Before the First Age

In the beginning of all things, there was six entities of creation. Each one a unique and powerful force that had true power over all things. It is with the cooperation of these beings that all things were formed. The planes melded and formed into their own unique individualities, astral existence traversed to connect all realms with one another, and finally the conjuration and conception of the known material world. Bringing themselves into this world, the entities conceived their first physical forms. These beings above all took the form of sisters, each coming to represent a fundamentality of the world, and each giving their own gift to their new home.

The first sister came forth, Aurarisa, and from her hands spread the first life. It gripped their world and sprung ever further across its surface. The greens of vegetation and the deep blues of the oceans that welled upon its surface. The sounds of animals and new life being born and to forever exist afterwards. She would forever hence be known as the goddess of life everflowing.

The second sister came forth, Rinafarus, and with hand to heart she created the forgiveness of death. As her hand went forth the land could find peace. The aspect of eventuality took its roots into every being, promising an end to all and a ceasing of all pain their world had. She created the realm of souls, one to forever be in constant loop with the world of the living forever after. She would hence be known as the goddess of death ever freeing.

The third sister came forth, Cyfrie, with a touch to the sky the sky she created the sun and stars, and stitched every plane of existence in place. Each and every one to follow its path in the astral plane, to move with a predetermined path that every being may see and wonder. To give hope that their will always be a new day, and that the stars will always guide their paths forever after. She would hence forever be known as the goddess of law everpresent.

The fourth sister came forth, Malphilinxus, and lowering her hands to the world she moved the earth and its oceans, separating all things from one another. Earthquakes, clouds, volcanoes, and storms moved across all. Life separated from one another and continents formed away from one another. The world given the ability to change and forever be new while moving forward. She would forever hence be known as the goddess of chaos everchanging.

The fifth sister came forth, Miestrieg, and hid her hands behind herself, creating long shadows and the darkness that perforated the world. Tragedies and dangers grew where no one else saw. Cruelties came to light among animals and creatures that traveled far and wide. The creation of fear grew the homes of necessity, allowing any and all the ability of opposition, to bring people together in community against the dark. She would forever Hence be known as the goddess of evil unending.

The sixth sister came forth , Helyph, and with hands poised together she gave them the knowledge to continue on. Stoking the fires of beginning to perish the unknown in the world. The Comprehension of story to those who listened so the foreign may gather around one another and hear the wonders of the world. She gave the ability of comradery, understandment, and compassion to all who traverse the world forever more. She would forever hence be known as the goddess of good evercaring.

These Sisters stood forth on their new world, each have given a part of themselves to create this wonder, and each choosing to live on it with their own creations. The world at a perfect peace and balance with each of the goddesses finding their own love and compassionů However, not all in the world would stay the same, as what would be known as the first age came to its end. The first death of a god was known to the world.

The Six Sisters

Aurarisa - Goddess of Life
Alignment - CG
Domains -animal, healing, plant, water
Symbol - A Blooming Blue Rose
Favored weapon - mace

Rinafarus - Goddess of Death
Alignment - LG
Domains - death, repose, fate, renewal
Symbol - Black hood with white eyes inside
Favored weapon - quarterstaff

Miestrieg - Goddess of Evil
Alignment - NE
Domains - darkness, evil, trickery, void
Symbol - A curved blade dripping black liquid
Favored weapon - Scimitar or kukri

Cyfrie - Goddess of Law
Alignment - LN
Domains - law, liberation, nobility, sun
Symbol - Mountain with Sun and stars in the background
Favored weapon -Warhammer

Malphilinxus - Goddess of Chaos
Alignment - CN
Domains - chaos, weather, madness, travel
Symbol - Lightning coming from clouds that form fissures on the ground.
Favored weapon - flail

Helyth - Goddess of Good
Alignment - NG
Domains - community, good, knowledge, fire
Symbol - An open campfire with three individuals around it.
Favored weapon - spear

Story as a whole
This portion of my worlds god lore is only the first part of many other entries. This isn't accurate for my own campaign and world for example. But this is how the beginning of the world is set and the main six goddesses. This does not include their current living status or titles in my own personal world, the 41+other gods that populate it, or the other immortal beings that live in it. The next portion I will most likely post out there for the world is the First death of a Goddess and the children of the gods and immortals. Either that or the Immortals themselves. If you would like more or have any questions please don't be afraid to message. Thank you for reading this far -Theperfect25