you (although an item/effect hailing from reality prime could). This is considered an extraordinary ability. Many Horrors of this caliber abandon reality prime altogether, choosing to act as overdeities in realms of their own creation. As long as the Horror is not interacting with reality prime in any way nothing currently in reality prime can interact with the Horror (for example, not even a deity could pull such a Horror from its dreamscape).

    Mind-Etched Impending Image Encroachment:
    Requirements: Sinister Image

    Those who bear witness to your terror will not soon forget the experience; as they will inevitably realize, they are not soon safe, either- For even the image of a fresh memory is a part of your face that watches them everywhere.
    Any creature that has seen you within 1 hour per Mythos class level counts for your Sinister Image ability as if they were scrying your location. Any creature suffering from a Confusion or Insanity effect you inflicted similarly counts as long as their condition remains untreated.

    Intramomentary Termination Encompassment:
    Requires: Unstoppable Grave-Crowding March, All Encompassing Torment Jurisdiction, Non-Euclidean Embracing Dimensions

    The flowing substance of your many claws and teeth are a constant danger, almost a hurricane of bone and keratin, shredding apart anything so foolish as to approach- or so unfortunate as to be approached.
    You gain Improved Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat. When making attacks of opportunity allowed by the Unstoppable Grave-Crowding March mythos, you may do so up to three times with each natural weapon you possess in a round.
    Your reach is calculated as if you were of the highest size you could count as via Non-Euclidean Embracing Dimensions- Including that it starts as if your space were appropriate to that size. You may also take the Further Skewed Existence Extrapolation manifestation two additional times.
    No matter what space you actually take up, which may easily be essentially none, you may still count your space as being that of the largest size you count as- for example, for gaining an Attack of Opportunity against creatures entering your space, or moving around in your space. You need not be at the center of this space, you determine where the space lies at the end of any movement or as the equivalent of a 5-ft step, so long as it still contains your entire actual space. Further, each round, any creature that enters your ‘space’ at least once during their turn or that begins its turn in your ‘space’ takes 15d6 damage, plus the bonus from Unearthly Power, plus 1.5 times your Strength modifier, plus any bonuses you have to damage rolls with natural weapons. This damage is Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage, and counts as Magic, Epic, and your alignment for the purpose of damage reduction- and further, half of the damage pierces through any form of Regeneration. You may freely choose to spare certain creatures from this damage while they share your ‘space.’ You may make an immediate Grapple attempt against any creature damaged in this way, without having to roll a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity.
    Any creature killed by the above ability counts as being fully Devoured, and allows for an immediate Demoralize attempt at any creatures with line of sight to the grisly spectacle.
    Special: Indescribable Living Dead-World Dread Tyrant does not increase your space for this ability, nor can you center your space on things in your Flesh Domain that might otherwise count as ‘you.’ This effect is still tied to your actual position, so you’ll have to use your other space-bending powers to pervert the natural order any more. Sorry not sorry.

    Rider of Insanity:
    Prerequisites: The Noblest Steed is Bound by Flesh

    You may form features on your Special Mount as if it was you- such features benefit your mount in the same way they would have aided you (possibly allowing it to use Devour, Swallow Whole and Jaws that Bite, for example, if given a mouth and a stomach), and the Mount uses any abilities granted on its own initiative and actions. It may even be given Puppets and Spawn in this way, deducting from the Mount’s hit points in the latter case, and controlling them as it wishes.
    You may communicate telepathically with your mount from any distance, and perceive through its senses, and vice versa. It counts as you or an image of you for the purpose of Sinister and/or Encroaching image (so a portrait of your steed is no less dangerous if it does not depict its rider). It transforms with you when you use Manifest Form (thus revealing any features placed on it in the form chosen), also allowing you to hide any unusual features it has when in your worldly guise (such as the granted tentacle attacks or any Aberrant Feats it has taken) in the same way you can.
    Lastly, your Special Mount gains the Pseudonatural template as described in the ELH. The Alternate Form described by the template is instead the form it takes when you are in your true form via Manifest Form, taking on its normal appearance in your Worldly Guise as mentioned before.
    If you have Pregenerate Husk Bestowment, your Animal Companion gains the same benefits as your Mount, and additionally may be augmented as if it itself were a Puppet feature (but not the Puppet Show augment).
    If you have Lineage-Celebrating Flesh Companion, you may augment your familiar as if you had the Conservative Form feat. It’s already literally part of your body, you don’t get anything else. Tough.

    Sempiternal Mythos:

    Spoiler: Sempiternal Mythos
    Seamless Mastery of Time:
    Requirements: Anathemic Mastery of Space

    Time, like Space, flows like a river around you, and you see the eternities within each moment, the time inbetween instants, and every disturbance is as obvious to you as the most prolonged events. You can see any events taking place in a faster time stream perfectly, such as the user of a Time Stop or Temporal Acceleration effect. Further, though you normally cannot act any faster, your perception is fast enough that you are never caught Surprised or Flat-Footed.
    Furthermore, you may expend 80 feet of Strange Movement in order to act as if under a Time Stop effect for 1 apparent round. This does not require an action, and may be used at any time, though only once per round. You may even use this ability to attack creatures under their own Time Stop effect or other form of accelerated time stream, in which case you can do so once per round in that creature’s time (but only if such a creature is present- you can’t continue using it under the assurance that someone, somewhere is in a faster time stream).

    The Black Goat in the Woods of a Thousand Young:
    Requirements: Incontemporary Roiling Flesh-Spawn Creation, Peasant-Subjugating Terror King

    Your Progeny is vast, innumerable. Your name is whispered as the mother of a thousand monsters, spawn of your shapeless flesh. Your children grow and trickle through the world, ready to spread your terror to every shadow and crevice. You become able to form a new Feature, as detailed below:

    Spoiler: Entity
    Entity: Cost - X
    Appearance: You can bring forth the denizens of your imagination into reality prime.
    Benefits: You can create a new creature from your own flesh or mind. The body either buds off from the Ozodrin or, if they have the Dreamscape Feature, emerges from a Nightmare Gateway. If the entity dies or is unformed its artificial soul returns to your mind or its original dreamscape (even if you do not still control the dreamscape) instead of going to whatever afterlife exists in reality prime. Soul trapping effects still function against the entity, however. The created entity is a medium sized 2HD aberration that uses the elite array for its ability scores. You may make all choices regarding feats and skills, with any skills you put ranks in becoming class skills for the racial HD of the created entity. The cost of the entity is equal to the total FP value of the features that comprise its body, chosen from features/augments you are capable of forming. The entity automatically has a torso(can be any shape), a head(optional), internal organs, and a way to breathe. The entity cannot have features from epic prestige classes (such as dreamscape), nor can it have spawn, puppet, or lure trap features. A form without eyes is blind, and a form without a mouth cannot speak. A form without limbs or tentacles has a land speed of 0, otherwise treat the entity's base land speed as 30ft before other modifiers. Note that aberrations must eat, so an entity that is not given a way to nourish itself will starve. The entity is infertile. The entities’ age categories are the same as a normal member of your race although you can choose to make it immortal. Every 24 hours the entity exists you regain up to 5 of the form points spent on it. Unforming the entity only returns points that you have not already regained, and if you have been refunded all of the points invested in the entity then it is no longer considered one of your features and cannot be unformed (although, if applicable, its soul still returns to your imagination upon death). You do not control the actions of the entity, although nothing stops you from creating an initial personality that wants to serve you. You may not spend more than 30% of your FP on the base cost of an entity, and an entity can only have 7 features + 4 per 30fp spent on the entity, rounded down. Basic Eyes count as 1/2 a feature.
    Special: The level adjustment of an entity equals [2 + (Base Cost)/30], rounded down. A gaze attack increases the entity's LA by 2, and every two natural attacks and/or limbs that can hold weapons beyond the fourth increases the entity's LA by 1 (So a ball with 5 tentacles and a mouth would have an additional +1 LA). The flowing shape mouth augment and the reality warping flesh augment increase the entity's LA by 2. Some of the augments below alter the level adjustment of the entity, as noted in their descriptions. The DM may choose to raise or lower the LA of an entity (or even make it LA -) at their own discretion.
    Unlike other features, an Entity feature takes one minute to form even if you could normally form a feature more quickly then that. Unforming the entity take the normal amount of time as any other feature you possess.

    Augments: The level requirements noted refer to your levels in Anathemic Incarnation of Supracosmic Horror.

    Enhanced Potential Additional cost 2
    The entity receives a +2 racial bonus to one of its ability scores.
    Special: You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times. Applying this augment to the same ability score more than once increases the cost by 1 each time. For example, applying this augment to strength three times would cost 2+3+4 = 9fp for a total racial bonus of +6 to strength.
    Every two applications of this augment beyond the first increases the entity's LA by 1, even if the applications are to different ability scores.

    Decreased Potential Cost -1
    The entity receives a -2 racial penalty to one of its ability scores.
    Special: You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times. You cannot apply this augment if doing so would reduce one of the entity's ability scores to 0 or less. If the entity's LA has been increased by the enhanced potential feature, then every three applications of this augment reduces that increase by one (For example, if the entity's LA has been increased by 2 due to enhanced potential, then 6+ applications of decreased potential would reduced that increase to +0 but could not otherwise lower the entity's LA)

    Advanced form Additional cost 5
    The entity gains an additional racial aberrant HD, possibly granting it additional feats/skills/etc.
    Special: You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times. Applying this augment more than once increases the cost by 5 each time. For example, applying this augment three times would cost 5+10+15 = 30 form points for a total of 3 extra aberrant HD.
    An entity’s level adjustment is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of +0) for every two aberrant HD it possesses (rounded down). This does not include the initial two aberrant HD it gains by being an entity.

    Transient Skill Additional cost 10
    The entity gains a level in a class of your choice.
    Special: You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times. Applying this augment more than once doubles the cost each time. For example, applying this augment three times would cost 10+20+40 = 70 form points for a total of 3 class levels.

    Hidden Power Additional cost 2
    The entity can conceal and/or release one or more of its features as a swift action. This is an extraordinary ability that does not use form points. You may place additional restrictions on this ability, such as an entity that can only use its tentacles at night.

    Soul Stuffing Additional cost 2
    The entity is controlled by an additional imaginary being. You may decide how dominance is determined – for example, one personality might be in control at night while another is in control during the day.
    Special: If this ability is used in conjunction with the spirit prison augment, then any souls that are not also from reality prime cannot use the class features of the other personality. You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times, adding an additional soul each time.

    Rapid Solidification Additional cost 10
    Each day the entity exists you may regain up to ten of the form points spent on it instead of the usual five.
    Special: You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times. Each instance beyond the first increases the number of form points you may regain by 5.

    Spirit Prison Additional cost 2
    Required Level 8: Instead of using an imaginary being, you may insert the soul of any creature that has entered your dreamscape from reality prime. The entity retains the class levels and mental stats of the original creature but loses all other racial abilities. Other augments cannot alter these levels or mental stats, although you can use mind breaking dream and mind shattering dream on the creature. The soul does not return to your dreamscape when it dies.
    Special: You can apply this augment to the same entity multiple times, adding an additional soul each time. You may decide how dominance is determined. Each soul can only use its own class features, and the Transient Skill augment can only increase the class levels of an imaginary being. Likewise, the enhanced potential augment can only increase the mental ability scores of an imaginary being. The total HD and stats of any given soul is equal to the aberrant HD of the Entity + Class levels of the soul currently in control of the entity. When the Entity dies, any souls from reality prime lose the aberrant HD they gained while a part of the Entity and regain their former racial traits, racial HD, type, physical ability scores, etc. The level adjustment of the entity is equal to level adjustment of the dominant soul (if not imaginary) plus the level adjustment of the entity feature as noted above. Levels gained are added to the dominant soul.

    Cascade of Life Additional cost 5
    Required Level 8: The entity is capable of reproduction. The entity can breed with any living creature of the opposite gender. Reproduction takes 9 months unless otherwise determined by the race being bred with. An entity with this augment cannot be immortal. If your base race is typically immortal, the entity ages as an elf instead. You may choose to create an entity that is asexual or has more then two sexes (perhaps needing two or more mates to breed). If the entity is capable of asexual reproduction, increase the cost by 15. Children of entities you created are denizens of reality prime and have real, non-imaginary souls. You may choose the favored class, general alignment trends (such as "Always Chaotic Neutral"), starting language, etc of the race.

    Enhanced lifecycle Additional cost 3
    Required Level 8: You may increase or decrease the number of years in each of the entities’ age categories (and those of any future offspring) by up to 50%. You may also choose to have this increase/decrease the time needed for reproduction in the same way, if the entity reproduces.
    Special: You may apply this augment multiple times. Its effects stack, although you cannot reduce the number of months needed for reproduction below one.

    Dilating Cerebral Blot Incursion:
    Prerequisite: Far-Plane Recreating Terraforming Glare, Indescribable Living Dead-World Dread Tyrant.

    Your fear aura becomes much more flexible than normal; you may choose to emanate it to any lower radius, or even suppress it entirely, without an action necessary. You can make Oases within the radius where the effect does not take place, centered on specific places or positions relative to you- such gaps in the aura can be easily sensed by those nearby, and Frightened or Panicked creatures will likely run to them if they can’t find the true edge of the effect. You may even choose to emanate the fear effect as normal but not afflict the other conditions, if one wishes to be more merciful upon the populace. The full range of your aura also expands to one mile per five Mythos class levels, as does the maximum range of your Flesh-Domain.
    You may command four times as many total Hit Dice in creatures as part of your Flesh Domain, though any individual creature still cannot have more HD than you. You can vanish and reappear anywhere within your Flesh-Domain as a standard action, which does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
    In addition to the normal spell effects you can replicate, you can affect your Flesh-Domain as if by Greater Stone Shape, Move Earth, Control Water, Animate Plants, Animate Objects, or Control Winds as a Standard action, and once per day may replicate a Planar Perinarch effect as a Full Round action, treating your Flesh Domain as a Divinely Morphic plane for the sake of the effect. You may also use a Nightmare or Dream effect on any creature sleeping in the area, though only once per creature per period of sleep (intermittent, troubled sleep still counts as one period). Lastly, you may use the travel version of Gate once per day per four Mythos class levels within your Flesh Domain, targeting the Far Realm, except the Gate created may fill up to an area of one 10’ cube per Mythos class levels. You may expend two uses of the Gate effect to instead create a Reality Maelstrom, with its area of effect and duration multiplied by one tenth of your Mythos class level (round down), also targeting the Far Realm. The DCs for all of these abilities is calculated as for a Mythos.
    Creatures within your Fear Aura that suffer from a Fear Effect caused by you count as scrying you for the purpose of Sinister Image, and you may utilize the effects of Sinister Image on such creatures even if you do not otherwise have that ability. While doing so, the radius around the creature allowed by Sinister Image counts as part of your Flesh Domain. Yeah. Go crazy.
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    Default Re: [WIP] "IA! IA! CTHULHU FTAGHN!" 3.5e Mythos Epic PrC [PEACH]

    Anyone? Hello? Don't all jump up at once.
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    Default Re: [WIP] "IA! IA! CTHULHU FTAGHN!" 3.5e Mythos Epic PrC [PEACH]

    Don't lose faith my good man (you're doing the Lord's work Skater McGee), just realize that you are quadrupling down on the niche with this one. This is only of use to those familiar with the Ozodrin, who appreciate the Mythos classes (and the Epifovian in particular), who have an interest in combining those two homebrew systems, and are interested in epic play. This has nothing to do with the quality of the work, just saying that it will drastically cut down on the chatter surrounding it. Beyond that, I only really comment on things if I'm planning on using it and see issues that would get in the way of that, and so start asking for clarifications/offering suggestions. I think that this kind of reasoning applies to a lot of people.

    For the record, you have me on the first three but lost me on the last. I've never played epic and don't really have much interest to. How does one even pretend to balance that sort of thing? Is it less broken than epic spellcasting? Yes? Then I guess you're good then.

    The only thing that I might recommend would be to reconsider the elements lifted from Cosmic Horror. While I'm a big fan of drawing inspiration (and materials) from other work to achieve homebrew goals in another niche (see how the Kreikiri pillaged the Cosmic Horror for mechanics and my associated supportive commentary) that is usually for bringing over distinct and interesting mechanics into a separate subsystem where they would otherwise never be seen (no sense reinventing the wheel and all that). That's not the case here. You have largely just duplicated the main features of an Ozodrin epic prestige class in making another Ozodrin epic prestige class while adding more onto it. This strikes me a bit like someone making a PrC with all the features of a Dweomerkeeper but also theurging Cleric casting. Don't get me wrong, you have a lot going on in the class besides the Cosmic Horror bits, it just seems out of place to incorporate so much from another PrC that the base character could probably qualify for.

    Any thoughts on trying to incorporate Cosmic Horror into this class as a pre-req of some kind? Or the other way around, like having a mythos that makes Epifovian levels count towards Aberrant Affinity to unlock Cosmic Horror? I just think that there may be some opportunities to have the player make some interesting choices when it comes to these two PrCs instead of just getting everything in one spot.

    Not sure if this helps, but you're doing good work. Cheers.
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    Default Re: [WIP] "IA! IA! CTHULHU FTAGHN!" 3.5e Mythos Epic PrC [PEACH]

    Well, it's actually meant as a rehash of the Cosmic Horror- Magikeeper, the guy who designed said PrC, made a reboot of the Ozodrin linked to in the first post, but never got around to updating the Cosmic Horror to fit the new elements. With his permission, I took the opportunity to do so, and the Mythos Epic PrC format established with the Steel Emperor Forgemaster and Tiger Sovereign General fit better than the other ideas I tried.
    That said, if you have ideas for how to better incorporate those features into the new format, I would love to hear them- this has tons of room to improve.
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    Default Re: [WIP] "IA! IA! CTHULHU FTAGHN!" 3.5e Mythos Epic PrC [PEACH]

    I've never even half-contemplated reaching such a high level for this abomination to exist - and now I want to be one.

    I can't really offer anything about the class itself but this looks fun indeed... I'm not as familiar as I could be with the Omphalos and the existence of existence, but if the howling, incomprehensible Is Not is leaking and clawing its way into the fabric of what Is, then the structure of exsistence itself may be in jeapordy. If I understood this stuff right anyway. Could be worth exploring in the mythos fluff.
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