Hello there how are all of you?
Welcome to the DWMA a place where you can learn to help people, get educated, meet new people and possible learn how to use those pisky weapon powers, but first.... we need a bit of help building the school up a bit more.

Thats where all you early arrivals come in. join the DWMA, and help make the school system.

alright so like the title says im making a soul eater system one ideally that gives weapons and meister equal spotlight instead of weapons just being a tool. while it is a WIP right now it wont be forever. though to make a finished system ill need people to bounce ideas off, have them make suggestions and be there when something needs a playtest and all you need to join is click this discord link ( https://discord.gg/QfGpPZ8 ). there will be everything you need to know.

((if this is the wrong place to post this sorry. im just trying to get more people to join in on this project.))