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    Firbolg in the Playground

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    Default Let Make Our Own Deity

    In this thread you can make your own fictional deity. I'll start.

    Meralei Corala
    Lesser Deity
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Home Plane: Limbo
    Worshipper: Elves, slaads, anarchists
    Meralei used to lived in Arborea with the elves panetheon. She believe in chaos regardless of good and evil. She betray Correllon to join Lolth side but it's was short lived after she also betray Lolth for her own personal gain. She tried to apology to Corellon for betraying him. He forgive her but he told that she no longer welcome to Arborea. She moved to Limbo and she was happy there having her own chaos and randomness there.

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    Pixie in the Playground

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    Default Re: Let Make Our Own Deity

    lesser deity
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Home Plane: The Shadow Realm
    Worshipers: Sapient Monsters
    Nur is a god that preaches unity through transformation, as such only races that fall under his ideal form tend to worship him as every other race that truly worships him will seek to transform themselves to his ideal form. His ideal form is varied, though it is decidedly not human. Instead preferring refinement and superiority in all attributes. He however is a peaceful god, he will not go to war, and teaches that the best means of transforming others is through peace, and having them understand.

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    Firbolg in the Playground

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    Default Re: Let Make Our Own Deity

    Pieter Webb
    Greater Deity
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Home Plane: The Elemental Plane Of Fire
    Worshippers: Fire Elementals, Humans, Fire Genasi, Fighters
    Dogma: Pieter Webb is better know as the King of Fire. He was ascended to godhood by Kossuth by giving Pieter the Divine Fire Challenge. No mortal has ever pass Kossuth Divine Fire Challenge until Pieter proves everybody wrong including Kossuth himself. Pieter popularity has increased by millions of worshippers by fire elementals, humans, fire genasi and fighters.
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