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    Default D&D 5e Base Class Contest V: Time to Chill Out

    Welcome to the 5th competition between playgrounders to create a homebrewed base class for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. This concept was heavily based around the Base Class Contests for 3.5e on this forum, but they are by no means officially related and this competition runs on slightly a slightly different ruleset. Please only place the your class submissions in this thread and leave other comments for the chat thread. The rules for the contest are as follows.

    1) The class you homebrew should be based on the theme of Winter. This is a very broad category which could cover anything the most obvious of ice, snow and arctic regions to more symbolic elements such as death, melancholic humors or dormancy. The season of winter also holds great significance in many sets of mythology, so any story related to winter would be a good fit. Holidays, will also being a useful source to pull inspiration from, must be used very carefully so as to not breach the forum rules regarding Real World Religions.
    2) You may only create one base class. If you create more than one class then you must choose which one to enter and remove all the others from this thread and the contest (making them invalid) . If you do not specify which one you favor by the time voting begins, all of your content is invalid.
    3) When you submit your class you must create a post on this thread which either has the content or holds a link to it. You may also optionally create one other individual thread for your class on the homebrew design sub-forum. If it is found that you have revealed your class on another site or on another thread then one on the homebrew design sub-forum, you will be disqualified. If you do make a specific thread for you class, please mention its involvement to the competition in that thread.
    4) You may use other homebrew content (such as feats, spells, magical items and monsters) or even features which you have created elsewhere to supplement your class, but these must be written at least partially by you. Taking a concept from someone else’s homebrew is acceptable, but the exact mechanics cannot be the same. Failure to comply to either of the previous two rules will result in disqualification.
    5) Your class must have fully completed mechanics and descriptions for it to be valid. Entries are due at 11:59 pm on January 23rd Eastern Standard Time. Any submissions after this point are invalid. No changes can be made to your class while voting is taking place. Failure to comply with the previous rule will result in disqualification.
    6) Any content which has been declared invalid by the rules above cannot be voted for, but you may decide to remove it from the contest and create another class instead. If you are disqualified then you are not allowed to enter any more homebrew for this competition, though you may still vote and later enter the next competition.
    7) Please note that misunderstandings occur, if you break a rule which results in disqualification it might be excused if you can convince the group that it was a result of confusion over the rules.

    Chat Thread:
    Voting Thread:

    Keep in mind that this contest is entirely for recreational purposes and there is no reward (aside from bragging rights) for someone who succeeds. Let us begin!
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    Default Re: D&D 5e Base Class Contest V: Time to Chill Out

    My fellow playgrounders, may I present the Wintreborn!

    On GM Binder

    PDF Link

    Deep in the Feywild, there lies a place of pure winter where the Unseelie Court holds sway. To most outsiders, that place is a terror to behold, with temperatures cold enough to freeze eyes in sockets, eerie lights, and menacing spikes and spires of ice. But to a few, the Deep Winter is a place of beauty and grace, where the ice takes perfect form under gentle auroras, and the cutting snow is as soft as down.

    Not all of these people have been to the Feywild, but whether they see it in their lifetime or not, the Deep Winter is bound to them in a way that changes their very outlook and being, and in times of stress the Deep Winter is let forth from within their soul and begins to manifest.
    Spoiler: Updates

    12/13/18: First draft complete for all levels and subclasses. Fluff partially written, no recommended build or gear as yet. Seeking feedback.
    01/15/19: Removed unarmored defense, giving light armor proficiency instead. Reduced damage scaling on Chill Dice. Increased number of Snowcaller uses. Improved Wintreform now removes the concentration requirement and happens at level 9 (no longer increases duration). Blizzard folded into Snow Caller at level 11. Wording fix on Ice Block. Snowflake Form: Avalanche is now more useful when used in snowcaller. Icicle Form: Icicle Crash damage reduced.
    01/17/19: Added the rest of the narrative descriptions, the quick build, and the starting gear. Changed Ice Shard to no longer take an action (now takes the place of one attack, including potentially dual-wielding). Changed the bonus damage for attacking a target in snowcaller to apply to any weapon attack once per turn, rather than just Ice Shard. Changed Unending Snow to no longer give infinite duration (still gives one free use each combat). Changed wording on Snowflake:Perfect Symmetry to be clearer and it now allows the Wintreborn to apply their own features to the attack. Changed Snowflake:Avalanche wording and removed Charisma from damage calculation. Snowflake:Slush Rush wording clarified, now grants "safe fall" if you end your turn in the air. Icicle:Icicle Spear wording clarified, now limits Glaciate but not Snowcaller bonus damage (as Snowcaller is already limited). Aurora: Aurora Beam no longer scales with Glaciate, instead using its own scaling (1d6/2d6 at level 10, increasing to 2d6/3d6 at level 17).
    01/17/19 pt 2: Adjusted Chill Dice values again (Chill Dice plus Glaciate now matches Sneak Attack, making Wintreborn more dependent on Bonus Action attacks to keep up with rogues' potential damage output.) Snowflake: Perfect Symmetry can apply Glaciate but not Chill Dice from Snowcaller. Icicle Spear no longer limits Glaciate and is limited to one use per turn. Ice Shard may be used multiple times in a turn (once per Attack action, plus one more as a bonus action), improving the potential damage of Wintreborn outside of Snowcaller.
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    Default Re: D&D 5e Base Class Contest V: Time to Chill Out

    1st draft of the Sleighmaster. All abilities are up in their first iteration. Probably a lot of changes to make yet, particularly nailing down the specifics of how the Sleigh works, and the Wolf team features.
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    • Path of the Reaver Barbarian (kill all baddies with TWF!)
    • The Bulwark Martial Archetype (become a human shield!)
    • The Sporting Wizard (because magic is for sissies!)
    • Headhunter class (poison your weapons, scalp your enemies!)
    • Mesmer class (Int-based melee, extra reactions!)
    • Shaman class (thunderbolts and lightning!)

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    Default Re: D&D 5e Base Class Contest V: Time to Chill Out

    Spoiler: Pending Determination
    Primal Gourmand
    hit points
    hit dice: 1d10 per gourmand level
    hit points at 1st level: 10 + your constitution modifier
    hit points at higher levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your constitution modifier per barbarian level after 1st.

    Armor: light armor
    Weapons: simple weapons, nets
    Tools: Chef Tools, Camping kit
    Saving throws: strength, constitution
    Skills: choose two from Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Intimidation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival

    You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

    Saint of Nick
    Level Proficiency Bonus Features Bag Damage Adaptive Mutations Residual Mutations
    1st +2 Ravenous Hunger, Genetic Assimilation 1d8 3 1
    2nd +2 Gourmand Archetype, Consumption 1d8 3 2
    3rd +2 Gourmand Adaptation 1d8 4 2
    4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 1d10 5 2
    5th +3 Extra Attack, Consumption Talent 1d10 5 2
    6th +3 1d10 5 3
    7th +3 Gourmand Adaptation 1d10 6 4
    8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 1d10 7 4
    9th +4 Consumption Talent 1d10 8 4
    10th +4 1d10 9 5
    11th +4 Gourmand Adaptation 2d6 9 6
    12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 2d6 9 6
    13th +5 Consumption Talen 2d6 9 6
    14th +5 2d6 10 7
    15th +5 Gourmand Adaptation 2d6 11 8
    16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 2d6 11 8
    17th +6 Consumption Talent 2d8 12 8
    18th +6 2d8 13 9
    19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, Gourmand Pinacle 2d8 13 9
    20th +6 Perfect Evolution 2d8 13 9

    Class Features
    As a Primal Gourmand, you gain the following class features:

    Ravenous Hunger
    You gain a bite attack you are proficient in that deals 1d8 damage + strength modifier. Your extreme hunger has manifested in the ability to enlarge your maw much further then natural for your species. The jaw of the gourmand is able to extend to accommodate swallowing creatures up to 3 sizes smaller whole.

    Genetic Assimilation
    You gain a unique sustance form the flesh of others, called essence and you may use it to power your mutation. A creature grants 1 essence per HD. The gormand loses all essence not expended at the end of a long rest. The gourmand heals 1 hp per essence lost due to a long rest. during a short rest they may loose half their current essence to recover 1/4 their max health.

    Essence can be used to power mutations listed below. If the mutations cost is paid it becomes a adaptive mutation. Adaptive mutations are lost when making a long rest. As a free action you may dismiss an adaptive mutation. Adaptive mutations can be gaining a adaptive mutation takes 1 round and you must spend the cost provided in the mutation's description.

    Residual mutations are mutations that last through a long rest. Thy are not lost unless you fail to consume enough essence with in a week of leveling up to pay the residual cost. You may opt to loose a residual mutation during a short rest. You can only gain residual mutations if you have an open residual mutation slot and enough essence during a short rest.

    Gourmand Archetype
    The groumand developes their talents a step further taking them down one of the paths that lead to legend.

    Starting at the 2nd level the gourmand gains a new method a inflicting their enemies with harm to facilitate the feast.

    Gourmand Adaptations
    Starting at the 3rd level and every four levels after gain an additional benefit form your archetype.

    Consumption Talent
    Starting at the 5th level and every four levels after the gourmands method of gaining essence improves as listed in their entries.

    Gourmand Pinnacle
    At the 19th level the gourmand gains the final talent that exemplifies their path to power.

    Perfect Evolution
    At the 20th level the gourmand no longer loses genetic material upon resting. Residual mutations take 1 round to manifest and cost half as much. Adaptive mutations can be assumed as a free action, regardless of who's turn it is.

    Iron Chef
    You are a master of preserving the flavor and taste of the kill, but most of all you have mastered granting your allies the benefits of the kill.

    Apex Predator
    The primal essence of the hunt pervades your being and you partake in the more primal side.

    While grappleing a creature 3 sizes smaller than you, you can make a bite attack, if the attack hits, the target takes the bite damage and is swallowed. Swallowing the target ends the grapple. While swallowed, the creature is blinded and restrained, it has total cover against attacks and other effects outside the tarrasque, and it takes acid 2d6 damage at the start of each of the gourmand's turns. If the gourmand takes 5 times class level damage or more on a single turn from a creature inside it, the gourmand must succeed on a DC 20 Constitution saving throw at the end of that turn or regurgitate all swallowed creatures, which fall prone in a space within in the gourmand's reach. If the gourmand dies, a swallowed creature is no longer restrained by it and can escape from the corpse by using 30 feet of movement, exiting prone.

    The stomach of the gourmand is a strange multi dimensional space and contains acids and enzymes. The gourmand's stomach distends while it contains a creature but only so much as is noticeable, no mechanical change. Any creature inside does not count against their carry capacity. When a creature is swallowed the gourmand can expend a spell slot to empower his acids increasing the damage by 2d6 per slot level. This increase lasts until they either cut their way out or die. If a creature dies in the gourmand's stomach it's genetic material is subsumed by the gourmand and the gourmand may use it to power mutation.

    Predator Senses
    Starting at the 3rd level you gain advantage on any check to notice a creature you have met before.

    Survival Instinct
    At the 7th level you do not grant disadvantage when your are flanked and on successful dexterity save for half you instead take no damage.

    Predator Tracking
    At the 11th level you gain the ability to locate a target you currently are following the tracks of, by expending a 5th level or higher slot as a 1 minute action. This ability allows you to find the shortest, most direct physical route to the target creature on the same plane of existence. If your target is on another plane of existence the ability fails. The effects durration is based on the slot used, 5th last 24 hours,

    For the duration, as long as you are on the same plane of existence as the target, you know how far it is and in what direction it lies. While you are traveling there, whenever you are presented with a choice of paths along the way, you automatically determine which path is the shortest and most direct route (but not necessarily the safest route) to the destination.

    At the 15th level you gain advantage to all strength and dexterity checks vs a creature you tracked.

    Primordial Predator Senses
    At the 19th level your senses are truely extraoridanry finding the smallest changes in enviorment. Your passive perception and survial are 18 + skill bonus.

    Primal Gape
    Starting at the 5th level and every four levels after you can effect a creature one size category larger then your previous limit with your swallow ability. At 5th your size -2, at 9th your size -1, at 13th the same size as you, and 17th one size larger then you.

    ## Mutations

    #### Mutation Name
    Short fluff description
    - **Cost:** Amount of genetic material required for adaptive benefit.
    - **Residual Cost:** Amount of genetic material required each level to maintain a risidual mutation.
    - **Prerequisite:** The creature that was consumed must have had the triats listed for its essence to be used for a mutation.
    - **Benefit:** What the mutation does.
    - **Empower:** How the benefit is changed by adding magical energy via expending slots.
    - **Special:** Any
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    Default Re: D&D 5e Base Class Contest V: Time to Chill Out

    The Wendigo

    Spoiler: illustration

    Come... Join the feast...

    A gaunt man in ragged clothes far underdressed for the frigid cold suddenly turns on his would-be benefactors, sprouting claws and fangs and attacking with savage ferocity.

    A few gnawed-upon bones are all that remain of the victim, though the footprints leading from the site of the attack appear human.

    A group of trackers find the footprints of their quarry growing farther and farther apart, beyond what a mortal could achieve with the fastest sprint, until they simply disappear.

    A Wendigo is at once a spirit and a beast, but they start out as humanoids. Wind, cold, and rapacious appetite fill their souls, and they embrace all of these to some degree, but the legends differ on which is their truest self, and the wendigo themselves may adhere more strongly to one over the others. Legends of the wendigo are also cautionary tales; overwhelming greed and hunger, and finally cannibalism mark the beginnings of a Wendigo. Although most of their victims end up as a meal, Wendigo are always looking for that humanoid who can be turned to another Wendigo. They are the embodiment of wintertime famine and the cold biting wind.

    Creating a Wendigo

    A Wendigo's backstory should include an encounter with a higher level Wendigo who transformed them and an act of cannibalism, though other explanations could be given, such as being about to die of cold and hunger and making a desperate pact similar to a Warlock's. A Wendigo is most often a villain NPC, but they could fight the transformation and do good. This is unlikely, however, as the transformation is typically a choice, though often one made simply to survive.

    Quick Build

    A Wendigo should have a high constitution or dexterity for its defensive benefits, and a high strength or dexterity depending on which Savage Transformation path it chooses, and some of its abilities also function via Charisma.

    Hitdice: 1d10 per Wendigo level
    Hitpoints at first level: 10 plus constitution modifier
    Hitpoints at every level after first: (6 or 1d10) + constitution modifier

    Saving Throws: Constitution and Strength
    Tools: None
    Weapons and Armor: Claws
    Skills: Choose three: Athletics, Acrobatics, Survival, Nature, Intimidation, Deception, Stealth

    Level Proficiency Bonus Claws Natural Armor Windwalk Features
    1 +2 1d4 10 - Claws, Natural Armor
    2 +2 1d4 10 +20 ft Consume, Wind Walk, Cold Adaptation
    3 +2 1d4 10 +20 ft Disguise Self, Savage Transformation
    4 +2 1d4 10 +20 ft Ability Score Improvement, Wind Leap
    5 +3 1d4 11 +25 ft Rend, Icy Nature
    6 +3 1d4 11 +25 ft Spirit Strike, Savage Transformation
    7 +3 1d6 11 +25 ft Giant Form, Unnatural Toughness
    8 +3 1d6 11 +30 ft Ability Score Improvement
    9 +4 1d6 11 +30 ft Quench
    10 +4 1d6 11 +30 ft Spirit Nature
    11 +4 1d6 12 +35 ft Savage Transformation
    12 +4 1d6 12 +35 ft Ability Score Improvement
    13 +5 1d6 12 +35 ft Wind Whisper
    14 +5 1d6 12 +40 ft Spirit Walk
    15 +5 1d8 12 +40 ft Monstrous Gift
    16 +5 1d8 12 +40 ft Ability Score Improvement
    17 +6 1d8 13 +45 ft Savage Transformation
    18 +6 1d8 13 +45 ft Behemoth Form
    19 +6 1d8 13 +45 ft Ability Score Improvement
    20 +6 1d8 13 +45 ft Apotheosis


    Claws: The first sign of the Wendigo's descent is the bestial claws which sprout from its hands and feet. The Wendigo can retract these claws and extend them instantly, appearing normal right until the moment it attacks. At first level, they deal 1d4 slashing damage, and if attacking with only its claws, the Wendigo makes two claw attacks per attack action. The damage increases as the Wendigo increases in level, according to the column on the class table labeled claws. They add their ability modifier to both attacks' damage. The Wendigo's claws count as natural or manufactured weapons with the Finesse quality, whichever is more favorable to them, and they are legitimate targets for any spell or effect that enhances natural or manufactured weaons.

    Natural Armor: Though not obvious at a glance, the Wendigo's skin becomes thick and tough, protecting them from harm. The Wendigo's Armor class without armor at first level is 10 plus the higher of their constitution or dexterity modifier. It increases later as the Wendigo increases in level, according to the column on the class table.

    Consume: At second level, the Wendigo is considered by many to be damned. The claws and tough hide can be bestowed on those who merely associate for a time with another Wendigo, but once they eat humanoid flesh, the process is thought by sages to be irreversible, or at least, the spiritual damage is. This ability lets the Wendigo consume a fallen enemy, and heal by one hitpoint per hitdice for non-undead, non-ooze, non-construct, non-humanoid foes, and heal by two hitpoints per hitdice for any humanoid victim and gaining any excess as temporary hitpoints. They do this at a rapid, unnatural rate, stripping all the flesh in a single action. They gain any excess as temporary hitpoints that last 24 hours.

    Wind Walk: At second level, the Wendigo can call on the wind to aid it. If it moves only in a straight line, it gains the speed increase listed on the column in the class table.

    Cold Adaptation: At second level, cold no longer affects the Wendigo. They are as one with the frozen north, embracing the chill as a part of themselves. They gain immunity to cold damage.

    Disguise Self: At 3rd level, the Wendigo can cast Disguise Self a number of times per long rest equal to its proficiency bonus. The saving throw DC is Charisma based.

    Savage Transformation: At third level, the Wendigo becomes more gaunt and tall, their skin taking on a bluish tint. Horns or antlers sprout from their heads, and savage fangs from their mouth. This is also when the Wendigo begins to differentiate itself. They choose to be a spirit of the cold, a spirit of the wind, or a spirit of hunger.

    Spirit of the Cold: At 3rd level, when a Wendigo chooses to embrace its nature as a spirit of the cold, it gains the Frostwalker ability. It is never slowed or hampered by moving through snow or over ice, and in temperatures below freezing, it does not need to move in a straight line to gain the benefit of its Wind Walk ability. Finally, it can move over open water, freezing the water below its feet with each step. When it gains the Icy Nature class feature, the damage is 1d6 instead of 1d4.

    Ice Claws: at sixth level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Cold Savage Transformation grows claws of ice. These claws deal an extra 1d6 of cold damage on a successful hit, stacking with the damage from Icy Nature.

    Freezing Blood: at 11th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Cold Savage Transformation heals one hitpoint every round if it has at least one hitpoint left and is in below freezing temperature.

    Frozen Soul: At 17th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Cold Savage Transformation gains the Frozen Soul ability. Creatures within 5 feet of the Wendigo must make a Constitution saving throw of DC 8 + the Wendigo's Proficiency bonus + the Wendigo's Charisma modifier or take 1d6 cold damage. The Wendigo can suppress this ability or resume it as a reaction or bonus action. The damage from their Ice Claws, Frozen Soul, and Icy Nature abilities now ignore cold resistance (but not cold immunity)

    Spirit of the Wind: The Wendigo who chooses this path has embraced the wind, but also the most spiritual aspect of its nature. At 3rd level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Wind Savage Transformation gains Ray of Frost and True Strike as Cantrips. It also gains the ability to cast Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace, and Silence by dealing 2 points of damage to itself, or one point of damage if it currently has temporary hitpoints from its Consume ability. It also can use Alter Self in place of Disguise Self, and when it gains the Wind Whisper ability, it can use Suggestion once per short rest instead of once per long rest.

    Wind Strike: At 6th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Wind Savage Transformation gains the ability to move through the spaces of hostile creatures and out of their reach without being targeted with an opportunity attack when using Wind Walk. Each creature that would have been able to make an opportunity attack can be targeted by the Wendigo with two claw attacks.

    Soul Strike:At 11th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Wind Savage Transformation gains the Soul Strike ability. Its claws deal force damage instead of slashing damage.

    Possession: At 17th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of the Wind Savage Transformation gains the ability to possess other creatures, similar to the Magic Jar spell. However, the Wendigo's body does not fall catatonic, but rather becomes insubstantial and enters the body of the intended target. The target must be within range of the Wendigo's Wind Walk ability and must make a Charisma saving throw equal to 8 + the Wendigo's proficiency bonus + the Wendigo's Charisma modifier. The Wendigo can maintain this possession for up to one round per Wendigo level, at which point it leaves the target's body and appears somewhere within range of its Wind Walk. It can also end the possession voluntarily, or is expelled if the victim dies. Attacks which target the possessed creature deal full damage to that creature and half damage to the Wendigo, unless they come from force damage. If the possessed creature is attacked with force damage, the Wendigo and the possessed creature take full damage, and the Wendigo must make a Charisma save of DC 8 plus the damage dealt or be expelled. If normal damage would drop the Wendigo to zero or fewer hitpoints while it is possessing another creature, it is expelled and reduced to 1 hitpoint instead.

    Spirit of Hunger: Considered by some to be the truest form of Wendigo, the Spirit of Hunger is the most bestial and combat-focused of the three types of Savage Transformation. At 3rd level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of Hunger Savage Transformation gains a third natural attack, a bite whose damage is equal to its claw attacks but always uses Strength for attack and damage rolls. When the Wendigo gains the Rend ability, the extra attack hits automatically.

    Flesh Glutton: At 6th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of Hunger Savage Transformation gains the ability to tear its opponent's flesh with its bite. When it successfully damages a humanoid creature with its bite attack, it heals by 2 hitpoints, gaining any excess as temporary hitpoints as per the Consume ability.

    Gorge: At 11th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of Hunger Savage Transformation gains the Gorge ability. If it drops a creature to 0 or fewer hitpoints with a bite attack, it may use Consume on that creature as a bonus action.

    Swallow Whole: At 17th level, the Wendigo who chooses the Spirit of Hunger Savage Transformation gains the Swallow Whole ability. Its jaws open unnaturally wide, allowing it to swallow a creature of up to one size category smaller than itself. To use this ability, the Wendigo must hit the target with its bite attack, and then make a grapple check as a bonus action against that creature. If the grapple check is successful, the creature is swallowed. While swallowed, the creature is blinded and restrained, with total cover against attacks and other effects outside the Wendigo, and takes 2d6 acid damage and 2d6 cold damage at the start of every round until it dies or escapes. If it dies, the Wendigo gains hitpoints as per the Consume ability. If the trapped creature deals 20 or more hitpoints of damage in a single round, the Wendigo must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or regurgitate the swallowed creature, which falls prone within 10 feet of the Wendigo. Swallowed creatures change size with the Wendigo if it changes size, and return to their normal size if they escape its stomach. Swallowed creatures also escape if the Wendigo dies.

    Wind Leap: At 4th level, the Wendigo does not need to touch the ground while using its Wind Walk ability. It can traverse pits with ease, ignores difficult terrain, and doubles the height of any jump checks made during Wind Walk. It is in no danger of falling during this movement, but must end its turn on a solid surface or fall as any normal creature.

    Rend: At 5th level, the Wendigo's increasingly bestial nature gives it the Rend ability. If it hits the same creature with both of its claw attacks, it gains a third claw attack that can only be used to attack that creature. In addition to any normal bonuses, this attack adds double the Wendigo's proficiency bonus to the attack roll and also adds the Wendigo's proficiency bonus to damage.

    Icy Nature: At 5th level, the Wendigo's connection to the cold increases. Any creature who touches the Wendigo (grapples or is grappled by it, or attacks it with an unarmed strike or natural weapon) or is hit by the Wendigo's natural weapons takes 1d4 points of cold damage. This damage increases to 1d6 at 13th level.

    Spirit Strike: At 6th level, the Wendigo's natural weapons are treated as magical weapons with regards to who or what it can damage, and deal both slasing and piercing damage.

    Giant Form: At 7th level, the Wendigo can increase its size as a bonus action, doubling its height and becoming size large. Its natural weapons' dice size double, dealing 2d6 if 1d6 (or 2d8 if 1d8 at higher levels) and its reach increases by 5 feet. It can remain in giant form for a number of rounds equal to its Wendigo levels per long rest. It becomes even more gaunt and emaciated-looking; its weight increases by only 50%. Giant Form can be dismissed instantly, and resumed again as a bonus action. The rounds spent in Giant Form do not need to be consecutive.

    Unnatural Toughness: At 7th level, the Wendigo's body becomes less and less like a humanoid, making it more tenacious and harder to damage. It gains double it's proficiency bonus to Strength and Constitution saves.

    Quench: At 9th level, the Wendigo can instantly put out any magical fires within 60 feet of it as a bonus action or reaction at will, and can extinguish a magical flame or cause a spell or special attack that deals fire damage to fail (but still using up a spell slot or a daily use and triggering the recharge time) as a reaction once per short rest.

    Spirit Nature: At 10th level, the Wendigo becomes something almost completely unlike a humanoid. If the Wendigo is the target of any spell, effect, or attack that requires an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma saving throw, it has advantage on the saving unless that spell, effect, or attack works on both undead and monstrosities.

    Wind Whisper: At 13th level, the Wendigo can speak to creatures within 1 mile per Wendigo level by whispering into the wind and letting its words be carried to either all creatures in range, or a specific creature if the Wendigo knows its name. This does not tell it if that creature, or any creatures at all, are within range, but if a creature is singled out, it can answer the Wendigo. This does not pinpoint the creature's location. Once per long rest, the Wendigo can cast Suggestion via Wind Whisper. The save DC is charisma based.

    Spirit Walk: At 14th level, the Wendigo's spirit nature asserts itself when it uses Wind Walk. It can phase through obstacles and creatures, but cannot end its turn inside a solid object. It is immune to all damage except radiant and force while moving. Objects made of force can stop the Wendigo.

    Monstrous Gift: At 15th level, the Wendigo can create others of its kind. Once per short rest, it can imbue a Humanoid it has line of effect to with its Claws and Natural Armor abilities as if they were 1st level Wendigo. If the humanoid recipient can be persuaded to eat humanoid flesh, it gains the Consume, Wind Walk and Cold Adaptation of a 2nd level Wendigo. At each Wendigo level past 15th, it can bestow the abilities of one more level of Wendigo, up to 7th level abilities at 20th level, but the recipient only benefits from abilities of 2nd level or higher if it consumes humanoid flesh at least once per day. The Wendigo can only bestow abilities on creatures with fewer total hit dice than its Wendigo levels, and can have multiple creatures bestowed whose total hitdice do not exceed its Wendigo levels. If one of the recipients goes 24 hours without consuming humanoid flesh, it loses the Wendigo abilities and would have to be the target of Monstrous Gift again, but thereafter cannot be the target of Monstrous Gift unless it is willing. The recipient of Monstrous Gift has disadvantage on any Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma saves against spells or effects of the Wendigo who used Monstrous Gift on it, but not another Wendigo.

    Behemoth Form: At 18th level, when using its Giant Form ability, the Wendigo can increase its size even further to Behemoth Form. It triples in height, doubles in weight, and it gains size Huge, 10 feet of reach, and its natural weapons' dice size triples. Each round spent in Behemoth Form counts double against the duration of Giant Form, so it could spend up to 9 rounds in Behemoth Form per long rest at 18th level, or 6 rounds in Behemoth Form and have another 6 in Giant Form, or any other combination that adds up to its Wendigo levels.

    Monstrous Apotheosis: At 20th level, the Wendigo is entirely a spirit beast. Its creature type is monstrosity or undead, whichever is more favorable to it at the moment, but not humanoid. It is immune to being charmed, exhaustion, frightened, poisoned, and paralyzed. It has resistance to acid, and lightning damage, and immunity to necrotic and poison damage.
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