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    Default Re: Unusual Life Cleric Character Concepts!

    Quote Originally Posted by BoringInfoGuy View Post
    Have you thought about this? In your pantheon, how do Life Domain Clerics that do NOT follow one of the 5 Good deities of Life fit. How rare are they? Do all non evil deities like having an In-Temple Life cleric on staff? Is it so uncommon that the common folk canít grasp that there can be a Life Cleric who does not follow one of the five of Life?
    An interesting question, that I think gets into how one handles gameplay/story segregation. Partly because the 17 gods of my world form a more or less tight pantheon, and they are for the most part cordial with each other, I've usually figured that a cleric with a certain focus would gravitate to a god that shares that focus. Five of the seventeen have enough of an emphasis on healing and life that they would grant the Life domain. The others, not so much - they'd give you the toolkit to pursue the tasks that they're more interested in.

    (For example, Singit is the god of magic and learning/ He wouldn't pass up the chance to give you Arcana or Knowledge to pursue his interests more effectively, instead of Life, and if you really want to be a healer instead, you probably wouldn't be gravitating to his service rather than Perdif's or Verhusaf's. As an analogy, if your company hired you as an engineer, they might pay for you to go to college to get your master's degree in Engineering, but probably not in Medieval Literature.)

    I also try to keep from imagining that the common folk would think in terms of domains. It's more that, if they met a priest who spent most of their time healing wounds, they would assume they were a cleric of Perdif, or maybe Beskif or Verhusaf, and they'd probably be right. That person might also be a cleric of Singit who's on a journey to a conference in another city and is doing some healing work in the towns he passes through to pay the bills, but he'd still have the Arcana domain.

    These are still things I'm thinking through, though, so you bring up some points worth thinking about.
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    Default Re: Unusual Life Cleric Character Concepts!

    Quote Originally Posted by LudicSavant View Post
    [*] You are... ah, jaded by your long experience as an adventurer.
    Anyways, hope someone found these helpful, and let me know what you think! And feel free to post your own ideas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malifice View Post
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    Default Re: Unusual Life Cleric Character Concepts!

    Concept: You're a least planetouched; like the tiefling, aasimar, chaond, zenythri, or genasi, but less so, and bearing the blood of a more... esoteric plane, the Positive Energy Plane, you have a greater welling of vibrant life energy within you that you can tap more easily than others. Most folks who're like you don't ever come to realize their otherworldly heritage, but since you've come to sing the praises of the local Arawai or Boldrei analogue, you've found that you're best at healing spells in particular, despite your best efforts to pull other tricks. Whether you accept that is up to you.
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