As a gm, I have had writers block many a time. So I thought a nice thing to do would be to create a story idea thread for people to peruse and borrow.

To kick things off I will share an idea I recently had:

Magic items are made by binding elementals or spirits or whatever system equivalent is in your game into the item, effectively killing it. After millenia of this, the elementals are taking action. From major excursions attacking cities to attacking individual wizards, it is developed into a full scale war. Magic items are becoming scarce and prices are at a premium. The party, for whatever reason, is in a prime position to deal with the issue with numerous options... side with one side or the other, mediation, find an alternative magic item power source etc.

Another idea:

A war between law and chaos. A massive barbarian tribe and roman type civilization have been at odds for generations. When the chieftain's son gets into a massive brawl while visiting the romanesque capital and ends up killing someone (something that happens regularly back home) he is set to be executed. A disasterous rescue attempt leads to all out war. The party picks a side at the beginning and attempts to end the war favorably for their side.

Feel free to comment, add your own ideas and expand on others' ideas.