A Monster for Every Season: Summer 2
You can get A Monster for Every Season: Summer 2 now at Gumroad
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    Exclamation FREE Shadow Realm Monster Manual with 265 Yu-Gi-Oh! Monsters?!

    After 6 months of hard work and unlimited inspiration, I am in the pleasant position to announce that our Fan-made Community Project is finally completed!!!
    Over 40 people have worked to deliver 265 Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired monsters with their art and lore and its all free for download!

    This is our Facebook Page where you can be informed on future updates on the manual's revisions or new supplements!

    We might make a new book with magic items and spells from the spell/trap cards in the future and if you want to contribute and be part of this project then you are free to message us!!

    You can download the manual for free by visiting our page. Don't forget to like it too!

    Shadow Realm FB page: htt ps://ww w.fac ebook.com/ShadowRealmManual/

    Just remove the spaces from the link above, I am not able to post links yet :/
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