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    Default The Ides of March: Ragnarok'n'Roll

    Firstly, just to get this out of the way, if your name isn't on the thread and you're in my game, don't be looking in the thread. This thread is for Ragnarok'n'Roll. Don't read further unless that's you.

    Everyone find their designated door or seat?


    We begin.

    The sun is just beginning to set, which means it's going to get dark quickly. The mountain that shields you from the eyes of elves and men to the West also, unfortunately, makes for early dusk.
    This community is good. Not perfect, but good. There's lots of supplies, making habitation easy. No one has to eat, so you don't have to worry about farming, fishing, or other activities that would mar the land and announce your presence. This lake is huge, hundreds of miles wide. 37,000 miles square. the closest two settlements, one to the West, the other to the South, have no idea you're even here.
    Idyllic. Peaceful. It's a good base of operation... but for what? What to do when you have eternity, and need for very little?

    The other refugees turned to Jax for leadership, to take them out of the wastes. But now that you've found the promised land....then what?
    The question bounces around unspoken, it dances in the glowing eyes of your brothers and sisters. It's etched into the chrome. This world contains so much... but you'll have to decide what is yours to take, and what is too dangerous to risk.
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    Default Re: The Ides of March: Ragnarok'n'Roll

    Gron took a minute to survey the settlement. Everything was slowly coming together. He looked out at the huge lake splaid out before him and he couldn't see its end. "So much to do. So little time." Gron observed. He gathered up his gear.

    Gron headed to the large log fire that marked the center of the settlement. As evening approached many of kin would take a break and share stories around the fire. Tales of adventure, tales of heroes, even stories about the legendary Lord of Blades. Once a sufficient number of his people gathered Gron climb up on a stump to address them.

    "Hello everyone. Soon we'll need some raw materials to build more sturdy housing, or for weapons and repairs. I was thinking of leading a small team out to explore the woods and check the mountain for any veins of usable metals. We'd head out at first light, is anyone willing to assist me? Anyone capable with a sword or a pick is welcome." Gron waited patiently for any to answer.

    Gron had already made plans in his head to leave the following morning regardless of volunteers. He just hoped it would be safer with more bodies.

    "Who'll come with me?" he asked again to punctuate his request.

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