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    Default M:tG Keywords ideas for Ravnica encounter & monster creation (PEACH)

    With the now-released Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, I've created a series of abilities for monsters and other encounter creatures when making a campaign in this world. If you enjoy using Magic cards for inspiration (the noun, not the mechanic), you may also enjoy these as well.

    If you are enjoying GGtR, but want to offer something other than having an expanded spell list for each guild background to your players, you could adapt these to PC abilities as well.

    • Detain- This creature begins each fight by using a spell to invoke a Magical Paralysis, similar to Hold Person or Hold Monster, but is contested with either a dexterity or intelligence check (the targeted creature’s choice), rather than wisdom.

    • Surveil- You can spend a action to remove advantage from a target that you can see or a bonus action remove disadvantage from yourself

    • Hellbent- This ability that is only available when all abilities are unrefreshed, or if the creature is out of spell slots
    • Unleash- When rolling initiative, this creature has the ability to eschew the ability to have reactions altogether to increase all damage dealt and hit die by CR

    • Bloodthirst- Increase all damage dealt and hit die by CR if a creature hostile to this creature was injured immediately prior to this creature’s initiative roll

    • Convoke- Help actions by other members of the party lower the requirements for spells, such as component cost, slot level, or time casting
    • Populate- Make a copy of a summoned creature

    • Haunt- Spirits of recently dead NPCs hang around providing their abilities (such as Rampage, Regeneration, Charge, Flying speed, et cetera) to one specific allied creature for 1 minute.
    • Extort- When an ally casts a spell, you can use your reaction to drain life equal to 4 times your CR from target creature

    • Dredge- After death, continue to include the creature in the initiative order. On their turn roll a six-sided die, as though refreshing. When reaching the Dredge number, it upsets an area equal to 5 square ft times the Dredge value and return the creature to life with full hit points. Any creature caught in the upset area takes a number of d6 bludgeoning damage equal to the dredge value. (For example, a Greater Mossdog with Dredge 3 would self-revives in this way would upset a 15 foot area upset, and creatures caught in such an area would take 3d6 bludgeoning damage). You attempt this a number of times equal to the Dredge Value.
    • Scavenge- After death, another creature may use their action to use equipment and/or pieces of this creature’s corpse for additional damage and temporary hit points equal to this creatures’ CR.
    • Undergrowth- This ability scales in power based on the number of creatures that have recently died in the immediate area

    • Battalion- This ability activates when at least two other creatures attack the same target as this creature
    • Mentor- This effect acts as leadership (bless), but for a single target creature, as long as the mentor is participating in combat

    • Graft- These creatures have a number of Cytoplasts based on their Graft Value (between 1 and 6). It acts similar to Bardic Inspiration, and cytoplasm can either be consumed by that creature on one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw, or given to another creature within 60 ft as a bonus action. When given to other creatures, you can act as though they are within touch range regardless on how far away they are, as long as they’re on the same plane of existence (for help actions, touch spells, or speech).
    • Evolve- In the presence of creatures of higher level or CR than this creature’s CR, it can use its Action to Evolve. Evolving while within 30 feet of such a creature increases its current & maximum HP by a max value hit die (a d6 hit die creature will gain 6 hit points), and provides +1 to attack and damage rolls until it finishes a long rest.

    Some idea for the Spell-based keywords... but I'm not certain how to incorporate them into monsters. So they're just for fun :)
    • Cipher- If the touch spell successfully completes, you can concentrate on it, and the spell effect is a repeatable smite effect, like a blend of Vampiric Touch and Booming Blade
    • Radiance- This effect chains between up to three other targets, each of which must be within 50 feet of the first target, and must have a common feature, other than language, that they share.
    • Replicate- As the Metamagic “Twin spell”
    • Overload- Similar to Twin, but making a copy for every target. It costs three times as much in all requirements, such as spell slots & components.
    • Jump-Start- Cast an unprepared spell by using twice the number of requirements, such as spell slots & components. You can’t cast that unprepared spell again until you finish a long rest.

    I had no idea what to do about Bloodrush, Transmute or Forecast, so if you have an idea, please share.

    If you're interested in my Homebrew, I also have the following other Magic: The Gathering-based offerings, inspired by the Pyromancer Plane Shift subclass.
    Spoiler: Homebrew list (also available in extended sig)
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