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    Default Hated Enemy - Human?

    So, what do people think the best choice is for Belkar's Hated Enemy shtick? I noticed that 3 of the other 5 OOTS members are human, and Belkar's abilities are oriented towards PvP combat...

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    Default Re: Hated Enemy - Human?

    I'd probably go with human too. Dwarf is tempting since Durkon has defense high enough to resist you and collects lots of loot, but you gotta maximize your options.

    However, while you're correct to point out that Belkar is PvP-centric, Hated Enemy is one of the few opportunities he has to get a Defense bonus against monsters. Hide won't work every time, certainly not without getting lucky and pulling a second, and even if it does you still waste a turn before you can go on offense. So you might pick a monster type that has high power, like dragon, or high frequency, like goblin. Those who really fear Yikyik might pick kobold.

    But at the end of the day, you get to have your cake and eat it too with human, because there are lots of human monsters too - including some real nasties like Samantha and Nale. So yeah, human all the way.

    I assume, however, that we're controlling for what's happened in the game up to the point you pull Hated Enemy? That is, we don't know who's winning or losing? Because if we do, I'd pick the species of whichever player is winning. If Vaarsuvius is winning, I'd pick elf even though there's only 1 elf player and, like, 3, maybe 5, elf monsters (Dark Elf, Pixie Chick, Zz'dtri... am I forgetting anyone?).

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    Default Re: Hated Enemy - Human?

    Bandit elves. But isn't "Hated Enemy" only useful against monsters? I think it says that on the card.

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    Default Re: Hated Enemy - Human?

    The card specifically says "you gain +3 attack and +3 defense against monsters or players of that type", so yes it will work against other players.
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