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    Default Marvel Super Heroes game ideas

    My son and nephew are interested in the Heroes series on TV. They wanted to play some superheroes and so I dusted off my old Marvel Superheroes books and we generated them some characters. We have a cyborg with a REALLY big gun (no, seriously, Sh-Z damage) and a little kid with fairy godparents (Mn Reality Manipulation). Because they are novices I also generated a GMNPC who can open gateways to send them to places to adventure.

    I have an apocolyptic world scenario devised (due to someone in the future altering a past event to cause it to come into effect that they will have to prevent from happening in the future) and am looking for some decent ideas for later games. It can't be anything too complicated as these two are 13 and 8 years of age. This is for some brainstorming as my creative centers in my brain are broken right now.

    (To those who want the rules they are available for free online, I discovered. They had some books I didn't own too. :) )
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