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    Default Re: Fallout IX: Nuclear Cash Cows Go MMOoooooo!

    People online are actually defending Microsoft? This is a first.

    In all honesty, I'm quite pleased with this. Bethesda has been stuck with a solid case of head-in-sand management for the past few years, and over that time the Xbox brand has - in my opinion - been steadily improving. So I guess we'll see how this goes.

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    Default Re: Fallout IX: Nuclear Cash Cows Go MMOoooooo!

    I have little doubt Microsoft will be better management than Zenimax, at the very least. I can at least trust Microsoft to want to make money, where Zenimax's decisions the last few years made me inclined to believe they were TRYING to go bankrupt.

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    Default Re: Fallout IX: Nuclear Cash Cows Go MMOoooooo!

    There was a video I now cannot find that basically explained all this nonsense was specifically a setup to get the company bought with management being coached any a company that brought such glorious market leaders like Superman 64, and Daikatana to the world. I suspect iD is the only reason there's even a Bethesda to be bought at this point.
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    Default Re: Fallout IX: Nuclear Cash Cows Go MMOoooooo!

    In other news, I think I've found a better way to do modding for New Vegas on Linux.

    Mod Organizer 2 has a lutris script found here that (mostly) functions. There's a few things it can and a few things it cannot do.

    * Any attempt to open a web browser from MO2 instantly crashes MO2
    * As a result, you have to manually set the Nexus API key if you wish to use it to download with
    * Once that has been done, however, MO2 shows up as a valid mod manager to download with on Nexus.
    * I've downloaded and installed several of the basic mods (NVAC, NVTF, JIP LN, and UIO) to confirm that they do indeed work. Will do more testing tomorrow to see if I can get my old setup running again.

    So, as long as you don't click on anything that wants to open a web browser, it works just great. Which means, by the way, do NOT run the tutorial, because it tries to get you to use the button to go to Nexus, which opens up a browser window, and thus crashes immediately. But it seems to be managing the mods so far, and can run the game with the LAA Patch and NVSE. Fingers crossed, I might be able to hit the dusty trails of the Mojave once again.

    OpenMW is also advancing its ability to run the same sorts of files used in New Vegas as well, although it isn't ready to actually run New Vegas yet. If you aren't familiar, it's basically an open-sourced engine to run Morrowind (you still have to own the game because it won't give you any of the game files, it's just an agnostic engine) which is multi-platform, and pretty much the best way to play Morrowind these days, since it comes with Large Address Aware and a ton of fixes at the engine level that obviate many 'unofficial patch' style mods entirely.
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