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Thread: Boons for 5e

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    Default Boons for 5e

    This orginates from the DND5e section, where I asked about mechanics for giving out more spellslots.
    I have decided that boons will be a thing I will add, but I want input from others.

    I will take any and all suggestions for boons and look them over.
    Feel free to list as many as you like!
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    Have Barbarian Bear Totem Centaur, who's being ridden by a Cavalier Centaur, who's being ridden by a Life Cleric Centaur, who's being ridden by a Goliath Monk, who's being ridden by a Gnomish Warlock.


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    Default Re: Boons for 5e

    You may ignore multiclass ability requirements.

    You may start with any half-feat.

    You get proficiency -2 (or half proficiency bonus) to non-proficient saves.

    You may substitute profiency bonus for ability modifier for any skill you are proficient with, and you gain proficiency in a skill of your choice.
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    Default Re: Boons for 5e


    *You gain one spell (the spell level is determined by the highest-level spell that a full-caster of the character's level would be able to know), of any class, which you can cast once per day without expending a spell slot.
    *If you are not a Fighter, you gain either the Action Surge or Second Wind ability once per short rest.
    *Once per day, when you take damage that would reduce you to 0 hp, you instead take no damage [or, if that's too powerful, you are reduced to 1hp instead] and may teleport up to 30 feet as a free action.
    *Up to one of your physical attacks per round may, if the target fails at a DC 10 Constitution save, knock the target prone.

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