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    Default Altar of Warding, Cactus Guardians, Menhir of Power (magic items)

    Altar of Warding
    This 5-foot by 5-foot marble altar is engraved with runes and usually placed in a treasure chamber somewhere in the darkest depths of a dungeon. When an item (often a powerful magic relic, unique key, or similar item of importance) is placed upon the altar and the command word spoken, the altar causes the item to levitate in mid-air and activates the following protective powers:

    An antimagic field, centred on the altar.

    A spherical wall of force, perfectly flush with the antimagic field's borders.

    Any creature striking the wall of force with a melee weapon must make a Fortitude save (DC 19) to avoid being disintegrated (22d6 force damage, taking 4d6 force damage on a successful save).

    If the item is disturbed (i.e. after the wall of force is negated), the altar activates an animate objects effect (typically animating nearby statues in a treasure chamber). Animated objects fight to retrieve the item and slay all nearby creatures.

    Speaking the command word suppresses all of the above powers, allowing the item to be removed safely from the altar.

    Moderate Abjuration (Antimagic); CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, antimagic field, disintegrate, wall of force; Price 100,000 gp; Weight 1,000 lb.

    Cactus Guardians
    This grove of cacti occupies a 30-foot space and grows only in arid desert climates, where druids use them as deadly guardians for their treasures. The cacti can grow quite tall and sometimes bear colourful flowers. They cannot be transplanted but never require tending. Whenever a creature other than an animal, plant creature, druid, ranger, or cleric with access to the Animal or Plant domains approaches, the cacti immediately start firing showers of needles. All creatures in the grove and within 30 feet of its borders take 5d6 points of magical piercing damage each round from the needles (DC 17 Reflex save for half).

    Moderate Conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, wall of thorns; Price 18,000 gp; Weight - lb.

    Menhir of Power
    This large stone monolith may be attuned to a druid or cleric with access to the Earth domain in a special ritual lasting 24 hours. Once attuned, the menhir grants that character (and only that character) a +1 bonus to his caster level for as long as he remains on the same plane. A character may be attuned to any number of menhirs in this way.

    Moderate Transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, magic stone, creator must be a druid with at least one level of hierophant; Price 30,000 gp; Weight 1000 lb.
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