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    Default Composing music for a campaign

    So I formed a group at the beginning of my college career (about 3 years ago now) and we have been playing weekly since. I eventually stepped down from Dm'ing due to one of our members wanting to give it a swing. He ended up being a phenomenal DM!

    A couple months ago he asked me to compose some intro music for the beginning of our sessions (I'm a music Edu. Major) After creating the song I was absolutely hooked, and have been composing themes for each PC and boss fight for the campaign recently.

    I was wondering if anyone has every composed for a campaign before or if anyone has thoughts on the pieces I've made so far.
    (Forgive me, This is not a "Check out my mixtape" sort of thing. I'm curious on what people think about the idea)

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    Default Re: Composing music for a campaign

    Never heard of someone composing for a game.

    That sounds awesome.

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